vector graphics framework

ctx is a text- and media terminal, with an HTML5 Canvas 2D Context and SVG inspired vector graphics protocol and accompanying interactive vector graphics SDK. Ctx supports textures and can render to 8bit/32bit float buffers for RGB, grayscale and CMYK with 1/2/4bit as additions for grayscale and RGB565 and RGB332 for RGB useful for microcontrollers and with constrained RAM.

Programs using ctx as a base can run on top of SDL2, directly on linux framebuffer+alsa. Ctx can be configured to build to a tiny core, suitable for memory contrained environments like microcontrollers.

license and funding

The terminal is available under GPLv3+, and ctx.h is available under LGPLv3+ you can encourage continued development of ctx and dissimilar technologies by financially supporting me, Øyvind Kolås who is doing independent pro-bono R&D through patreon and similar. If my income through such sources is above 4000USD per month for a year, or a similar amount in shorter time I want to relicense the rasterizer and protocol parts of ctx under the ISC license.