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2023-01-04 14:08ctx: fix warning of different signedness in comparisonØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2023-01-04 12:40increase combatibility with gcc-6Øyvind Kolås2+4-0
2023-01-04 09:38pico: tune limitsØyvind Kolås2+26-3
2022-12-30 16:29pico/talk: update testsØyvind Kolås1+56-56
2022-12-30 15:40add static folderØyvind Kolås2+131-0
2022-12-28 08:56pico: add bouncing logo actionØyvind Kolås1+23-1
2022-12-28 03:44docs: updateØyvind Kolås4+29-23
2022-12-28 01:16pico/talk: refine slidesØyvind Kolås1+120-57
2022-12-28 01:15pico: add more examples to talkØyvind Kolås2+1170-0
2022-12-28 01:14pico: tweak limits of ctx configØyvind Kolås1+13-8
2022-12-26 20:44vt: avoid using isdigit with charØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2022-12-26 19:19pico/cmake: group lines for each targetØyvind Kolås1+39-3
2022-12-26 19:19pico/usb: code cleaningØyvind Kolås1+10-10
2022-12-26 18:51ctx: add hacky gettime for picoØyvind Kolås5+52-7
2022-12-25 04:09more keycode handlingØyvind Kolås1+21-17
2022-12-25 04:04code cleanupØyvind Kolås2+31-175
2022-12-25 03:29vt: default to 32 lines of scrollback in no py modeØyvind Kolås2+2-2
2022-12-25 03:28pico: add landscape modesØyvind Kolås2+49-24
2022-12-25 03:15ctx: events, fix keycode to string mappingØyvind Kolås2+5-1
2022-12-25 02:16use idleØyvind Kolås2+2-2
2022-12-25 01:46pico: factor out initØyvind Kolås2+246-238
2022-12-25 01:39code cleanupØyvind Kolås1+123-159
2022-12-25 01:29pico: use idle for usbØyvind Kolås1+48-40
2022-12-25 01:16pico: code cleanØyvind Kolås1+13-9
2022-12-25 01:12vt: keep around ctx parser, less heap churnØyvind Kolås1+5-0
2022-12-25 00:30vt: reduce scrollback when no ptyØyvind Kolås1+5-0
2022-12-25 00:29ctx/terminal: enable build without ptyØyvind Kolås5+36-21
2022-12-25 00:28use interrupt for uart rxØyvind Kolås3+125-17
2022-12-24 03:44pico: add .gitignoreØyvind Kolås2+87-0
2022-12-24 03:42pico: properly do modifierØyvind Kolås2+5-8
2022-12-24 03:32ctx: implement API for non-pty single instance vtØyvind Kolås7+126-9
2022-12-24 02:11pico: report shift,alt and controlØyvind Kolås1+34-0
2022-12-24 02:03pico: inject most keyboard events, apart from modifiersØyvind Kolås2+149-6
2022-12-24 00:40add pico folderØyvind Kolås7+1012-0
2022-12-24 00:20config: add way to build terminal engine without pty/ioctl supportØyvind Kolås8+73-13
2022-12-01 10:49Adapt to newer C standards.Carlos Eduardo3+8-8
2022-11-08 22:03text: almost fix binary glyph searchØyvind Kolås2+3-2
2022-11-07 00:55vt: use fsync after writing mouse eventsØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2022-10-15 18:12add sqz-testØyvind Kolås3+76-20
2022-10-15 17:51squoze: add append apisØyvind Kolås3+39-11
2022-10-15 16:48squoze: add sqz_unsetØyvind Kolås2+141-56
2022-10-15 15:25improve string APIØyvind Kolås1+153-86
2022-10-15 13:59add unicode string apisØyvind Kolås2+303-201
2022-10-15 12:19renamespace squoze_ to sqz_Øyvind Kolås2+274-313
2022-10-15 12:06squoze: implement more string apisØyvind Kolås1+88-12
2022-10-15 03:24squoze: sketch out a string apiØyvind Kolås2+99-37
2022-10-14 18:39squoze: add squoze_concatØyvind Kolås2+57-46
2022-10-14 16:43squoze: make better use of hashtable capacityØyvind Kolås1+2-37
2022-10-14 16:20squoze: rename decode2 to decodeØyvind Kolås3+43-50
2022-10-14 15:44use decode2 alwaysØyvind Kolås3+16-70
2022-10-14 15:27squoze: fully implement decode2Øyvind Kolås1+88-57
2022-10-14 15:13implement decode2 pathsØyvind Kolås1+38-2
2022-10-14 14:53squoze: add ability to directly return stringsØyvind Kolås3+1302-1258
2022-10-14 13:36squoze: make utf5 compilation optionalØyvind Kolås1+150-146
2022-10-14 13:24squoze: make interning code optionalØyvind Kolås1+661-638
2022-10-14 13:03working on configuration of squozeØyvind Kolås3+34-18
2022-10-14 07:02squoze: code tidyingØyvind Kolås1+5-12
2022-10-14 06:23squoze: do not use uint64_t in squoze32_utf8Øyvind Kolås2+13-62
2022-10-14 06:08squoze: simply namingØyvind Kolås1+3-13
2022-10-14 06:06squoze: do not count embeddings at runtimeØyvind Kolås2+4-8
2022-10-14 05:39squoze: simplify reference encoderØyvind Kolås1+33-35
2022-10-14 05:21squoze: refactor build to more clearly separate variantsØyvind Kolås3+284-274
2022-10-14 04:48squoze: simplify config of interningØyvind Kolås1+21-21
2022-10-14 04:32use separate core functions in squoze dispatchØyvind Kolås1+7-5
2022-10-14 04:26squoze: make direct hashes not call pool based functionØyvind Kolås1+12-9
2022-10-14 04:17squoze: fix built without builtin_clzØyvind Kolås2+2-2
2022-10-14 02:00squoze: code tidyingØyvind Kolås1+9-8
2022-10-14 01:49pokingØyvind Kolås3+47-43
2022-10-14 01:25squoze: make RAM reporting be for plain storage, not concatØyvind Kolås3+40-14
2022-10-14 00:45ctx: update with squoze api changeØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2022-10-14 00:44squoze: more consistent naming of variantsØyvind Kolås2+42-40
2022-10-14 00:17squoze: code tidyingØyvind Kolås4+220-166
2022-10-13 16:22squoze: removed alwaysembed testsØyvind Kolås2+11-8
2022-10-13 04:35squoze: add concat testØyvind Kolås2+112-51
2022-10-12 15:09squoze: use non-printable escape in utf8 modeØyvind Kolås2+34-28
2022-10-12 15:02squoze: fix example to use non-printing ASCII charØyvind Kolås1+15-48
2022-10-12 11:28squoze: doc, reword introduction hide some textØyvind Kolås1+10-9
2022-10-11 21:26squoze: doc, update exampleØyvind Kolås2+38-46
2022-10-10 23:53terminal: fix pointer events for scrollbarØyvind Kolås1+2-2
2022-10-08 16:06squoze: docs updateØyvind Kolås2+18-14
2022-10-07 19:47ctx,itk: use squoze32_utf8Øyvind Kolås6+211-212
2022-10-07 18:45squoze: add implementations of utf8 32bit hashØyvind Kolås2+69-0
2022-10-06 13:01stuff: silence compiler warningsØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2022-10-06 05:49vt: reduce polling overheadØyvind Kolås3+20-78
2022-10-05 13:38css: remove copy of ancestry from css matchingØyvind Kolås1+41-23
2022-10-05 12:22css: factor out property getting also in layout postØyvind Kolås1+37-20
2022-10-05 11:51css: factor out more property getting in layout_preØyvind Kolås1+16-23
2022-10-05 11:35css: factor out fetching of border,padding,margin propsØyvind Kolås1+55-44
2022-10-05 11:15css: reuse dereferenced prop in border drawØyvind Kolås1+49-42
2022-10-05 11:08reduce cost of no-border border drawØyvind Kolås1+36-24
2022-10-05 00:17css: avoid superfluous move_to on text outside viewportØyvind Kolås1+15-13
2022-10-04 23:56css: keep cached width of spaceØyvind Kolås1+8-4
2022-10-04 00:49css: parse style in a first passØyvind Kolås6+136-21
2022-10-03 15:19css: add some array overflow protectionsØyvind Kolås1+6-1
2022-10-02 22:03css: make use of max-width and min-widthØyvind Kolås1+28-7
2022-10-02 19:36itk,stuff: fix compiler warningØyvind Kolås2+9-1
2022-09-30 12:13squoze: fix missing start of body in htmlØyvind Kolås2+26-17
2022-09-30 01:44terminal: pass shift-control-key through as control-keyØyvind Kolås2+7-2
2022-09-30 01:15ctx: cache resolved font stringsØyvind Kolås19+84-15
2022-09-29 21:13ctx: fix sign of arguments in _get_contentsØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2022-09-29 21:11ctx: fix simd build with minizØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2022-09-29 15:14squoze: docs updateØyvind Kolås4+65-292
2022-09-25 18:16squoze: performance optimizationsØyvind Kolås4+630-764
2022-09-24 13:42squoze: add memory reportingØyvind Kolås3+90-34
2022-09-24 13:29squoze: fix handling of collisions in hashtableØyvind Kolås1+16-18
2022-09-24 12:18squoze: code tidyingØyvind Kolås4+127-76
2022-09-23 21:29squoze: simplify utf8 decodeØyvind Kolås1+27-31
2022-09-23 16:31squoze: fewer files for benchmarkØyvind Kolås10+124-194
2022-09-23 11:49squoze: bench/docs updateØyvind Kolås1+15-14
2022-09-23 11:49squoze: use size_t on hash when casting to pointerØyvind Kolås1+16-2
2022-09-17 23:15squoze: add implementations of squoze64 and squoze64_decodeØyvind Kolås3+162-36
2022-09-17 19:04build: do not limit pixelformats with --disable-allØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2022-09-17 18:20squoze: add benchmarksØyvind Kolås11+374-183
2022-09-16 17:03squoze: c++ castingØyvind Kolås1+15-15
2022-09-16 00:17build,ctx: bundle miniz and squoze with relative pathsØyvind Kolås14+312-287
2022-09-15 20:27squoze: use murmurhashØyvind Kolås1+31-15
2022-09-15 19:29go straight to hashing on long stringsØyvind Kolås2+31-23
2022-09-15 17:22do timing of benchmarkØyvind Kolås3+41-11
2022-09-15 14:33squoze: add support for utf8 embeddingØyvind Kolås2+119-30
2022-09-15 13:36squoze: stop doing pointer acrobaticsØyvind Kolås1+23-53
2022-09-15 13:07squoze: make commandline decoder accept all bitlengths (since it cannot do overflowed anyways)Øyvind Kolås1+2-2
2022-09-15 12:36squoze: use allocations for >512 byte entriesØyvind Kolås1+15-5
2022-09-15 12:28add limiter to 4096bytesØyvind Kolås1+9-5
2022-09-14 23:08squoze: make proper single headerØyvind Kolås4+43-43
2022-09-14 20:27mass replace of CTX_ with SQZ_ prefixØyvind Kolås15+1007-1029
2022-09-14 20:02ctx: remove dead codeØyvind Kolås2+0-19
2022-09-14 20:00ctx/itk: regenerate squozed constantsØyvind Kolås4+430-430
2022-09-14 19:56factor out pool destructionØyvind Kolås2+17-12
2022-09-14 19:45cleanupØyvind Kolås1+3-22
2022-09-14 19:33make pointers and squoze encoding match for pointer stored stringsØyvind Kolås1+22-27
2022-09-14 18:58optionally store length of stringsØyvind Kolås1+41-3
2022-09-14 18:50check for exact matchesØyvind Kolås1+12-1
2022-09-14 18:39squoze: implement removal without pools in APIØyvind Kolås2+75-46
2022-09-14 18:15drop interning/hash relationØyvind Kolås4+57-56
2022-09-13 23:16working remove in htØyvind Kolås1+51-88
2022-09-13 22:53implement hash tableØyvind Kolås2+38-9
2022-09-13 22:36prepare for hashtableØyvind Kolås1+64-18
2022-09-13 01:44squoze: implement storing of strings in pointersØyvind Kolås4+400-128
2022-09-12 22:54stuff/css: remove debug messagesØyvind Kolås2+1-3
2022-09-12 22:50docs: tweak css for itk renderingØyvind Kolås8+70-274
2022-09-12 00:19squoze: make more collision resistantØyvind Kolås5+241-234
2022-09-11 23:59build: make fs creator handle binary filesØyvind Kolås1+11-11
2022-09-11 23:47do static contentØyvind Kolås10+97-12
2022-09-11 22:12css: unify resource fetchingØyvind Kolås5+42-22
2022-09-11 21:00working image renderØyvind Kolås3+84-9
2022-09-11 18:29seeming working for both in unfolded-possibly extranoused divØyvind Kolås1+10-8
2022-09-11 17:19correctly working with children in both casesØyvind Kolås2+2-2
2022-09-11 17:12stuff: fix direct elementsØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2022-09-11 16:28css: reincorporate padding in vertical position incrementsØyvind Kolås1+2-2
2022-09-11 16:10indentationØyvind Kolås2+42-49
2022-09-11 15:36stuff: re-arrange code separating actions from generated uiØyvind Kolås1+194-173
2022-09-11 01:13add back run commandØyvind Kolås1+34-7
2022-09-11 00:25children classØyvind Kolås2+28-11
2022-09-10 20:44stuff: fix positioning of pure ctx context menuØyvind Kolås1+4-2
2022-09-10 19:50stuff: resurrect a hacked up selection based cursorØyvind Kolås1+26-16
2022-09-10 19:24css cursor kind of working for some horizontal nav, span styling needs tweakingØyvind Kolås2+49-6
2022-09-10 18:38stuff: attempt to add style and class overridesØyvind Kolås2+25-10
2022-09-10 17:50itk: clear ctx bindings on each frameØyvind Kolås2+3-14
2022-09-10 17:35stuff: add back many keybindingsØyvind Kolås1+285-5
2022-09-10 16:39implement click to select for itemsØyvind Kolås1+15-4
2022-09-10 16:04stuff: reimplement folding with css rendererØyvind Kolås2+18-30
2022-09-10 15:57soon hidingØyvind Kolås2+7-9
2022-09-10 01:57css: issue a begin_path workaroundØyvind Kolås1+8-9
2022-09-10 01:35start of css based rewrite of stuffØyvind Kolås3+111-4
2022-09-09 21:53stuff: implement scrolling for xml/viewerØyvind Kolås3+60-1
2022-09-09 21:00css: possibly improvements to floatsØyvind Kolås1+13-8
2022-09-09 20:19configure: add missing space in summaryØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2022-09-09 20:15stuff: add alt-up binding to xml viewØyvind Kolås3+34-5
2022-09-09 00:42itk: rework of choice api, choices firstØyvind Kolås5+43-92
2022-09-08 23:20deps: use miniz instead of stb_image_write and tinf aloneØyvind Kolås24+9335-3129
2022-09-08 05:49ctx: improve build with disabled featuresØyvind Kolås8+31-22
2022-09-08 05:26build: more configuration of ctx for sizeØyvind Kolås3+17-4
2022-09-08 04:51ctx: enable build with terminal but without parserØyvind Kolås8+48-7
2022-09-08 02:54configure: add local.conf for configuration changesØyvind Kolås3+130-42
2022-09-08 02:38build: allow screenshot feature to be turned off in configureØyvind Kolås4+7-10
2022-09-08 02:32build/config: unify CTX_VT and CTX_CLIENTSØyvind Kolås9+22-20
2022-09-08 02:18add braille_text support to configurationØyvind Kolås2+12-6
2022-09-08 01:59configure: make it possible to drop all audio supportØyvind Kolås5+17-1
2022-09-08 01:53configure: control CMYK featureØyvind Kolås2+9-2
2022-09-08 01:50configure: rearrange reportØyvind Kolås1+54-37
2022-09-08 01:33configure: condense some of the config writingØyvind Kolås2+11-60
2022-09-08 01:02drop libz in favor of using tinfØyvind Kolås3+3-11
2022-09-08 01:00ctx: fix list of backends for disabled term/termimgØyvind Kolås1+3-1
2022-09-08 00:57fix build of vt without term backendØyvind Kolås2+6-4
2022-09-08 00:49make it possible to opt out of termimg backendØyvind Kolås4+16-2
2022-09-08 00:46build: enable building without term backendØyvind Kolås5+26-7
2022-09-08 00:34allow building without pdfØyvind Kolås6+22-3
2022-09-08 00:17build: make tinyvg optionalØyvind Kolås4+17-1
2022-09-08 00:09enable build without stuffØyvind Kolås4+16-1
2022-09-08 00:06stuff: fix build without vtØyvind Kolås4+17-6
2022-09-07 23:58build: make it possible to opt out of terminal emulator codeØyvind Kolås3+21-0
2022-09-07 23:40ctx: fix build without fill/strokeØyvind Kolås1+2-2
2022-09-07 22:43build: make vendored static deps optionalØyvind Kolås9+46-13
2022-09-07 22:35configure: rewrite summaryØyvind Kolås2+62-25
2022-09-07 22:18remove dormant codeØyvind Kolås2+1-132
2022-09-07 22:02css: do newline when encountering block with unresolved lineØyvind Kolås1+13-6
2022-09-07 21:26css: dead code removalØyvind Kolås1+17-21
2022-09-07 20:16squoze: make it possible to build with strict compiler flagsØyvind Kolås8+59-16
2022-09-05 17:29clear floats after wrapping contextØyvind Kolås1+15-9
2022-09-05 17:08css: single global float storeØyvind Kolås1+29-29
2022-09-05 15:21css: keep track of flow_root for stateØyvind Kolås1+4-9
2022-09-05 15:20css: keep track of flow_root for stateØyvind Kolås1+11-1
2022-09-05 11:49css: add parsing of flow-rootØyvind Kolås2+6-3
2022-09-05 11:46possibly adding flow-rootØyvind Kolås2+13-4
2022-09-05 01:07css: simplify multi-val-setØyvind Kolås1+28-53
2022-09-05 01:01css: simplify border rulesØyvind Kolås1+18-133
2022-09-05 00:53css: border_width util setterØyvind Kolås1+32-5
2022-09-04 22:09css: removal of dead codeØyvind Kolås1+0-23
2022-09-04 22:06css: do not inheirt background-colorØyvind Kolås1+3-1
2022-09-04 18:02css: reintroduce ancestry-copy; there were regressionsØyvind Kolås1+4-4
2022-09-04 17:59Revert "css: get rid of stack copy of ancestry"Øyvind Kolås1+18-4
2022-09-04 02:12css: implement '>' selectorØyvind Kolås2+66-17
2022-09-04 01:03css: get rid of stack copy of ancestryØyvind Kolås1+6-20
2022-09-04 17:52including padding in resolved fill-sizeØyvind Kolås1+6-3
2022-09-04 17:23css: keep an array of whether we got a baseline or notØyvind Kolås1+23-22
2022-09-04 16:37squoze: return "" for 0 decodeØyvind Kolås1+1-0
2022-09-04 00:54css: inline block kind of start workingØyvind Kolås1+42-8
2022-09-03 23:53css: make defaults reflect browsersØyvind Kolås1+2-2
2022-09-03 23:45itk: trim some unused styleØyvind Kolås1+0-33
2022-09-03 23:11css: implement <br/> tags as a block elementØyvind Kolås1+108-47
2022-09-03 22:21css: fix fixed positioning with counterscrollØyvind Kolås1+3-1
2022-09-03 22:13css: keep track of max-height for specific line-height contextsØyvind Kolås1+27-23
2022-09-03 21:36use keep track of line_level / block-nesting levelØyvind Kolås1+18-10
2022-09-03 00:14css: code rearrangeØyvind Kolås1+2027-2028
2022-09-02 20:24css: remove post_nlØyvind Kolås1+0-20
2022-09-02 20:23name lines.. (might not work well with spans? -- keep counter and a separate array instead?)Øyvind Kolås1+16-3
2022-09-02 20:18itk: silence warningsØyvind Kolås1+2-2
2022-09-02 15:52build: improve static build ruleØyvind Kolås1+2-2
2022-09-01 15:24micro-optimization to bezier_divide_fixedØyvind Kolås1+13-12
2022-09-01 14:45ctx: fix some false use after free warningsØyvind Kolås3+5-5
2022-08-31 22:17css: reuse _mrg_nl replacing hard-coded duplicate logicØyvind Kolås1+19-10
2022-08-31 21:51build: improve itk depsØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2022-08-31 21:27css: improve float heightØyvind Kolås2+4-4
2022-08-31 17:59build: build itk in separate objectØyvind Kolås2+9-2
2022-08-31 17:32squoze: make fully staticØyvind Kolås6+21-37
2022-08-31 16:14make own folder for itkØyvind Kolås5+238-7
2022-08-31 01:53moving most styling to cssØyvind Kolås4+50-12
2022-08-31 00:28css: more itk/mrg unificationØyvind Kolås2+54-67
2022-08-31 00:21more s/mrg/itk/Øyvind Kolås2+10-10
2022-08-31 00:18more s/mrg/itkØyvind Kolås2+12-16
2022-08-31 00:15css: start of s/mrg/itk/Øyvind Kolås4+155-155
2022-08-31 00:09css: unify mrg and itk structs, improve resetØyvind Kolås2+96-153
2022-08-30 23:38ctx: avoid null arg to memcpy in ctx_current_pathØyvind Kolås1+3-2
2022-08-30 23:35ctx: fix alignment in ctx_state_get_colorØyvind Kolås1+5-2
2022-08-30 23:33css: fix undefined behaviorØyvind Kolås1+9-2
2022-08-30 14:53css: zero class and id strings on element startØyvind Kolås1+3-0
2022-08-30 14:37css: reset style before each xml parseØyvind Kolås1+10-8
2022-08-29 21:02ctx: tune configuration/defaultsØyvind Kolås2+26-25
2022-08-29 20:00css: use relative+absolute for choice popupØyvind Kolås3+32-84
2022-08-29 18:27css: handle absolute, without top/left inside relativeØyvind Kolås2+29-5
2022-08-29 17:44add choices endØyvind Kolås1+27-1
2022-08-29 15:18itk: get rid of itk_samelineØyvind Kolås5+1-26
2022-08-28 19:12css: improved indentationØyvind Kolås1+57-59
2022-08-28 00:56css: hide titleØyvind Kolås1+1-0
2022-08-27 22:53css: struct cleaningØyvind Kolås2+9-5
2022-08-27 22:43get rid of in_paintØyvind Kolås2+5-9
2022-08-27 16:04css: implement handling of positive z-index levelsØyvind Kolås2+30-4
2022-08-26 22:06css: accumulate copies of fixed and absolute divsØyvind Kolås2+51-15
2022-08-26 13:04ctx: add api to force shortening of drawlistØyvind Kolås2+17-0
2022-08-23 23:09squoze: remove ability to read files, use bit size also in squoze.cØyvind Kolås1+22-170
2022-08-23 21:16squoze: more consistent naming and internalsØyvind Kolås2+131-162
2022-08-23 20:53squoze naming fixesØyvind Kolås12+10-10
2022-08-23 20:48squoze: improve API naming for variantsØyvind Kolås9+1665-1666
2022-08-23 19:15css: start adding absolutesØyvind Kolås3+19-1
2022-08-23 14:19keep track of relative offsetsØyvind Kolås2+19-4
2022-08-22 17:56improve width of itk/mrg canvasØyvind Kolås2+20-22
2022-08-20 20:46itk: use css for radio buttons, entry and separatorØyvind Kolås3+86-39
2022-08-20 18:55css: trim mrg structØyvind Kolås2+0-19
2022-08-19 18:03css: remove unused struct membersØyvind Kolås2+0-5
2022-08-15 14:14css: trying to make reset more completeØyvind Kolås3+8-10
2022-08-15 12:21css: striving for better mrg resetØyvind Kolås2+12-9
2022-08-15 11:41css: improve/hack itk css for toggleØyvind Kolås2+3-7
2022-08-14 21:34css: start adding fixed and absolute layersØyvind Kolås3+18-7
2022-08-14 21:22css: drop reset that caused regressionØyvind Kolås1+1-8
2022-08-14 21:15css: fix regression caused by broken resetØyvind Kolås1+4-4
2022-08-14 20:55css: get rid of MrgHtmlStateØyvind Kolås2+105-113
2022-08-14 20:38css: get rid of mrghtml structØyvind Kolås2+106-122
2022-08-14 20:27css: add prefix for nonduplicate single struct member useØyvind Kolås1+76-77
2022-08-14 15:54css: remove geo cache, stricter single passØyvind Kolås2+10-39
2022-08-14 15:48css: refactoring geo cache awayØyvind Kolås1+16-72
2022-08-14 13:09css: re-enable commandline conversions for svg filesØyvind Kolås3+8-8
2022-08-12 17:25itk: remove rel_hgapØyvind Kolås1+3-72
2022-08-12 17:23css: improve position of span backgroundsØyvind Kolås2+15-6
2022-08-12 16:39css: getting rid of baselineØyvind Kolås3+45-78
2022-08-08 23:57css: code cleanupsØyvind Kolås2+31-150
2022-08-08 23:28css: make use of ascent/descentØyvind Kolås1+29-29
2022-08-08 16:00css: fix hor shift of deferred rectØyvind Kolås1+7-4
2022-08-08 00:40css: remove shift of background/border for spansØyvind Kolås1+26-21
2022-08-06 21:58css: tweak core cssØyvind Kolås1+2-1
2022-08-05 16:53css: harmonize left float with right float, fixing discrepancyØyvind Kolås1+6-7
2022-08-04 15:35stuff: clean up compiler warningsØyvind Kolås1+3-5
2022-08-03 04:53css: working geometry for floatsØyvind Kolås2+11-7
2022-08-23 19:23fix bare vmetrics buildØyvind Kolås1+9-3
2022-08-04 15:26css: cleaning upØyvind Kolås3+19-15
2022-08-03 04:10css: hide title and style with head cssØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2022-07-29 21:22css: towards deferred line height text handlingØyvind Kolås2+112-47
2022-07-18 23:19css: use deferred rectangle for backgroundØyvind Kolås1+41-8
2022-07-18 20:00css: improve style reset on start of tagØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2022-07-18 19:55css: improve cr handlingØyvind Kolås2+30-5
2022-07-15 00:01css: updatesØyvind Kolås1+6-6
2022-07-13 01:42css: set width on static divsØyvind Kolås1+11-13
2022-07-11 22:31css: font size for first word of divØyvind Kolås4+7950-7941
2022-07-08 02:39css: improve cascade orderØyvind Kolås3+38-20
2022-07-07 04:02itk: use broken css for some widgetsØyvind Kolås7+146-25
2022-07-05 13:55itk: initial attempt at mrgifying buttonØyvind Kolås3+86-32
2022-07-03 18:15demos: fix with itk sealingØyvind Kolås7+38-33
2022-07-08 02:40stuff: quick and dirty html renderØyvind Kolås2+23-3
2022-07-03 03:51stuff: fix link bugØyvind Kolås1+1-2
2022-07-03 03:37stuff: let control-right create childrenØyvind Kolås1+5-1
2022-07-03 01:51itk: optionally return extent in mrg_endØyvind Kolås4+93-43
2022-07-02 04:07print some css/html ipsumØyvind Kolås2+87-48
2022-07-01 22:09itk: moving towards mrgØyvind Kolås2+87-75
2022-06-30 19:58itk with built-in mrg contextØyvind Kolås8+192-46
2022-06-30 19:09itk: refactor coordinate representation towards mrgØyvind Kolås4+21-19
2022-07-18 14:19demos: add test simulating deferred line breakingØyvind Kolås1+126-0
2022-08-01 17:20ctx: add vertical text extent apiØyvind Kolås2+58-1
2022-07-16 04:04css: make state handling more robustØyvind Kolås2+5-2
2022-08-01 17:24ctx: free command after use of its pointerØyvind Kolås1+4-6
2022-07-18 23:51ctx: improve deferred apiØyvind Kolås2+19-41
2022-07-18 23:44ctx: single resolve dispatchØyvind Kolås2+77-0
2022-07-18 23:33ctx: add deferred rel_move_to and translateØyvind Kolås2+22-1
2022-07-17 22:52ctx: use squoze5 for interning of defferred reference stringsØyvind Kolås1+6-10
2022-07-17 22:41ctx: add deferred rel_line_to and rectangle commandsØyvind Kolås3+147-0
2022-08-20 18:55ctx: explicitly zero some memoryØyvind Kolås1+1-0
2022-07-18 00:50ctx: avoid extra move_to in drawlist for ctx_textØyvind Kolås1+2-0
2022-07-15 04:19ctx: unify event copy, reducing bss sizeØyvind Kolås1+4-3
2022-07-15 03:21ctx: add baremetal config option to drop posixismØyvind Kolås2+31-0
2022-07-15 00:02ctx: add build flag CTX_RAW_KB_EVENTSØyvind Kolås3+53-41
2022-07-13 19:13config: avoid inlined normal - it seems to produce wrong result for GRAYA8Øyvind Kolås2+2-2
2022-06-30 02:59improve keybindingsØyvind Kolås3+67-30
2022-06-30 01:50stuff: keybindings refactoring away from item|text-edit modesØyvind Kolås1+30-20
2022-06-30 00:45itk: also scroll when 0th control is selectedØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2022-06-29 23:14stuff: add keyval editing to context menusØyvind Kolås1+157-60
2022-06-29 20:59stuff: close context menu when clicking outsideØyvind Kolås2+21-23
2022-06-28 23:38diz: fix diz_dir_name_to_noØyvind Kolås2+16-16
2022-06-25 20:26itk: mrgificaiton startØyvind Kolås2+9-35
2022-06-28 21:36stuff: fix crashes on some read-only pathsØyvind Kolås2+26-26
2022-06-28 21:33stuff/tests: update referenceØyvind Kolås12+38-38
2022-06-27 05:15itk/stuff: abstract and improve focus handlingØyvind Kolås2+465-479
2022-06-25 20:36stuff: use a block-cursorØyvind Kolås3+13-3
2022-06-25 19:51itk: improve focus interactionsØyvind Kolås5+72-24
2022-06-25 17:25itk: queue draw when returning valuesØyvind Kolås1+3-0
2022-06-25 17:19demos: update itk_entry usageØyvind Kolås4+22-11
2022-06-25 02:40itk: remove dead codeØyvind Kolås1+2-12
2022-06-25 01:56itk: make itk_entry be control flow driven and return its resultØyvind Kolås2+55-33
2022-06-25 01:37kms/drm: fix some keyboard map bugsØyvind Kolås1+3-3
2022-06-24 22:55itk: towards more generic entry APIØyvind Kolås7+32-17
2022-06-24 21:28itk: remove callback functions from APIØyvind Kolås7+159-190
2022-06-24 03:24stuff: improve caching/dirtying of countØyvind Kolås2+36-71
2022-06-24 00:20itk+examples: rewrite core of API to not use callbacks.Øyvind Kolås6+231-204
2022-06-24 00:02stuff: make location/title be 1em high at topØyvind Kolås2+33-18
2022-06-23 21:40stuff: improve layoutbox renderingØyvind Kolås1+1-0
2022-06-23 06:44stuff: start of settings implementationØyvind Kolås2+71-5
2022-06-23 06:43itk: add itk_find_controlØyvind Kolås1+24-2
2022-06-23 05:05rename name to dataØyvind Kolås3+65-56
2022-06-23 04:31stuff: make location show slash when directories are browsedØyvind Kolås2+17-3
2022-06-23 04:10stuff: show multi values as separate entries in context menusØyvind Kolås3+29-16
2022-06-23 02:55stuff: name clients after media-item path - not positionØyvind Kolås1+21-11
2022-06-21 19:45stuff: markdown link improvementsØyvind Kolås1+4-1
2022-06-22 02:46diz: fix diz_key_name and diz_key_count for multivalueØyvind Kolås1+72-27
2022-06-22 02:14diz: some logic simplificationsØyvind Kolås1+31-28
2022-06-22 02:31stuff: cancel location editing when selecting itemsØyvind Kolås1+8-1
2022-06-22 01:33stuff: enable control-l shortcut when text editorØyvind Kolås1+16-12
2022-06-21 22:46stuff: make missing folders or files on location changeØyvind Kolås3+42-26
2022-06-21 17:25sdl/kms/fb: add direct keyboard event handlingØyvind Kolås4+449-128
2022-06-21 00:50stuff: parse dates and partial dates as linksØyvind Kolås1+88-15
2022-06-20 23:07stuff: correct control extent for indented itemsØyvind Kolås1+4-1
2022-06-20 23:02ctx: add realpath subcommandØyvind Kolås2+17-0
2022-06-20 22:29svg: slight cleanupsØyvind Kolås1+54-74
2022-06-20 21:01stuff: start work on drop filesØyvind Kolås1+12-0
2022-06-20 20:46SDL: add support for drop eventsØyvind Kolås1+11-0
2022-06-20 02:08start adding unflow and reflow commandsØyvind Kolås3+254-96
2022-06-19 23:02stuff: add popen based command runningØyvind Kolås4+99-48
2022-06-19 17:04stuff: move folded key to item itselfØyvind Kolås1+14-14
2022-06-19 17:00stuff: reduce size overhead of groupsØyvind Kolås1+4-4
2022-06-19 16:55stuff: listen for resize eventØyvind Kolås1+2-2
2022-06-19 14:22ctx: add ctx_clip_extentsØyvind Kolås4+32-6
2022-06-16 19:09stuff: improve actions/keybindings/context menusØyvind Kolås6+383-114
2022-06-16 16:02ctx: gegl_path_extents fix label at end of compound statement.Øyvind Kolås1+3-0
2022-06-16 14:40ctx: fixes for overeager(?) static analysisØyvind Kolås4+11-15
2022-06-16 14:26ctx: cb backend, make change extent a single callØyvind Kolås2+18-4
2022-06-16 14:21ctx: fix image fragments for float formatsØyvind Kolås1+3-3
2022-06-16 14:19stuff: do action when context menu item is pickedØyvind Kolås1+27-24
2022-06-15 23:55demos/itk-demo: make use of itk_entry return valueØyvind Kolås1+5-1
2022-06-15 23:07stuff: improve tracking of file or dirØyvind Kolås2+5-4
2022-06-15 22:52diz: set category title correctly when emptyØyvind Kolås1+11-2
2022-06-15 22:31stuff: improve keybindingsØyvind Kolås3+31-6
2022-06-15 22:31ctx: add function to check if mimetype is textØyvind Kolås2+83-68
2022-06-15 22:30diz: return first appended item id correctlyØyvind Kolås1+7-0
2022-06-15 20:47s/diz_/diz_dir_/Øyvind Kolås3+526-526
2022-06-15 20:13diz: drop title from loading apiØyvind Kolås3+37-44
2022-06-15 00:53diz: keep track of editor or notØyvind Kolås2+9-0
2022-06-14 23:20ctx: reduce overhead of dead code for multiple cb per registrationØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2022-06-14 20:26ctx: disable merging of event targetsØyvind Kolås1+4-2
2022-06-12 02:15ctx: improve and simplify ctx_in_fill/ctx_in_strokeØyvind Kolås2+43-10
2022-06-11 23:07ctx: implement ctx_in_strokeØyvind Kolås1+30-2
2022-06-11 14:58ctx: in_fill working for large-ish scalesØyvind Kolås6+74-50
2022-06-13 17:03pdf: make constructor take dimensions as floatØyvind Kolås3+3-3
2022-06-12 03:04stuff: improve symlink displayØyvind Kolås2+17-5
2022-06-12 02:49stuff: manage life cycle of global dizØyvind Kolås3+30-7
2022-06-12 02:39stuff: inhibt label for empty itemsØyvind Kolås1+5-5
2022-06-11 22:37term: do not erase pass through glyphsØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2022-06-10 23:40itk: focus something if nothing is focusedØyvind Kolås1+8-4
2022-06-10 22:34diz: disabling empty escape hackØyvind Kolås1+4-5
2022-06-11 00:04stuff: add alt-up and alt-down overrides for link/textØyvind Kolås1+4-0
2022-06-11 00:43stuff: fix interactions when deleting last paragraphsØyvind Kolås2+19-9
2022-06-10 22:51stuff: improve symlinksØyvind Kolås4+194-70
2022-06-10 21:46stuff: visit tags on returnØyvind Kolås6+95-2
2022-06-10 19:55stuff: create symlinks in category dirsØyvind Kolås1+43-2
2022-06-10 19:18stuff: better name for diz_wiki_pathØyvind Kolås1+11-17
2022-06-10 18:09stuff: make history and parent navigation globalØyvind Kolås3+39-22
2022-06-10 16:27vt: double timeout for waiting for framesØyvind Kolås1+2-2
2022-06-09 20:23stuff/diz: improved tag and metadata handlingØyvind Kolås3+253-103
2022-06-09 20:19itk: return 1 when entry has been confirmed, enabling simpler control flowØyvind Kolås2+31-19
2022-06-07 21:17stuff: do refocus in set_location not dir_location_returnØyvind Kolås1+3-3
2022-06-07 21:17keybindings: use NULL description for some default itk bindingsØyvind Kolås1+4-4
2022-06-04 21:50stuff: tag uiØyvind Kolås3+159-54
2022-06-03 23:29stuff: rename metadata handling to dizØyvind Kolås6+1704-1622
2022-06-02 00:37itk: improve spatial focusØyvind Kolås3+466-178
2022-06-01 22:46add more conditionals in keybindingsØyvind Kolås1+22-24
2022-06-01 02:13stuff: use mtime not atime for thumbnail validityØyvind Kolås1+22-11
2022-06-01 01:17stuff: move more code to collectionØyvind Kolås3+179-183
2022-06-01 01:04ctx: add preliminary ctx ls subcommand, for now using stuff metadata dumpØyvind Kolås3+110-75
2022-05-31 23:09improve context menuØyvind Kolås2+26-5
2022-05-31 22:14stuff: get rid of toolbar and toolsØyvind Kolås1+2-70
2022-05-31 22:10start hiding toolbarØyvind Kolås1+16-3
2022-05-31 20:19stuff: all key/value pairs on collection itself with special pos -2Øyvind Kolås1+19-0
2022-05-31 18:46partial change to render titleØyvind Kolås1+51-11
2022-05-30 22:27stuff: remove reveal codes modeØyvind Kolås1+4-40
2022-05-30 22:27itk: make spatial nav euclidianØyvind Kolås1+2-2
2022-05-30 12:54stuff: improve paddingØyvind Kolås1+9-9
2022-05-30 00:03stuff: remove attempt at client reuseØyvind Kolås1+5-2
2022-05-29 21:56stuff: print titleØyvind Kolås1+33-11
2022-05-27 23:59stuff: make mock context menu more interactiveØyvind Kolås1+98-32
2022-05-29 13:05add contributing.txtØyvind Kolås1+14-0
2022-05-27 23:44stuff: set header level with tag instead of classØyvind Kolås4+15-13
2022-05-27 23:43ctx: fix device_to_user and thus text passthrough in TERM backendØyvind Kolås1+12-3
2022-05-26 21:57ctx: only associate alpha for RGBA8 texturesØyvind Kolås2+7-6
2022-05-26 20:14stuff: do not show label for positioned rectangleØyvind Kolås1+1-0
2022-05-25 21:17ctx: fix build with babl supportØyvind Kolås6+3-40
2022-05-25 18:35ctx: associate alpha for textures loaded with ctx_load_textureØyvind Kolås1+5-0
2022-05-23 23:40stuff: improve metadata handling, add testsØyvind Kolås24+427-46
2022-05-22 21:57stuff: re-enable video playbackØyvind Kolås4+21-16
2022-05-22 18:50stuff: faster thumbnail creationØyvind Kolås2+16-17
2022-05-22 14:56stuff: remove unused hashingØyvind Kolås1+3-25
2022-05-22 11:25stuff: drop the eids for thumbnails that are outdatedØyvind Kolås1+18-1
2022-05-22 11:24ctx: add ctx_drop_eid making it possible to reuse eidsØyvind Kolås2+36-1
2022-05-20 23:58stuff: store thumbnails in local .ctx folderØyvind Kolås6+94-253
2022-05-20 22:36stuff: move more metadata handling to collection.cØyvind Kolås3+348-307
2022-05-20 21:54text: fix utf8 iteration in wordwrapØyvind Kolås1+25-8
2022-05-20 21:54build: disable simd when enabling debugØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2022-05-20 21:53ctx: fix screenshot by including stb headersØyvind Kolås1+5-2
2022-05-20 21:53stuff: improve thumbnailingØyvind Kolås1+19-12
2022-05-17 19:59stuff: escape empty lines with \0Øyvind Kolås4+83-48
2022-05-12 17:35cbrle: add encoding for 2 single pixel runs of 2bit color in 1 byteØyvind Kolås1+162-60
2022-05-10 01:32cbrle: encode 4bit index and 3bit length in single byteØyvind Kolås1+13-15
2022-05-09 22:56cbrle: s/rgba8z/cbrle/gØyvind Kolås2+127-127
2022-05-09 22:50cbrle: make predefined gray palette compiletime optionalØyvind Kolås1+11-6
2022-04-15 21:49cbrle: constant bitrate run length encoded scanlinesØyvind Kolås12+1515-50
2022-05-07 13:23pdf: fix encoding of stream lengthØyvind Kolås3+10-13
2022-04-20 15:24tex: remove superfluous begin_pathØyvind Kolås2+1-2
2022-04-20 02:20PDF: clean up xref offsetØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2022-04-19 23:31formatter: fix define_glyphØyvind Kolås2+2-1
2022-04-19 23:18ctx: add a commandline command to list fontsØyvind Kolås1+15-0
2022-04-19 22:12cairo: update color settingØyvind Kolås2+27-2
2022-04-19 02:45ctx: text fix resolution of live font nameØyvind Kolås2+5-2
2022-04-18 22:32ctx: fonts, enable the live font backend in default buildØyvind Kolås5+67-19
2022-04-17 20:03demos/bash: sync clock examples with API changsØyvind Kolås2+4-4
2022-04-17 19:52ctx: enable build of cb backend without eventsØyvind Kolås1+2-1
2022-04-17 19:49config: autoenable headless backend when kms or sdl is enabledØyvind Kolås3+10-4
2022-04-17 19:46ctx: fix build without rasterizerØyvind Kolås1+4-0
2022-04-17 19:43parser: avoid -lm dep use ctx_sqrtfØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2022-04-17 19:43config: do not enable headless backend by defaultØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2022-04-15 22:35parser: be specific about castsØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2022-04-15 22:16docs: revise index introØyvind Kolås1+10-5
2022-04-15 21:13ctx: document .ctx and .pdf output in usage / --help, add RGB332 outputØyvind Kolås2+43-3
2022-04-15 20:15PDF: fix off by one in startxrefØyvind Kolås1+4-3
2022-04-15 17:53ctx-string: avoid negative remaindersØyvind Kolås2+5-0
2022-04-15 17:30PDF newline before endobjØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2022-04-15 01:55PDF: factor path constructionØyvind Kolås2+140-127
2022-04-15 01:55color: fix number of components for grayaØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2022-04-14 22:28use arimo as default fontØyvind Kolås2+19-18
2022-04-14 23:50PDF: handle arbitrary opacityØyvind Kolås1+153-125
2022-04-14 16:43make change of viewbox also apply to subsequent pagesØyvind Kolås1+23-15
2022-04-14 02:03PDF: emit page resources after each pageØyvind Kolås1+126-55
2022-04-13 21:34PDF: tidy C and PDFØyvind Kolås4+216-170
2022-04-13 21:09PDF: add support for all 14 core fontsØyvind Kolås1+63-60
2022-04-13 19:17PDF: implement WinAnsiEncoding, reset to opaque after using transparencyØyvind Kolås1+62-11
2022-04-13 18:43start covering more fontsØyvind Kolås1+18-1
2022-04-13 18:32PDF: use Helvetica as initial fontØyvind Kolås3+8-5
2022-04-13 17:43svg: re-enable viewbox parsing/setttingØyvind Kolås5+14-8
2022-04-12 23:07PDF: implement crude alpha for colorsØyvind Kolås1+56-18
2022-04-12 22:28set font as part of parsing styleØyvind Kolås3+63-9
2022-04-12 21:23add support for overriding viewbox from default, on a per-page basisØyvind Kolås1+24-7
2022-04-12 20:45pdf: restore path after preserve commandsØyvind Kolås1+26-11
2022-04-12 20:36svg-parser: remove insertion of move to originØyvind Kolås1+2-1
2022-04-12 19:54media-handlers: also generate constants for svg parserØyvind Kolås3+243-567
2022-04-12 18:31ctx_current_path return a single allocation drawlistØyvind Kolås3+19-3
2022-04-12 18:02Revert "fix warnings in build without current path"Øyvind Kolås6+43-38
2022-04-12 17:45generate src/constants.hØyvind Kolås5+229-238
2022-04-12 17:32make all ctx strings camel caseØyvind Kolås9+37-96
2022-04-11 23:06PDF: working multipage, all same size for nowØyvind Kolås3+153-101
2022-04-11 22:13PDF: working baseline single page PDFØyvind Kolås1+48-25
2022-04-11 21:24ctx: add a PDF backendØyvind Kolås1+140-122
2022-04-11 00:45add crude pdf backendØyvind Kolås10+558-8
2022-04-10 15:40docs: updateØyvind Kolås2+64-7
2022-04-10 04:17fix warnings in build without current pathØyvind Kolås6+38-43
2022-04-08 21:40drop sync argument in event apiØyvind Kolås10+73-86
2022-04-08 21:15ctx: add api and parser implementation for new_pageØyvind Kolås3+9-0
2022-04-08 21:10make font name/license be encoded similar to other text argumentsØyvind Kolås3+11-9
2022-04-08 20:53mostly handle fonts as input for ctx for doing conversionsØyvind Kolås2+18-1
2022-04-08 20:39recognize .ctx and .ctxc as extensions to convert toØyvind Kolås2+14-0
2022-04-08 19:15regression fix: re-enable mouse events in terminalØyvind Kolås3+18-4
2022-04-08 02:39ctx-fontgen: skip backspace and tabØyvind Kolås1+5-1
2022-04-08 02:39ctx: cb, re-enable horizontal merging of tilesØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2022-04-08 02:32ctx: use glyph cache also for truetype fontsØyvind Kolås2+29-16
2022-04-08 01:48implement 128 element cache for skipping binary treeØyvind Kolås3+46-80
2022-04-08 01:26avoid some virtual dispatch with only one font engineØyvind Kolås1+6-12
2022-04-08 01:00ctx-fontgen: skip carriage returnØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2022-04-08 00:11ctx: composite double pure gray fidelity in rgb332Øyvind Kolås1+7-21
2022-04-07 21:08ctx-fontgen: annotate kerningØyvind Kolås2+7-0
2022-04-07 20:54add support for stripping un-needed metadata when only native fonts are supportedØyvind Kolås4+57-8
2022-04-07 20:22further reduce size of CtxFontØyvind Kolås1+2-0
2022-04-07 20:20move more of ctx-font backend data to ROMØyvind Kolås3+53-23
2022-04-07 19:44embed license in fontsØyvind Kolås1+43-48
2022-04-07 19:29fonts: centralize coverageØyvind Kolås1+12-13
2022-04-07 19:20ctx: add a header to fonts/defineFont to protocolØyvind Kolås6+42-3
2022-04-07 18:32build: fix build with/without fontsØyvind Kolås2+3-4
2022-04-07 18:24build: font fixesØyvind Kolås1+19-2
2022-04-07 18:09ctxfontgen: prepend fontname as dataØyvind Kolås1+2-0
2022-04-07 17:51ctx-fontgen: sort glyphs to match binary search expectationØyvind Kolås10+73-25
2022-04-07 16:35fonts: fix build of binary variantsØyvind Kolås6+30-19
2022-04-07 15:45ctx: fonts, do binary unicode search directly in font dataØyvind Kolås2+42-0
2022-04-07 15:19make per-font glyph index optionalØyvind Kolås3+23-11
2022-04-06 22:53ctx: text, implement word wrap and ligaturesØyvind Kolås2+169-37
2022-04-06 20:20fix naming of line_height and wrap_Øyvind Kolås5+19-19
2022-04-06 20:09implement setter and getter for line heightØyvind Kolås5+20-0
2022-04-06 19:57add api and setting of wrap left/rightØyvind Kolås6+78-0
2022-04-06 18:51fonts: extract english utf8 name from ttf fontsØyvind Kolås6+171-105
2022-04-06 18:50ctx: handle short strings in ctx_strncmpØyvind Kolås1+2-4
2022-04-06 17:57tools/ctx-fontgen: embed extracted font name in headerØyvind Kolås1+49-3
2022-04-06 17:57deps: use an stb_image from a merge request with a working utf8 get_nameØyvind Kolås1+331-345
2022-04-06 17:52fonts build: depend on fontgenØyvind Kolås1+16-3
2022-04-05 23:58include croscore fonts in ctx terminalØyvind Kolås4+42-63
2022-04-05 23:14ctx: fix regression in fb/drm pointer event parsingØyvind Kolås1+5-8
2022-04-05 21:36ctx: add method to get font name by numberØyvind Kolås3+15-4
2022-04-05 21:20ctx: terminal use proper font for italicØyvind Kolås1+5-4
2022-04-05 21:18ctx: use proper bold font in terminalØyvind Kolås3+23-10
2022-04-05 21:07use croscore fontsØyvind Kolås3+49-66
2022-04-05 18:37ctx: revisit static font initializationØyvind Kolås8+127-56
2022-04-05 16:12allocate font storage on heapØyvind Kolås5+35-12
2022-04-04 20:37imply flags when setting cb backend flagsØyvind Kolås2+12-4
2022-04-04 19:47ctx: cb, fix 565 case of scaled outputØyvind Kolås1+2-1
2022-04-04 19:10remove: micropython folder, it exists in a separate git repoØyvind Kolås38+29-21989
2022-04-04 14:05fix python sample to work with python3Øyvind Kolås1+65-69
2022-04-03 22:40tinyvg: explicit floatsØyvind Kolås1+3-3
2022-04-03 00:22parser: explicit float castsØyvind Kolås2+2-75
2022-04-01 08:07ctx: stricter floats, tinyvg workaround for xtensa gcc bugØyvind Kolås9+69-58
2022-03-31 14:11ctx: explicit float casting in parserØyvind Kolås1+10-10
2022-03-31 13:36ctx: refactor scanout to share the yscale portionØyvind Kolås1+88-148
2022-03-31 00:26use external mpctxØyvind Kolås2+1-1
2022-03-30 22:32mpwasm: trim glueØyvind Kolås20+322-4308
2022-03-30 14:54mpwasm: fix use of internal allocatorØyvind Kolås2+13-1
2022-03-30 04:34mp: build ctx backend for unix backendØyvind Kolås10+49-37
2022-03-30 03:42ctx: explicit float castingØyvind Kolås21+325-320
2022-03-30 02:25ctx: fix stale assert in mp_ctx_textØyvind Kolås2+3-3
2022-03-30 00:33repack git history, rename license to COPYINGØyvind Kolås6+51-21
2022-03-29 21:52mp-wasm: fix updating of file pickerØyvind Kolås2+13-6
2022-03-29 20:51mp: do not use NATIVE_GRAYA8 - it has buggy compositingØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2022-03-29 20:44ctx: fix RGB332 fast pathØyvind Kolås1+19-70
2022-03-29 20:02ctx: evade some overflows in bezier codeØyvind Kolås1+4-1
2022-03-29 01:08use virtual root in js codeØyvind Kolås3+76-35
2022-03-29 00:47mp-wasm: implement mp side of virtual rootØyvind Kolås6+699-1
2022-03-28 23:24mpwasm: synchronise file picker, load main by defaultØyvind Kolås10+4-1413
2022-03-28 21:28mp: add sync methodØyvind Kolås1+14-0
2022-03-28 20:48mp/wasm: persist /sd folderØyvind Kolås2+10-4
2022-03-28 20:47mp: clean up preloadØyvind Kolås30+3-3960
2022-03-28 18:08mp: hook up changing of heap sizeØyvind Kolås6+41-8
2022-03-28 16:15ctx: remove hacks to work around mp allocatorØyvind Kolås4+20-83
2022-03-28 03:26mp: set CTX_MAX_CBS to 8Øyvind Kolås1+1-0
2022-03-28 03:26ctx: make CTX_MAX_CBS configurableØyvind Kolås2+5-1
2022-03-28 02:11ctx: improve fidelity of scaled up beziersØyvind Kolås5+18-10
2022-03-27 23:52refactor flag code to be more stableØyvind Kolås3+20-25
2022-03-27 22:29wasm: make construction argument be memory budgetØyvind Kolås3+23-28
2022-03-27 01:09ctx: cb, pad scratch buffer slightlyØyvind Kolås8+343-401
2022-03-26 22:04working sync wasm key eventsØyvind Kolås2+67-6
2022-03-26 19:50mp: drawin event queue on end_frameØyvind Kolås1+1-0
2022-03-26 19:50ctx: wasm, do synchronous mouse eventsØyvind Kolås1+34-5
2022-03-26 17:15getting rid of some memory corruptionØyvind Kolås2+20-6
2022-03-26 16:40ctx: wasm, better mimicing of LCD SPI displayØyvind Kolås4+395-343
2022-03-26 05:40tinyvg: avoid float to double promotionsØyvind Kolås1+20-20
2022-03-26 01:38mp: bind add_key_bindingØyvind Kolås3+367-187
2022-03-26 01:38ctx: cb backend, call get_event at start, to enable key bindingsØyvind Kolås1+2-0
2022-03-25 03:49ctx: dead code removalØyvind Kolås4+3-37
2022-03-25 01:22ctx: use 24.8 fixed pointØyvind Kolås2+3-3
2022-03-25 01:04ctx: cb, merge of horizontal cells workingØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2022-03-25 00:42restore previous tolerance, higher precision caused drop-outsØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2022-03-25 00:33text fiddlingØyvind Kolås3+1-3
2022-03-25 00:33mp: bind tinyvgØyvind Kolås1+30-26
2022-03-25 00:09ctx: do an implicit being path after ctx_textØyvind Kolås5+6-4
2022-03-24 21:12ctx: avoid using sscanf for parsing - it increases bssØyvind Kolås2+57-15
2022-03-24 18:57mp: add bindings for injecting key eventsØyvind Kolås8+134-25
2022-03-24 10:07ctx: cb backend reduce overheadØyvind Kolås1+18-14
2022-03-24 00:14ctx: do high fidelity render if 4 or fewer tilesØyvind Kolås1+16-6
2022-03-23 23:55ctx: rename LOWRES flag to LOWFIØyvind Kolås6+28-24
2022-03-23 19:29ctx: make max line dashes and gradient stops build time optionsØyvind Kolås5+25-16
2022-03-23 19:04ctx: make size of static opaque buffe r compiletime configurableØyvind Kolås2+8-2
2022-03-23 18:54mp: compact ctx configØyvind Kolås1+6-3
2022-03-23 18:53ctx: avoiding linking some backend constructors from mcu modeØyvind Kolås2+11-5
2022-03-22 18:50ctx: fix off by ones for last row/col in cb backendØyvind Kolås1+3-3
2022-03-21 20:49ctx: stop using dynamic memory in hasher backendØyvind Kolås4+2-4
2022-03-21 20:39pack cbbackend structØyvind Kolås1+5-5
2022-03-21 16:55mp: move constants to class instead of moduleØyvind Kolås3+57-28
2022-03-21 14:46media-handlers: follow event API changesØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2022-03-21 14:43reasssign CTX_FORMAT_GRAY1 to old enum valueØyvind Kolås1+2-2
2022-03-21 01:55ctx: enlarge cbbackendØyvind Kolås1+3-3
2022-03-21 01:11ctx: fix build with CTX_MATH 0Øyvind Kolås2+7-0
2022-03-21 00:20ctx: disable special casing in rgb332, without it gradients also workØyvind Kolås1+2-0
2022-03-21 00:16ctx: adjust RGB332 to get more pure whitesØyvind Kolås3+30-15
2022-03-20 19:47ctx: add reduced flag, which keeps the packed bit depth as finalØyvind Kolås4+27-20
2022-03-20 19:46stb-image: use powf rather than powØyvind Kolås2+4-4
2022-03-18 15:27mp: pass arguments directly to set_pixels instead of via tupleØyvind Kolås3+24-12
2022-03-18 03:30ctx: remove cyclebuf flag, add call to reconfigure memory budgetØyvind Kolås5+15-287
2022-03-18 00:45ctx: align backend flags with pixel formatsØyvind Kolås4+154-46
2022-03-17 21:48ctx: disable horizontal tile merging, it seems unstableØyvind Kolås1+2-1
2022-03-17 21:19ctx: implement fast gray4 source-copy-solidØyvind Kolås3+61-0
2022-03-17 21:03ctx: implement direct path for gray2 source-copyØyvind Kolås5+32-7
2022-03-17 20:52ctx: merge horizontal full res tilesØyvind Kolås1+56-31
2022-03-17 19:35ctx: improve C++ castingØyvind Kolås2+7-7
2022-03-17 15:03ctx: use fixed point math for bezier subdivisionØyvind Kolås3+112-8
2022-03-17 14:11ctx: refactor matrix transforms towards more fixed pointØyvind Kolås1+19-39
2022-03-17 13:46ctx: more quiet minimal compilesØyvind Kolås6+19-6
2022-03-17 04:31ctx: cb fix rendering of last subscanlineØyvind Kolås1+4-4
2022-03-17 03:45ctx: avoid float to double promotions, use integer transforms in hasherØyvind Kolås89+2214-2217
2022-03-17 01:42cb backend tweaksØyvind Kolås3+111-68
2022-03-15 18:45permit direct rendering when there is enough scratch memoryØyvind Kolås1+16-2
2022-03-15 18:18ctx: cb dead code removalØyvind Kolås2+9-35
2022-03-14 20:37ctx: cb make scaled scanout fasterØyvind Kolås1+25-18
2022-03-14 20:11code cleanupsØyvind Kolås1+50-55
2022-03-14 18:35ctx: in cb backend keep static allocation of a rasterizer|hasher in global structØyvind Kolås5+21-146
2022-03-14 17:59optimize 1bit and 2bit to RGBA8/GRAYA8 conversionsØyvind Kolås1+177-19
2022-03-14 11:55ctx: composite, simplify conversions from GRAY2Øyvind Kolås1+2-4
2022-03-14 11:52ctx: make cb backend use 2bit gray for mono previewØyvind Kolås1+21-2
2022-03-14 11:34ctx: add mono flag - permitting 1bit high res preview rendersØyvind Kolås3+43-12
2022-03-13 20:18make it possible to use grayscale in renderØyvind Kolås2+46-16
2022-03-13 17:11reorient to have more rows than columns, useful for text and menusØyvind Kolås3+10-4
2022-03-12 23:34ctx: cb backend, add adaptive low-resØyvind Kolås7+190-30
2022-03-12 18:19Use fixed point arithmetic for path transforming.Øyvind Kolås6+191-56
2022-03-12 11:04ctx: make -Wall buils quieterØyvind Kolås3+9-14
2022-03-12 10:14ctx: namespace (cb)backend bitflags as generic, we might want to reuse them in other backendsØyvind Kolås6+53-36
2022-03-12 08:50mp: opt in to avoid out of bounds bezier subdivØyvind Kolås4+11-10
2022-03-11 19:39ctx: hide antialias setting from public API.Øyvind Kolås3+15-11
2022-03-11 18:59ctx: better transform complexity trackingØyvind Kolås3+2-15
2022-03-11 18:53ctx: keep track of transform complexityØyvind Kolås7+75-10
2022-03-11 00:15mp: pass user data from pythonØyvind Kolås3+33-18
2022-03-10 18:00ctx: allocate scratch earlier in cb backendØyvind Kolås6+61-55
2022-03-10 15:32add back idleØyvind Kolås1+8-0
2022-03-10 09:58mp: make the micropython binding include or not compositing based on own ctx configØyvind Kolås3+26-9
2022-03-09 18:30mp: working cb backend bindingØyvind Kolås2+11-9
2022-03-09 16:07ctx: make it possible to build event handling without unix bitsØyvind Kolås13+38-17
2022-03-09 15:48ctx: adjust ifdefs for less unused static in some configurationØyvind Kolås3+26-14
2022-03-09 14:45mp: move ctx implementation inside ctx moduleØyvind Kolås2+76-72
2022-03-09 14:41bind pointer event injectorsØyvind Kolås1+11-11
2022-03-09 14:32mp: use wrapper also for ctx_arc, the extra implicit conversion to and from float is no issueØyvind Kolås1+47-42
2022-03-09 14:11mp: code cleanupsØyvind Kolås5+145-57
2022-03-09 00:29mp: use mor preprocessorØyvind Kolås1+102-104
2022-03-09 00:21mp: bind ctx_new_cbØyvind Kolås3+66-7
2022-03-09 00:19ctx: cb pass size of buffer to set_pixels cbØyvind Kolås3+36-25
2022-03-08 23:15mp: bind ctx_new_for_bufferØyvind Kolås2+37-7
2022-03-08 22:59mp: use float rather than doubles in micropython implementationØyvind Kolås2+5-3
2022-03-08 20:16mp: bind ctx_font and ctx_get_fontØyvind Kolås1+13-1
2022-03-08 20:11mp: bind more attributes as read/write attributesØyvind Kolås4+72-40
2022-03-08 17:19ctx: add a sync argument to event generatorsØyvind Kolås11+101-92
2022-03-08 16:54mp: bind ctx_parseØyvind Kolås1+2-26
2022-03-08 16:52mpwasm: avoid double newlines in replØyvind Kolås1+3-0
2022-03-08 16:47mp: bind ctx_in_fillØyvind Kolås1+23-0
2022-03-08 16:41mp: make font_size and global_alpha attributes, bind apply_transformØyvind Kolås2+69-18
2022-03-08 14:11mp: move integer constants to moduleØyvind Kolås2+90-88
2022-03-08 12:30mpwasm: add REPLØyvind Kolås4+167-12
2022-03-08 00:58mp: bind non-positioned text commandsØyvind Kolås3+63-6
2022-03-08 00:28demos/bash: update with api changesØyvind Kolås3+8-7
2022-03-07 23:37mpwasm: tuning of idleØyvind Kolås4+8-9
2022-03-07 21:56use a separate list impl only for termporary event listØyvind Kolås6+81-18
2022-03-07 21:35ctx: s/_free/_destroy/Øyvind Kolås21+57-58
2022-03-07 07:38ctx: rework to use wrapper functions for all allocationsØyvind Kolås50+473-359
2022-03-07 07:18add base implementation for feeding events from pythonØyvind Kolås2+24-5
2022-03-07 06:48mp: implement getters for CtxEventØyvind Kolås7+523-25
2022-03-07 06:21mpwasm: tidy preload folderØyvind Kolås9+116-1392
2022-03-07 04:43mp: add width and height gettersØyvind Kolås5+149-47
2022-03-07 07:21%s/ctx_free/ctx_destroy/gØyvind Kolås32+64-64
2022-03-06 07:08ctx: s/ctx_flush/ctx_end_frame/Øyvind Kolås32+61-60
2022-03-06 06:55ctx: s/ctx_reset/ctx_start_frame/Øyvind Kolås26+48-45
2022-03-06 06:41mp: use a singleton ctx context in demo, instead of replaying a drawlist to itØyvind Kolås1+36-5
2022-03-06 03:44mp-ctx: add mp_new_drawlistØyvind Kolås1+15-0
2022-02-26 22:48Add a micropython wasm port folderØyvind Kolås83+31783-0
2022-02-27 21:23ctx: fix build without thread headersØyvind Kolås7+271-214
2022-02-26 22:43ctx: add new cb backend flag to keep data in bufferØyvind Kolås4+12-7
2022-02-26 22:42ctx: avoid float to double promotions in parserØyvind Kolås2+15-15
2022-02-26 22:38terminal: avoid float to double promotionØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2022-02-26 01:34ctx: avoid float to double promotionsØyvind Kolås6+36-36
2022-02-26 00:12avoid linking fprintf and stderr for firmware buildsØyvind Kolås1+6-6
2022-02-26 00:00use: ctx_strlen instead of strlenØyvind Kolås16+66-67
2022-02-25 23:46ctx: avoid strcmp in core rasterizerØyvind Kolås11+72-70
2022-02-25 22:29source cleanupØyvind Kolås4+0-362
2022-02-25 06:23ctx: remove unused inverse transformØyvind Kolås4+5-7
2022-02-25 22:01ctx: hasher, do more than just xor when accumulating per-tile hashØyvind Kolås3+5-1
2022-02-25 18:37ctx: struct packing and RAM footprint reductionØyvind Kolås3+8-4
2022-02-25 06:15ctx: structure packingØyvind Kolås3+11-5
2022-02-25 01:39ctx: fb, add a CTX_FB_SINGLE_BUFFER env var which turns off buffer copyØyvind Kolås2+17-5
2022-02-24 22:48ctx: hasher, fix tranformed bounds of textØyvind Kolås1+26-9
2022-02-24 03:13ctx: bail earlier due to geometry for text, glyph and fillØyvind Kolås1+9-0
2022-02-24 03:07ctx: bail on glyphsØyvind Kolås1+1-0
2022-02-23 22:59ctx: hasher bake active tile list into drawlistØyvind Kolås8+61-77
2022-02-23 21:53ctx: rasterizer increase limits for extent detectionØyvind Kolås1+2-2
2022-02-23 17:45stuff: thumbnailer, run for 1s.Øyvind Kolås3+4-5
2022-02-23 15:29ctx: make ctx_screenshot() a wrapper for ctx_get_image_dataØyvind Kolås2+29-51
2022-02-23 01:33ctx: use NN for BI on rgb8 sourcesØyvind Kolås1+10-95
2022-02-22 21:49ctx: formatter fix text encoding of gradientsØyvind Kolås1+9-5
2022-02-22 20:41ctx: hasher do a bit less hashing of textØyvind Kolås1+1-5
2022-02-22 05:00ctx: improved wrapping on side movement at start/end of textØyvind Kolås4+15-4
2022-02-21 22:12ctx: clean up index order, make internal.h only visible in implementationØyvind Kolås4+37-1
2022-02-21 21:53ctx: make shape cache a runtime option, default offØyvind Kolås5+16-5
2022-02-21 20:51ctx: rasterzier disable clipped bezier subdivisionØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2022-02-21 20:37tools/ctx-fontgen: use fill of glyph rather than stroke of glyphØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2022-02-21 20:06ctx: add ctx_paint, "paint", 'D'Øyvind Kolås9+69-20
2022-02-20 22:05ctx: hasher, clipping affects all tilesØyvind Kolås1+17-1
2022-02-20 19:45ctx: rasterizer use reverse rectangles for square end-caps; still not rotated rightØyvind Kolås1+27-5
2022-02-20 18:37tests: update tests and referencesØyvind Kolås1+3-2
2022-02-20 18:19demos: demo, reduce number of available demos in wasmØyvind Kolås1+12-10
2022-02-20 18:18ctx: rasterizer improve handling of self intersections common in current strokingØyvind Kolås1+7-7
2022-02-20 03:02ctx: transform full bounding box when determining if bailing on bezier subdivisionØyvind Kolås2+25-9
2022-02-20 01:29ctx: make wasm demo able to run without html form sideØyvind Kolås4+52-19
2022-02-19 20:24ctx: cb backend damagetracking regressed with murmurhashØyvind Kolås8+59-17
2022-02-19 18:54ctx: improve implementation of quad to and smooth rel quad toØyvind Kolås1+7-5
2022-02-19 18:19ctx: svg_arc_to handle differing horizontal/vertical axis of eelippseØyvind Kolås3+45-8
2022-02-19 17:35start of current_point refactorØyvind Kolås1+12-5
2022-02-19 16:12ctx: SVG and tinyVG use opposite sweep directionsØyvind Kolås3+17-8
2022-02-19 00:54docs: update protocol arguments for a/AØyvind Kolås1+3-3
2022-02-19 00:10tinyvg: avoid line widths < 1pxØyvind Kolås2+43-11
2022-02-18 23:17ctx: path rendering fixes, including parsing of 'A' commandØyvind Kolås10+150-51
2022-02-17 21:41ctx: add a tinyvg viewer mode to ctxØyvind Kolås6+291-8
2022-02-17 20:48ctx: tinyvg change api to be a straight draw, transforms are up to callerØyvind Kolås6+65-55
2022-02-17 20:13ctx: add methods to query dimensions of tinyvgØyvind Kolås5+77-35
2022-02-17 14:17ctx: add catmull rom interpol to 2nd layer parserØyvind Kolås5+196-45
2022-02-16 19:59build: be more explicit about depsØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2022-02-16 19:51ctx: tinyvg parserØyvind Kolås5+931-0
2022-02-16 05:58build: do not build avx2 by defaultØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2022-02-15 23:37ctx: use simpler hash in tile hash cache, keep list of active paths.Øyvind Kolås14+304-119
2022-02-15 22:22ctx: hasher, protect against zero length pathsØyvind Kolås1+3-1
2022-02-15 17:00fix build with some features disabledØyvind Kolås2+18-14
2022-02-15 16:39ctx: formatter, refactor to not use printf at allØyvind Kolås1+93-36
2022-02-15 16:13fix build with/without zlib for emscriptenØyvind Kolås2+17-2
2022-02-15 16:09ctx: formatter pass length of many strings directlyØyvind Kolås3+79-79
2022-02-15 13:14ctx: do not bezier subdivide if distance is <0.66pxØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2022-02-14 23:43ctx: reintroduce avoidance of bezier subdivision outside viewportØyvind Kolås1+30-0
2022-02-14 23:33ctx: add 32bit precision optionØyvind Kolås5+51-10
2022-02-14 22:13ctx: add ink_ prefix to the inkrect used by rasterizers to record damageØyvind Kolås6+64-23
2022-02-13 19:33ctx: experimental parser, handle both stills and animationsØyvind Kolås1+10-2
2022-02-13 16:25vt-audio: use zlib for compressionØyvind Kolås2+2-2
2022-02-13 16:24ctx: improve strokes in hasher backendØyvind Kolås1+13-6
2022-02-13 00:16ctx: parser if no scene markers present, rewindØyvind Kolås1+3-0
2022-02-13 00:16ctx: make bezier subdivision more preciseØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2022-02-13 00:15ctx: default to white opaque sourceØyvind Kolås1+1-0
2022-02-12 23:35parser: in animations, mostly work needs scene initØyvind Kolås1+15-4
2022-02-12 13:52ctx: drop zlib dep use tinf internally insteadØyvind Kolås27+2722-12
2022-02-12 12:42ctx: add an animation abstraction on top of parserØyvind Kolås7+772-15
2022-02-11 19:10ctx: ctx_parse add a dummy white space to catch last tokenØyvind Kolås1+1-0
2022-02-11 15:34ctx: hasher handle clips, use sha1 also for path dataØyvind Kolås1+12-9
2022-02-11 00:56ctx: implement extend in bi_scaled_rectØyvind Kolås1+37-53
2022-02-11 00:37ctx: incorporate extend in bi_scaledØyvind Kolås1+152-56
2022-02-10 23:04fix coord limiting in nearest scaleØyvind Kolås1+13-9
2022-02-10 22:35composite: first setup texture transform, then formatØyvind Kolås1+2-1
2022-02-10 22:23ctx: hasher hash extend state for texture fillsØyvind Kolås1+4-0
2022-02-10 17:20ctx: fix for texture wrapping modesØyvind Kolås5+48-17
2022-02-10 15:16ctx: offset bilinear by 0.5pxØyvind Kolås1+9-22
2022-02-10 14:04do extend modes for nearest scaleØyvind Kolås1+24-2
2022-02-10 13:53ctx: samplers common implementation of texture wrap modesØyvind Kolås1+50-151
2022-02-10 04:21ctx: implement repeat mode for bilinearØyvind Kolås1+180-48
2022-02-10 03:44implement repear mode for NNØyvind Kolås1+140-50
2022-02-10 00:54add extend to context(not on source)Øyvind Kolås8+56-3
2022-02-09 23:34ctx: speed up generic porter duff for colorsØyvind Kolås1+63-1
2022-02-09 22:39keep 4k long opaque coverage around for quick dispatchØyvind Kolås4+41-23
2022-02-09 22:17disable shortcuts to fill rect from rasterizerØyvind Kolås1+0-14
2022-02-09 12:57ctx: some code tidying, updated commentsØyvind Kolås3+21-19
2022-02-08 23:58ctx: composite code restructuringØyvind Kolås1+31-32
2022-02-08 23:52ctx: add perspective handling to nearest rgb8Øyvind Kolås1+64-128
2022-02-08 23:46ctx: add perspective transform to rgba8 bi linearØyvind Kolås1+66-24
2022-02-08 22:11ctx: add swap_red_green variants for all new bi and nn fragmentsØyvind Kolås1+61-58
2022-02-08 21:03config: disable shadow blurØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2022-02-08 19:32ctx: rasterizer accelerate some generic NN code pathsØyvind Kolås2+18-5
2022-02-08 10:23ctx: reintroduce dedicated NN fill-rectØyvind Kolås1+82-2
2022-02-08 19:52ctx: fix detection of translate in BIØyvind Kolås1+5-2
2022-02-08 02:33ctx: bail if trying to fill negative width/height rectanglesØyvind Kolås1+5-1
2022-02-07 01:43slight improvement for NN and BI fillrectØyvind Kolås3+24-4
2022-02-06 21:27ctx: make bilinear fallback to nearest at fragment levelØyvind Kolås5+571-281
2022-02-06 20:01ctx: remove dedicated fill rect for nearestØyvind Kolås1+161-72
2022-02-06 12:14ctx: enable perspective transforms for RGBA8 texturesØyvind Kolås8+482-202
2022-02-05 11:31ctx: add codepath for scaled bi fillrectØyvind Kolås1+83-13
2022-02-05 09:52ctx: micro boost for FillRectU bilinearØyvind Kolås1+2-3
2022-02-05 05:39ctx: bilinear micro optimizaitonsØyvind Kolås1+19-8
2022-02-05 03:51ctx: bi-linear simplify genericØyvind Kolås1+11-21
2022-02-05 01:00ctx: also do global alpha for gradientsØyvind Kolås1+53-18
2022-02-04 23:32ctx: split bilinear resamplerØyvind Kolås1+91-74
2022-02-04 22:48ctx: fix more missing scanlines in bilinearØyvind Kolås1+8-5
2022-02-04 21:20ctx: composite unsigned loop counter in bilinearØyvind Kolås1+6-7
2022-02-04 21:08ctx: composite remove branch from scale only bilinearØyvind Kolås1+6-18
2022-02-04 20:01ctx: composite fix scanlines missing from bilinearØyvind Kolås1+37-23
2022-02-04 19:09demos: fill window in spreadsheet demoØyvind Kolås1+2-2
2022-02-04 18:14itk: the meaning of the return val of mainloop iteration functions is now negated, 1 to continueØyvind Kolås11+29-14
2022-02-04 09:03ctx: cb backend, add ability to tune flagsØyvind Kolås3+15-1
2022-02-03 17:31ctx: make ctx_queue_draw available also without eventsØyvind Kolås3+8-6
2022-02-03 16:27demos: add wasm folderØyvind Kolås4+45-0
2022-02-03 13:41ctx: rasterizer micro optimizationsØyvind Kolås2+25-32
2022-02-03 11:39docs updateØyvind Kolås2+12-2
2022-02-03 10:57ctx: move gradient cache to rasterizerØyvind Kolås3+36-28
2022-02-03 10:48demos: add new non-interactive demoØyvind Kolås5+725-13
2022-02-03 10:47events: improve scancode based keyhandlingØyvind Kolås1+130-22
2022-02-03 10:46ctx: logo, specify pos and dimensionØyvind Kolås2+8-6
2022-02-03 10:46text: fixes for termØyvind Kolås1+5-3
2022-02-03 10:45ctx: hasher expand shape rect for fillsØyvind Kolås1+2-2
2022-02-03 10:45ctx: TERM backend also update state on ctx contextØyvind Kolås1+8-1
2022-01-31 12:06ctx: add wasm backendØyvind Kolås13+581-61
2022-01-31 16:34build: fixes for armØyvind Kolås1+2-2
2022-01-31 12:01ctx: fix tft backendØyvind Kolås1+5-1
2022-01-31 12:00itk: correct compile guard for get_contentsØyvind Kolås1+3-1
2022-01-30 11:23ctx: add update_fb callback to cb backendØyvind Kolås2+29-0
2022-01-30 10:01ctx: make cb backend format awareØyvind Kolås2+14-12
2022-01-29 23:32c++ portability tweaksØyvind Kolås3+8-6
2022-01-29 09:57ctx: code rearrangementØyvind Kolås2+680-679
2022-01-29 09:05ctx: new backend cb, that tft_fb noew usesØyvind Kolås7+344-288
2022-01-29 06:25docs: updateØyvind Kolås1+21-21
2022-01-29 06:25move CTX_BRANCH_HINTS to configØyvind Kolås2+7-1
2022-01-29 06:25ctx: increase portabilityØyvind Kolås2+3-5
2022-01-29 03:51portability, avoid ifdef inside macro argumentØyvind Kolås1+2-2
2022-01-28 08:37ctx: use 3x3 matrices for transformsØyvind Kolås12+167-86
2022-01-28 05:27ctx: enable shape cache by default, disable it with CTX_SHAPE_CACHE=0Øyvind Kolås2+3-2
2022-01-28 05:22ctx: rasterizer bezier cleanupsØyvind Kolås1+7-53
2022-01-28 03:57unsigned loops in unaligned fill rectØyvind Kolås1+13-9
2022-01-28 03:21ctx: rasterizer, iterate pending edges in memory orderØyvind Kolås1+6-3
2022-01-28 02:55ctx: use unsigned for loops in fill_rectØyvind Kolås1+21-23
2022-01-27 18:37ctx: increase bezier subdivision precisionØyvind Kolås1+2-1
2022-01-27 19:27ctx: rasterizer, use unsigned in loops in coverage_post_processØyvind Kolås1+6-6
2022-01-27 18:02ctx: reduce number of code units in one rasterizer subunitØyvind Kolås1+3-3
2022-01-27 17:57ctx: tighten bezier subdivisionØyvind Kolås3+26-41
2022-01-27 14:26ctx: avoid a branch in rasterizerØyvind Kolås1+4-13
2022-01-27 13:59ctx: rasterizer take out a branch per scanlineØyvind Kolås1+20-17
2022-01-27 13:05ctx: do color space conversion of textures on texture definitionØyvind Kolås5+28-14
2022-01-27 03:07ctx: audio: bail early if there is no list of queued pcm dataØyvind Kolås1+5-5
2022-01-26 11:16ctx: hold texture conversion while color convertingØyvind Kolås2+5-1
2022-01-25 03:39ctx: texture only set color managed after done convertingØyvind Kolås3+36-32
2022-01-25 03:37ctx: composite avoid dereferencing color managed pointer earlyØyvind Kolås1+17-20
2022-01-25 03:36ctx-mpg: use RGBA output, and pad alpha on malloc for faster rendering pathsØyvind Kolås1+15-12
2022-01-25 02:40ctx: make get_drawlist return lengthØyvind Kolås3+16-20
2022-01-25 02:31ctx: remove ctx_events_width and ctx_events_heightØyvind Kolås3+75-79
2022-01-25 01:24build: simplify SIMD buildsØyvind Kolås6+73-64
2022-01-22 07:49ctx: on armv7 use -mfpu=neon-vfpv4Øyvind Kolås1+1-1
2022-01-21 12:07improved fill_rect and inlining of RGBA8_buf coverage appliersØyvind Kolås2+29-23
2022-01-21 11:12ctx: make fill_rect loops unsignedØyvind Kolås1+14-11
2022-01-21 09:15ctx: mark generate_coverage_apply with __restrict__Øyvind Kolås1+1-1
2022-01-21 03:56ctx: make switch dispatch compile time configurable, fetch color only when not fallbackØyvind Kolås3+68-14
2022-01-21 03:42ctx: make it possible to build with inlined normal implementations for RGBA8, for performance comparisonsØyvind Kolås5+107-4
2022-01-21 01:25tests: add some tools for testing code/RAM useØyvind Kolås2+85-0
2022-01-21 00:00build: add XSAVE to CFLAGS for AVX capable buildsØyvind Kolås2+3-2
2022-01-20 21:17ctx: implement neon detection for linux on armØyvind Kolås2+43-7
2022-01-20 02:50use the same objects for static and non static buildsØyvind Kolås1+5-8
2022-01-20 02:07ctx: also make use of solid fill paths without inlined normal for many formatsØyvind Kolås4+50-30
2022-01-20 01:26build: add pc file to install depsØyvind Kolås2+3-2
2022-01-20 01:23build: make parallell builds work from scratchØyvind Kolås1+3-3
2022-01-19 23:05build: add SIMD support for armv7lØyvind Kolås6+49-6
2022-01-20 01:09ctx: composite fix build without inlined normalØyvind Kolås1+9-0
2022-01-20 01:10default: to building without inlined normalØyvind Kolås1+4-3
2022-01-19 21:27rearrange structs for dispatch safety, minimize SIMD build core filesØyvind Kolås5+10-56
2022-01-19 20:19tests: make tests 79 chars wide to work as diffsØyvind Kolås1+4-4
2022-01-19 04:05build: cleanupsØyvind Kolås4+57-35
2022-01-19 04:58build: use -O2 -ftree-vectorize instead of -O3 for x86-64 SIMD buildsØyvind Kolås2+3-3
2022-01-19 03:56build: harmonize alsa with other depsØyvind Kolås5+15-13
2022-01-19 03:51build: improve babl convert curlØyvind Kolås6+20-10
2022-01-19 03:40build: make babl bits match othersØyvind Kolås6+7-9
2022-01-19 03:04build: use -ffast-math in SIMD buildsØyvind Kolås1+2-2
2022-01-19 01:54ctx: use more standard config in libctx, reducing duplication in simd filesØyvind Kolås5+29-76
2022-01-19 01:51tests: clean up unused defines in performance testØyvind Kolås1+0-5
2022-01-19 01:18build: make SIMD optional, autodetect on x86-64Øyvind Kolås4+30-6
2022-01-19 00:45build: report debian packages for missing depsØyvind Kolås2+17-16
2022-01-19 00:24build: use pkg-config to check for libdrmØyvind Kolås1+8-7
2022-01-18 11:51ctx: allow more vectorizationØyvind Kolås2+10-6
2022-01-18 04:45ctx: rasterizer, tweak some coverage loops for vectorizationØyvind Kolås1+4-2
2022-01-18 04:26composite: nearest tweakØyvind Kolås1+4-1
2022-01-18 04:43ctx: rasterizer use reciprocal permitting more cases to be vectorizedØyvind Kolås1+4-2
2022-01-18 04:26yuv420-nearest remove conditional from loop - not simdable due to access patternØyvind Kolås2+23-4
2022-01-18 06:05assoicate alpha tweaksØyvind Kolås1+5-8
2022-01-18 02:28ctx: composite mark blending functions for inliningØyvind Kolås5+8-15
2022-01-18 01:06build: give better names to global cflags/libsØyvind Kolås3+36-37
2022-01-18 00:58ctx: fix aligned test for refactored stroked rectangleØyvind Kolås1+2-3
2022-01-18 00:15ctx: fix building with shape cache enabled after simd differentiationØyvind Kolås6+20-17
2022-01-17 23:48build: fix static build with simd differentiationØyvind Kolås2+5-5
2022-01-17 23:05ctx: struct packingØyvind Kolås3+4-4
2022-01-17 22:43ctx: re-enable builds with fast fill rectØyvind Kolås3+7-3
2022-01-17 21:36ctx: simd diversify core of rasterizerØyvind Kolås7+60-23
2022-01-17 21:23ctx: simd differentiate composite_setupØyvind Kolås5+41-40
2022-01-17 21:12ctx: move core rasterization to top of rasterizer backendØyvind Kolås7+1902-1890
2022-01-17 20:49ctx: simd diversify stroke and fill rect fast pathsØyvind Kolås4+54-11
2022-01-17 19:14ctx: factor out stroke rectØyvind Kolås2+100-90
2022-01-17 02:55ctx: do instructionset dispatchØyvind Kolås11+193-46
2022-01-16 23:36build: add back SIMD specific build targetsØyvind Kolås9+62-21
2022-01-16 22:46ctx: raarranging code for better multi-CFLAGS compileØyvind Kolås5+18-12
2022-01-16 18:17add x86_64 level callØyvind Kolås5+87-1
2022-01-15 15:21ctx: in tiled backend, use internal ctx math when computing cursorsØyvind Kolås1+4-4
2022-01-15 02:58ctx: rasterizer avoid undefined behavior of 0 sized stack arrayØyvind Kolås1+3-1
2022-01-15 02:38composite: use memcpy instead of aliased derefØyvind Kolås1+6-3
2022-01-15 02:37ctx: free textures in cache at shutdownØyvind Kolås2+11-6
2022-01-15 01:50a85: avoid undefined behavior, speficy unsigned 0xffØyvind Kolås1+2-2
2022-01-15 01:11ctx: close to correct shape cacheØyvind Kolås2+17-6
2022-01-14 20:51build: default to -O3, we would want march=native but it has to wait until reintroducing instruction specific sub buildsØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2022-01-14 20:50build: make the default build be -O3 -march=nativeØyvind Kolås1+1-3
2022-01-14 17:10ctx: fix gradient ditheringØyvind Kolås2+21-15
2022-01-14 04:11backend-tft: stop doing debug strokeØyvind Kolås1+2-2
2022-01-14 04:11ctx: provide pixels on demand in ctx_get_image_dataØyvind Kolås1+10-0
2022-01-13 02:16API BREAK: ctx_new now takes argumentsØyvind Kolås27+92-58
2022-01-12 21:48ctx: abstract fullscreeningØyvind Kolås5+23-9
2022-01-12 20:47ctx: rasterizer, be more specific about reset - removing function callsØyvind Kolås1+5-15
2022-01-12 17:26ctx: rasterizer replace instances of -255 with ^255Øyvind Kolås1+14-14
2022-01-12 17:25ctx: use more unsigned in inner loops of rasterizerØyvind Kolås1+15-29
2022-01-11 19:43ctx-fontgen: update with unsigned changesØyvind Kolås1+10-10
2022-01-12 02:16ctx: rasterizer add comments to inner dispatchØyvind Kolås1+14-21
2022-01-12 00:29ctx: add a no-edges case to rasterizer coreØyvind Kolås1+0-2
2022-01-12 00:26ctx: only do 1bit coverage processing in one branchØyvind Kolås1+21-9
2022-01-11 21:24ctx: more unsigned, and use of memset in nearest fill_rectØyvind Kolås2+11-6
2022-01-11 20:10ctx: follow up changes for signedness warningsØyvind Kolås4+13-12
2022-01-11 20:09ctx: fix crasher in nearest fill rect, clean up biØyvind Kolås2+50-69
2022-01-11 19:44ctx: optimize bilinear fill rectØyvind Kolås1+2-2
2022-01-11 08:19ctx: optimizations to rect fillØyvind Kolås4+136-132
2022-01-11 07:48ctx: improve audio stubsØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2022-01-11 05:01ctx: use more unsignedØyvind Kolås6+83-74
2022-01-11 04:16minor cycle reductionsØyvind Kolås2+51-35
2022-01-11 02:46ctx: reduce some initialization overhead in fill_rectØyvind Kolås2+31-140
2022-01-11 01:20fast nearest neighbor rect blitØyvind Kolås3+175-6
2022-01-11 01:19ctx: fix rasterizer init when shape cache is disabledØyvind Kolås1+4-1
2022-01-10 23:19ctx: do separate dispatch for nearestØyvind Kolås1+10-6
2022-01-10 23:09split nearest fill rect in own functionØyvind Kolås1+28-5
2022-01-10 21:56%s/CTX_VT/CTX_CLIENTS/Øyvind Kolås7+18-16
2022-01-10 21:53ctx: refactor clients api to not refer to vtsØyvind Kolås6+51-27
2022-01-10 21:18s/vt_find_shell_command/ctx_find_shell_command/Øyvind Kolås6+11-11
2022-01-10 20:54ctx: move dummy clipboard from fb to headlessØyvind Kolås4+25-25
2022-01-10 20:54ctx: only have kitty/iterm2 support in terminal if stb_image header includedØyvind Kolås1+4-0
2022-01-10 20:52ctx: struct packing to get rid of holesØyvind Kolås2+13-13
2022-01-10 20:51build: generate .pc fileØyvind Kolås2+61-18
2022-01-10 04:16ctx: tft-espi backendØyvind Kolås4+314-1
2022-01-10 18:32ctx: hasher, larger bbox for textØyvind Kolås1+2-2
2022-01-10 04:59ctx: move width/height members from events to Ctx itselfØyvind Kolås5+22-33
2022-01-10 00:11ctx: revive dithering code.Øyvind Kolås2+19-27
2022-01-09 23:33deps: update stb dependenciesØyvind Kolås3+610-384
2022-01-09 23:11ctx: pack away byte holes in CtxPixelFormatInfoØyvind Kolås1+19-19
2022-01-09 22:59ctx: pack CtxState and CtxRasterizer getting rid of byte holesØyvind Kolås1+34-36
2022-01-09 22:30ctx: bail bezier subdivision when length is smaller than distanceØyvind Kolås1+1-3
2022-01-09 22:25ctx: rasterizer make graystart/grayend uniformØyvind Kolås1+22-8
2022-01-09 22:18ctx: special case some width 1 cases for fill_rectØyvind Kolås2+23-17
2022-01-09 21:46minor indentaiton fixesØyvind Kolås1+15-12
2022-01-09 20:02ctx: add a predicted branch to rasterizerØyvind Kolås1+5-13
2022-01-09 19:54ctx: rasterizer reshuffleØyvind Kolås1+4-3
2022-01-09 18:50ctx: rasterizer factor out update of inner pointØyvind Kolås1+12-28
2022-01-09 18:09ctx: rasterizer factor out a division from coverage generation code pathsØyvind Kolås2+15-13
2022-01-09 17:50ctx: rasterizer inline fill ruleØyvind Kolås2+42-5
2022-01-09 17:22ctx: mark branch in update_parity as likelyØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2022-01-09 16:10ctx: scale gradient cache by user/device transformØyvind Kolås1+10-1
2022-01-09 05:07ctx: make gradient cache depend on dimensions of gradientØyvind Kolås1+49-24
2022-01-09 04:07ctx: rasterizer unroll some copy loopsØyvind Kolås1+19-16
2022-01-09 03:19ctx: rasterizer small innerloop optimizaitonØyvind Kolås1+15-14
2022-01-09 02:55ctx: rasterizer replace variable with CTX_FULL_AA constantØyvind Kolås1+17-22
2022-01-09 02:32ctx: avoid divsions for corners of unaligned rectanglesØyvind Kolås1+18-17
2022-01-09 01:59ctx: faster dispatch in fill_rectØyvind Kolås1+44-24
2022-01-08 23:00ctx: rasterizer micro optimizations avoiding branches in rasterizerØyvind Kolås1+22-33
2022-01-08 22:06rasterizer micro optimizationsØyvind Kolås1+34-45
2022-01-08 22:38ctx: remove a branch from apply_coverage dispatchØyvind Kolås3+56-46
2022-01-08 21:55ctx: micro optimize ctx_rasterizer_resetØyvind Kolås1+8-8
2022-01-08 21:44ctx: fix regression from fb7d8667e928ca025e62f13b764b92eaa7569e21Øyvind Kolås1+2-2
2022-01-08 20:47minor cleanupsØyvind Kolås1+2-23
2022-01-08 19:09ctx: implement source over for RGB332Øyvind Kolås1+34-22
2022-01-08 18:44ctx: optimize source over for RGB332Øyvind Kolås1+59-13
2022-01-08 18:37factor out native clor settingØyvind Kolås1+12-26
2022-01-08 18:02composite: small simplification of setup_RGBA8Øyvind Kolås1+36-36
2022-01-08 15:20ctx: unify copy pathsØyvind Kolås3+319-231
2022-01-08 15:09ctx: composite add likely branch to 565overØyvind Kolås1+2-2
2022-01-08 14:37ctx: implement copy shortcut for RGB332Øyvind Kolås3+94-12
2022-01-08 04:06ctx: enable source_over color optimization for RGB565Øyvind Kolås1+75-22
2022-01-08 03:11ctx: add a cast desired by c++Øyvind Kolås2+2-2
2022-01-08 01:44ctx: make u8 to float lut optionalØyvind Kolås5+17-10
2022-01-08 01:34ctx: optimize ctx_float_to_u8Øyvind Kolås2+9-9
2022-01-08 01:11ctx: faster GRAY1 solid fillingØyvind Kolås1+36-2
2022-01-08 01:01ctx: start accelerating GRAY1Øyvind Kolås1+33-0
2022-01-08 00:36ctx: implement copy paths for RGB8 colorØyvind Kolås3+38-1
2022-01-08 00:20ctx: implement code path for source-over color RGBAFØyvind Kolås3+68-19
2022-01-07 23:44ctx: composite, fix generic floating point over/copyØyvind Kolås1+3-6
2022-01-07 23:23ctx: implement direct copy paths for GRAY8Øyvind Kolås2+44-0
2022-01-07 23:15ctx: implement fast copy for GRAYA8, fix offsets in GRAY2 and GRAY4Øyvind Kolås3+96-26
2022-01-07 20:39docs:update tests:update reference ctx: prepare for better GRAY1Øyvind Kolås6+43-29
2022-01-05 15:04ctx: higher quality bezier subdivisionØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2022-01-05 14:51ctx: fix regression in ctx_invsqrtf_fast introduced when moving to unionØyvind Kolås1+5-12
2022-01-05 14:19ctx: fix regression in ctx_current_pointØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2022-01-05 13:50ctx: attempt to fix texture definingØyvind Kolås1+2-2
2022-01-05 13:06squoze5: fully initialize structsØyvind Kolås1+2-2
2022-01-05 00:01stuff: stop disabling shape cacheØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2022-01-04 22:47ctx: fix window titlesØyvind Kolås5+40-7
2022-01-04 21:44ctx: shape-cache more accurate memory trackingØyvind Kolås2+24-21
2022-01-04 21:19ctx: shape cache fix memory leakØyvind Kolås5+29-20
2022-01-04 19:10itk: free a string on quitØyvind Kolås1+2-0
2022-01-04 19:04ctx: free up ctx event related data on exitØyvind Kolås2+21-0
2022-01-04 19:02ctx: make shape cache buildØyvind Kolås2+4-1
2022-01-04 15:49ctx: optimize non-aligned stroking of axis aligned rectanglesØyvind Kolås2+106-0
2022-01-04 15:05tests: add fill rect test for methodological analysis of rect aaØyvind Kolås2+83-21
2022-01-03 23:28ctx: composite optimize nearest fragments for scalingØyvind Kolås1+62-18
2022-01-03 23:10ctx: re-enable rgb8 specializationsØyvind Kolås1+2-2
2022-01-03 23:09ctx: add code path for scale only to yuv420 fragmentØyvind Kolås1+25-0
2022-01-03 17:08ctx: box filter improvementsØyvind Kolås1+79-55
2022-01-03 06:43ctx: improve stroke fast pathØyvind Kolås1+1-2
2022-01-03 06:37ctx: fix aligned rect testØyvind Kolås2+6-11
2022-01-03 06:24ctx: move code from rasterizer to compositeØyvind Kolås2+423-422
2022-01-03 06:17ctx: rasterizer abstract out float fill rectØyvind Kolås1+124-103
2022-01-03 00:53ctx: composite, dedicated fill rect for bilinearØyvind Kolås3+233-18
2022-01-02 23:45ctx: rasterizer stricter check for fast fill_rectØyvind Kolås1+22-24
2022-01-02 23:08ctx: composite drop count from ctx_init_uv argumentsØyvind Kolås2+15-17
2022-01-02 20:33ctx: rasterizer/composite, make full_cov_fragment able to work on rectsØyvind Kolås3+69-93
2022-01-02 16:33ctx: improve file magicØyvind Kolås2+47-8
2022-01-02 14:43ctx: disable shape cache by defaultØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2022-01-02 14:02ctx: composite, reduce amount of matrix computation in ctx_init_uvØyvind Kolås2+23-1
2022-01-02 13:21ctx: composite code tidying in rgba8_RGBA8_biØyvind Kolås1+22-27
2022-01-02 12:47ctx: dead code removalØyvind Kolås2+7-123
2022-01-02 12:23ctx: expose fast fill rect in config, default to onØyvind Kolås3+13-7
2022-01-02 11:18ctx: rasterizer, fix regression for GRAY1 formatØyvind Kolås1+16-31
2022-01-02 11:13ctx: rasterizer, fix regression for GRAY2 and GRAY4 formatsØyvind Kolås1+13-13
2022-01-01 21:43ctx: dead code removalØyvind Kolås2+5-14
2022-01-01 21:32ctx: get rid of _ctx_is_rasterizerØyvind Kolås3+8-17
2022-01-01 21:22ctx: remove unused backend name memberØyvind Kolås11+8-17
2022-01-01 19:20ctx: composite disable RGBA8 fast paths in some more formatsØyvind Kolås1+16-9
2022-01-01 17:28ctx: do size setting later in construction of backendsØyvind Kolås4+10-8
2022-01-01 14:26ctx: rasterizer re-enable fast path for rectangular fillØyvind Kolås1+44-26
2022-01-01 13:41update tests referenceØyvind Kolås1+2-1
2022-01-01 12:01Revert "ctx: rgba8_RGBA8 simplify inner loop conditions"Øyvind Kolås1+11-8
2022-01-01 11:48ctx: reduce ctx_process to be a function dispatchØyvind Kolås13+102-65
2021-12-31 21:38ctx: add ctx_drawlist_clear() for emptying a contexts command bufferØyvind Kolås2+10-5
2021-12-31 19:02ctx: rgba8_RGBA8 simplify inner loop conditionsØyvind Kolås1+8-11
2021-12-31 18:56ctx: rgba8_RGBA8_bi simplify innerloop logicØyvind Kolås1+7-10
2021-12-31 18:52ctx: yuv420_RGBA8_nearest simplify innerloop logicØyvind Kolås2+9-11
2021-12-31 18:31ctx: fix off by one in rgba8_RGBA8 nearestØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2021-12-31 18:25ctx: headless hack to ensure only one deinit of bablØyvind Kolås4+31-9
2021-12-31 17:50ctx: wrap babl init/exit calls in a refcountØyvind Kolås5+32-25
2021-12-30 21:36ctx: rasterizer indentation cleanups, and keep non-transformed code paths also through saveØyvind Kolås3+150-207
2021-12-30 11:26ctx: rasterizer use rgb565 direct color setting in one more placeØyvind Kolås1+13-1
2021-12-30 10:41ctx: rasterizer temporarily disable fill rectØyvind Kolås3+14-2
2021-12-30 00:58ctx: rasterizer do direct handling of RGB565 opaque colorsØyvind Kolås4+36-15
2021-12-29 23:52ctx: RGB565 add non-converting fill_rect for opaque colorsØyvind Kolås3+22-2
2021-12-29 23:43ctx: rasterizer, include format name in cov_pathØyvind Kolås3+33-33
2021-12-29 23:15ctx: rasterizer re-enable fast path for filling rectanglesØyvind Kolås2+9-9
2021-12-29 22:23convert: add a virtual output file format RGB565 that passes conversion through RGB565Øyvind Kolås1+39-0
2021-12-29 22:23ctx: rasterizer, temporarily disable fast fill_rectØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2021-12-29 22:05squoze5: fix typo in READMEØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2021-12-29 21:06ctx: do not set RGBA8 fast paths in setup_RGB565Øyvind Kolås1+9-2
2021-12-29 11:56events: make ctx and terminal backends drain eventsØyvind Kolås3+9-8
2021-12-28 22:54build: fix visibility of symbols with more minimal build profilesØyvind Kolås3+31-29
2021-12-28 22:15ctx: rasterizer adjust tolerance for bezier subdivisionØyvind Kolås3+16-27
2021-12-28 21:48ctx/terminal: disable shape cache by defaultØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2021-12-28 21:43ctx: add hasher/rasterizer to ctx_backend_typeØyvind Kolås3+19-1
2021-12-28 18:18ctx: hasher is a backendØyvind Kolås2+2-2
2021-12-28 18:16ctx: rasterizer is a backendØyvind Kolås2+1-1
2021-12-28 17:59media-handlers: add start of a hexviewØyvind Kolås5+309-15
2021-12-28 10:51ctx: add show fps to ctx settings in itkØyvind Kolås1+5-0
2021-12-28 10:38demos: add animate toggle to spirals demo, better for seeing fpsØyvind Kolås1+22-7
2021-12-28 07:43demos/bash: make bash binding able to launch ctx terminalØyvind Kolås3+217-217
2021-12-26 22:34ctx: refactoring to avoid globals in handling clientsØyvind Kolås11+423-214
2021-12-26 21:27ctx: adopt tab/window layout from terminal into ctxØyvind Kolås3+77-107
2021-12-26 19:53ctx: reduce use of globals in client handlingØyvind Kolås11+272-308
2021-12-26 19:20ctx: replace ctx_set_dirty(ctx,1) with ctx_queue_draw(ctx)Øyvind Kolås15+161-160
2021-12-26 08:12ctx: add a global ctx_handle_events common pathØyvind Kolås4+19-17
2021-12-26 08:09demos: removal of usleeps; the select call should be our sleepØyvind Kolås2+0-6
2021-12-26 06:25ctx: framelimiting and SDL vsync improvementsØyvind Kolås8+104-137
2021-12-26 06:24media-handlers: remove ctx-textØyvind Kolås2+0-286
2021-12-26 04:40itk/ctx: add ctx_handle_events which moved all backend ifdefs into ctx itselfØyvind Kolås4+18-14
2021-12-25 22:07ctx: free afer removal from linked listsØyvind Kolås1+4-4
2021-12-25 20:51itk: improve fast scrollØyvind Kolås1+4-4
2021-12-25 16:38ctx: remove unused has_eventØyvind Kolås8+0-30
2021-12-25 16:13stuff: stop rolling off the deep endØyvind Kolås1+3-0
2021-12-25 16:09stuff: reset scroll on location changeØyvind Kolås2+15-10
2021-12-25 15:37implement some vi like keybindingsØyvind Kolås3+52-29
2021-12-25 14:58ctx: do not switch red green for headless screenshotsØyvind Kolås1+1-0
2021-12-25 14:56ctx: simplify delete dead code in headlessØyvind Kolås1+5-122
2021-12-25 14:51unify flushingØyvind Kolås6+50-78
2021-12-25 14:24pass Ctx to clipboardØyvind Kolås6+20-54
2021-12-25 14:21more refactorØyvind Kolås11+48-77
2021-12-25 14:04make process vfunc take Ctx as argumentØyvind Kolås6+46-47
2021-12-25 13:44ctx: set backend string in backendsØyvind Kolås10+29-36
2021-12-25 13:13remove pre virtualization globalsØyvind Kolås7+4-45
2021-12-25 13:05virtualize has_eventØyvind Kolås9+38-52
2021-12-25 12:58virutalize get_event_fdsØyvind Kolås6+26-28
2021-12-25 12:46virtualize consume eventsØyvind Kolås15+134-147
2021-12-25 10:56stuff: fix escaping of backslashesØyvind Kolås1+42-7
2021-12-25 10:38basic bwrapØyvind Kolås1+38-5
2021-12-25 10:09stuff: dispatch via argvs instead of commandlineØyvind Kolås1+86-120
2021-12-25 09:53%s/renderer/backend/gØyvind Kolås21+243-173
2021-12-25 06:55ctx: refactor client dispatch to work with argv style commandlinesØyvind Kolås5+242-200
2021-12-25 03:55get rid of duplicate dimensionsØyvind Kolås8+30-82
2021-12-25 03:16ctx: refactor how backends are distinguishedØyvind Kolås21+113-177
2021-12-25 02:43rename cairo renderer to cairo backendØyvind Kolås3+362-355
2021-12-25 02:25ctx: refactor backend code to use explicit struct members, instead of keeping structs in syncØyvind Kolås13+133-135
2021-12-25 01:23add a backend argument to ctx_new_uiØyvind Kolås13+37-16
2021-12-25 01:01add headless backendØyvind Kolås11+437-13
2021-12-24 23:18ctx: include stbi write image in libØyvind Kolås3+6-4
2021-12-24 01:58build: fix build, by ifdeffing out png-save when header doesnt existØyvind Kolås1+2-0
2021-12-24 01:55stuff: render more things as images, some icons become boringØyvind Kolås2+45-7
2021-12-24 00:50thumbnailing with stuffØyvind Kolås4+46-18
2021-12-23 22:55ctx: sdl, improve framerate displayØyvind Kolås1+9-3
2021-12-23 20:06improved framesleepØyvind Kolås8+91-12
2021-12-23 13:32ctx: do mouse event refactor in vtØyvind Kolås1+5-5
2021-12-23 12:05ctx: remove unused revision variableØyvind Kolås3+0-8
2021-12-23 11:23ctx: replace mouse- prefixed events with short form starting with p for pointerØyvind Kolås6+46-46
2021-12-23 10:48stub for stuff thumbnailerØyvind Kolås1+7-1
2021-12-23 10:48itk: some simplificaitonØyvind Kolås1+12-1
2021-12-23 10:48build: move itk to ctx build unit to be influenced by ctx configØyvind Kolås2+3-3
2021-12-23 10:43ctx: set ctx dirty when first getting a ctx_get_eventØyvind Kolås1+3-0
2021-12-23 10:36terminal: handle -e -- as a special case to transplant the remainder arguments as command to executeØyvind Kolås2+56-6
2021-12-23 01:04ctx: hash-cache, handle save/restores for graphics state correctlyØyvind Kolås3+66-34
2021-12-22 07:57stuff: also show toolbar in fullscreen modeØyvind Kolås1+81-77
2021-12-22 05:52stuff: improve argument handlingØyvind Kolås1+8-1
2021-12-22 05:44stuff: comment out debug spewØyvind Kolås3+8-8
2021-12-22 05:13ctx-img: auto-size only until zoomedØyvind Kolås2+9-1
2021-12-22 04:13ctx: use realpath on argument from commandlineØyvind Kolås4+58-36
2021-12-22 04:00tests: update referenceØyvind Kolås2+29-5
2021-12-22 03:19ctx: fix regression in ctx_invsqrtf / terminal backendØyvind Kolås1+1-2
2021-12-22 02:52ctx: term-backend, clear glyphs when filling with >50% opaque colorØyvind Kolås3+72-3
2021-12-21 23:35stuff: use stuff as text editorØyvind Kolås2+5-1
2021-12-21 23:13stuff: make editing start at end of paragraphs, making newline add item below.Øyvind Kolås2+58-6
2021-12-21 22:50improvements to text-editorØyvind Kolås1+2-1
2021-12-21 22:45implement save part of text-editØyvind Kolås3+44-14
2021-12-21 21:58reading part of text file handlingØyvind Kolås3+127-25
2021-12-21 17:16stuff: act as text editor when -e argument is passedØyvind Kolås4+65-23
2021-12-21 14:33stuff: do fold/collapse with left/rightØyvind Kolås1+15-24
2021-12-21 01:42demos/add a python binding for ctx protocolØyvind Kolås2+348-0
2021-12-21 01:42demos/nim: more compact outputØyvind Kolås2+2-4
2021-12-20 17:39demos/nim: avoid issuing both space and newline on argument less commandsØyvind Kolås2+11-8
2021-12-20 05:15demos: split in per-language subdirsØyvind Kolås26+355-85
2021-12-20 02:59demos: add preserve to bash bindingØyvind Kolås1+3-1
2021-12-20 02:18ctx: hash-cache, incorporate transforms for displayed textØyvind Kolås1+30-10
2021-12-20 02:03stuff: (leak) free each name in namelistØyvind Kolås1+6-3
2021-12-20 02:02ctx: vt, stop events for expired clientsØyvind Kolås1+5-0
2021-12-20 01:16itk: destory clients at end of mainØyvind Kolås1+4-0
2021-12-17 03:38stuff: remove use of ctx_clients_handle_events, it is done by itkØyvind Kolås1+6-10
2021-12-17 03:07stuff: clean up pre_next_handlerØyvind Kolås1+7-73
2021-12-17 02:58stuff: roughly framerate controlled fadingØyvind Kolås2+14-6
2021-12-17 02:44ctx: hash-cache, add global alpha to source hashesØyvind Kolås1+6-0
2021-12-17 02:44ctx: handle global alpha for specialized image fragmentsØyvind Kolås1+41-4
2021-12-17 01:43stuff: more as expected cross fadeØyvind Kolås1+4-9
2021-12-17 01:39ctx: implement global alpha for non-specialized RGBA8 image pathØyvind Kolås2+12-5
2021-12-17 01:31stuff: proto-fadeØyvind Kolås4+75-13
2021-12-16 20:08ctx: try forced inlining of some utility functionsØyvind Kolås4+23-21
2021-12-16 13:59src: sys/select.h is only needed in CTX_EVENTS code.Jehan1+2-0
2021-12-16 04:57stuff: when an image or video is passed on commandline, directly activate - with context of holding folderØyvind Kolås1+5-1
2021-12-16 04:54stuff: commandline focus given item from commandline when not bare dirØyvind Kolås1+5-0
2021-12-16 04:54stuff: commandline focus given item from commandline when not bare dirØyvind Kolås1+13-1
2021-12-16 04:37ctx: make it possible to opt out of optimized code paths for texturingØyvind Kolås4+22-2
2021-12-16 03:19ctx: pad some stack structs for cases that cannot happenØyvind Kolås1+13-12
2021-12-16 03:14ctx: inline generic float overt_normal_colorØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2021-12-16 03:11ctx: avoid building yenc/ydec when not building formatter/parserØyvind Kolås1+5-0
2021-12-16 03:08ctx: if 0 out some unused codeØyvind Kolås6+14-7
2021-12-16 01:19stuff: pass client finalizer freeing labelØyvind Kolås2+212-74
2021-12-16 00:34ctx: slightly bloat dispatch code - make gcc linting happierØyvind Kolås4+29-25
2021-12-16 00:10ctx: fix build of standalone rasterizerØyvind Kolås1+6-0
2021-12-15 07:06ctx: vt add accessor to whether vt has used alt screen or notØyvind Kolås2+9-0
2021-12-14 10:22ctx: ultrafast math, use union for integer/float aliasingØyvind Kolås1+8-5
2021-12-14 09:28stuff: improved in/out handling for video clipsØyvind Kolås3+119-97
2021-12-14 09:27ctx: events, fix removing and adding idles/callbacks from within calllbacksØyvind Kolås3+47-10
2021-12-13 22:29stuff: work on preload/gap-less video playbackØyvind Kolås3+86-56
2021-12-13 23:02stuff: fix count of blank items in metadata_countØyvind Kolås2+4-1
2021-12-14 03:45ctx-mpg: add EDL commandline controlsØyvind Kolås1+60-6
2021-12-12 09:17stuff: improvement to pre-loading of images/videoØyvind Kolås4+202-72
2021-12-12 09:17ctx-img: temporarily do auto-resizing for better testing of stuff preloadØyvind Kolås1+16-1
2021-12-11 22:41stuff: render items live that have live flag set, disable hash cache through environmentØyvind Kolås1+87-11
2021-12-11 21:40ctx: add font size to ctx_clients APIØyvind Kolås4+70-29
2021-12-11 20:06working resize workaroundØyvind Kolås8+114-90
2021-12-11 03:46stuff: rework escaping for commandsØyvind Kolås1+7-9
2021-12-11 00:52stuff: more embedding of clients, broken resize for full-screen view recycling thumb highlightØyvind Kolås4+162-87
2021-12-10 06:37abstract out shell escapingØyvind Kolås1+27-22
2021-12-10 00:31ctx: grab keys while stdout is runningØyvind Kolås1+33-3
2021-12-09 18:45stuff: keep a terminalØyvind Kolås4+21-7
2021-12-09 05:12stuff: draw gifs with clientsØyvind Kolås8+5097-4977
2021-12-09 03:21ctx: add finalize paramter to ctx-clients pass NULL for previous behaviorØyvind Kolås4+20-10
2021-12-09 03:06ctx: add user_data to clientsØyvind Kolås4+16-11
2021-12-09 03:00stuff: draw non-viewer clients as part of regular layoutØyvind Kolås1+70-25
2021-12-09 02:25stuff: change keybindings to be more modeless text-editor like in edit modeØyvind Kolås1+37-11
2021-12-07 03:55stuff: unifying action dispatch through simple argument handlingØyvind Kolås7+919-365
2021-12-02 22:57ctx: update hashesØyvind Kolås5+560-557
2021-12-02 22:37squoze-5: refactor decoderØyvind Kolås4+255-240
2021-12-02 22:11squoze-5: swap which is symlink and real source, making the squoze-5 folder self-containedØyvind Kolås5+38-662
2021-12-02 22:05squoze-5: update docsØyvind Kolås2+138-143
2021-12-02 19:29squoze5: collapse equal constantsØyvind Kolås1+47-41
2021-12-02 18:43ctx: portability fixesØyvind Kolås1+2-0
2021-12-02 18:41meta: disable parallelism in flatpak buildØyvind Kolås3+4-4
2021-12-02 18:26squoze5: docs updateØyvind Kolås1+24-17
2021-12-02 18:13ctx: refactor to use uint32_t instead of uint64_t for string hashesØyvind Kolås11+43-46
2021-11-30 23:44ctx: rehash tokens with squoze-6Øyvind Kolås3+624-619
2021-11-30 21:32squoze-5: new name and massive refactorØyvind Kolås8+1464-1420
2021-11-20 17:20thash: rename to squoze5Øyvind Kolås13+3415-549
2021-11-22 11:26tools/ctx-fontgen: include ff, fi ligaturesØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2021-11-20 07:58project: move ctx-dir/stuff out of media-handlersØyvind Kolås6+5649-5628
2021-11-19 11:39ctx-dir: refactor metadata to be contained in Collection structØyvind Kolås2+487-481
2021-11-19 10:32ctx-dir: implement removal of expired file items on loadØyvind Kolås1+48-21
2021-11-19 10:00ctx-dir: start adding loggingØyvind Kolås1+103-57
2021-11-18 16:45ctx-dir: keep aspect and horizontally center thumbnailsØyvind Kolås1+12-0
2021-11-18 16:32ctx-dir: default to keeping aspect ratio of imagesØyvind Kolås1+36-6
2021-11-17 12:56ctx: thash, start improving overflow avalanchesØyvind Kolås1+10-0
2021-11-17 09:43tools/thash.c: add a simple tool for converting thashes and stringsØyvind Kolås1+39-0
2021-11-14 16:21ctx: font-ctx; replace a linear scan with binary searchØyvind Kolås4+77-43
2021-11-13 08:09more mrg refactoringØyvind Kolås1+221-213
2021-11-13 07:42svg: replace mrg_string with ctx_stringØyvind Kolås2+232-421
2021-11-13 07:40porting css bits to ctxØyvind Kolås4+48-28
2021-11-13 07:19ctx-dir: reduce metadata io during editingØyvind Kolås1+4-9
2021-11-13 07:12refactor metadata apiØyvind Kolås2+62-57
2021-11-13 06:53s/metadata_rename/metadata_set_nameØyvind Kolås2+41-41
2021-11-13 06:32ctx-dir: implement joining of paragraphs commandØyvind Kolås1+33-2
2021-11-13 05:45ctx-dir: refactor metadata to reuse cached seek position for fetching nameØyvind Kolås2+55-55
2021-11-13 05:29drop cache of all unescaped item namesØyvind Kolås1+74-51
2021-11-13 04:09ctx-dir: improve interactions around auto insert at end of siblingsØyvind Kolås1+14-3
2021-11-13 04:01ctx-dir: implement ~ handling for set location, duplicate bullet when splitting itemsØyvind Kolås1+28-1
2021-11-13 03:31ctx: term backend, improvements to text passtrhoughØyvind Kolås4+8-14
2021-11-12 01:25metadata: s/foo2/foo/Øyvind Kolås2+114-114
2021-11-12 01:05metadata: removal of dead codeØyvind Kolås2+14-229
2021-11-12 01:00ctx-dir: implement history keyboard shortcutsØyvind Kolås1+67-5
2021-11-12 00:03ctx-dir: centralize location settingØyvind Kolås1+85-86
2021-11-11 23:09ctx-dir: add class based heading in logicØyvind Kolås1+48-2
2021-11-11 22:44ctx-dir: do not store unneeded periods for integersØyvind Kolås1+2-0
2021-11-11 06:25ctx-dir: remove selection on commandline/location backspaceØyvind Kolås1+18-2
2021-11-11 06:11ctx: implement hiding of non-fileØyvind Kolås1+9-0
2021-11-11 04:05ctx-dir: implement mouse activation of linksØyvind Kolås1+51-13
2021-11-11 02:47ctx-dir: improve navigation around auto inserted item when nav to end of siblingsØyvind Kolås1+5-4
2021-11-11 02:30initial implementation keyboard link navØyvind Kolås1+279-89
2021-11-10 23:13ctx-dir: implement hashed locations for desktop wikiØyvind Kolås1+120-16
2021-11-10 02:41ctx-dir: metadata change index pathØyvind Kolås1+22-2
2021-11-09 22:02ctx-dir: remove some debug outputØyvind Kolås1+7-9
2021-11-09 21:37ctx: text, improve direct to glyph for term backendØyvind Kolås1+12-0
2021-11-09 06:05ctx-dir: add duplicate actionØyvind Kolås1+39-1
2021-11-09 01:03ctx: improve page crossing when navigating next/prevØyvind Kolås1+7-1
2021-11-08 21:09ctx: start impelementing reveal codesØyvind Kolås1+52-23
2021-11-08 20:22implement focus_prev/focus_nextØyvind Kolås1+97-1
2021-11-08 19:55ctx-dir: preparing for more dir_accessorsØyvind Kolås1+9-9
2021-11-08 19:53ctx-dir: preparing for more dir_accessorsØyvind Kolås1+129-26
2021-11-08 18:54ctx-dir: implement editing of locationØyvind Kolås1+79-15
2021-11-07 21:36show locationØyvind Kolås1+63-21
2021-11-07 04:52ctx-dir: outliner implement delete of children along with itemØyvind Kolås1+84-81
2021-11-07 01:45ctx-dir: implement dir_nextØyvind Kolås1+31-54
2021-11-06 19:33ctx-dir: implement dir_nextØyvind Kolås1+145-92
2021-11-06 03:36ctx-dir: prevent from moving beyond topØyvind Kolås1+43-39
2021-11-06 03:27ctx-dir: implement start of markup rendering, fix return keyrepeat in text edit modeØyvind Kolås1+58-8
2021-11-06 01:18ctx-dir: improved layout of indented file itemsØyvind Kolås1+22-14
2021-11-06 00:11ctx-dir: implement numbered listsØyvind Kolås1+4-3
2021-11-06 00:08factor out dir_prevØyvind Kolås1+10-1
2021-11-06 00:05factor out dir_prevØyvind Kolås2+96-55
2021-11-05 22:19ctx-dir: handle selected position when doing commandline cdØyvind Kolås1+2-0
2021-11-05 22:17add control-return as alternative to esc to stop editingØyvind Kolås1+13-2
2021-11-05 02:11implement start of origin handlingØyvind Kolås1+23-2
2021-11-05 01:29ctx-dir: implement automatic unfolding and folding for some nav commmandsØyvind Kolås1+17-3
2021-11-05 01:05ctx-dir: rename some functions to make keybinding descriptionØyvind Kolås1+16-14
2021-11-05 00:59ctx-dir: metadata add default value to argument of int2/float2Øyvind Kolås2+45-51
2021-11-05 00:02ctx-dir: take global scale factor into account when determining how to draw imagesØyvind Kolås1+5-3
2021-11-04 23:58ctx-string: add pre-alloc that ensures space allocatedØyvind Kolås2+10-1
2021-11-04 23:50ctx-dir: reset panels scroll on cdØyvind Kolås1+4-3
2021-11-04 23:49itk: add itk_panels_reset_scrollØyvind Kolås1+13-0
2021-11-04 22:28add system launchØyvind Kolås1+5-0
2021-11-04 22:25ctx-dir: implement cd part of commandlineØyvind Kolås1+47-1
2021-11-04 05:02ctx-dir: improve layout of keybindingsØyvind Kolås2+14-6
2021-11-03 23:57ctx-dir: register keybindings correctlyØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2021-11-03 23:57ctx-dir: register keybindings correctlyØyvind Kolås1+60-42
2021-11-03 22:39ctx-dir: improved keybindings, better dealing with new filesØyvind Kolås1+118-102
2021-11-03 21:01ctx: s/unhandled/any/ for catch-rest keybindingØyvind Kolås4+91-23
2021-11-03 05:11ctx-dir: add live keybindings display on F1Øyvind Kolås3+297-108
2021-11-03 02:12ctx-dir: make debug outline be built in, keep focus across view changesØyvind Kolås1+152-821
2021-11-03 02:00ctx-dir: add an outline copy pasted modeØyvind Kolås2+721-4
2021-11-03 01:23ctx-dir: implement dragging of items in nav modeØyvind Kolås1+99-10
2021-11-02 19:32ctx-dir: improve cache to allow some positional variance in requestsØyvind Kolås1+8-2
2021-11-02 02:27implement insert text itemØyvind Kolås1+22-7
2021-11-02 01:32ctx-dir: port some interactions to use globalsØyvind Kolås1+21-16
2021-11-02 00:33font-gen: add right and down pointing trianglesØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2021-11-01 21:34ctx-dir: implement startpageØyvind Kolås1+47-13
2021-11-01 20:22ctx: drop showing .. foldersØyvind Kolås1+30-2
2021-11-01 19:47ctx-dir: implement folding of outlineØyvind Kolås1+85-13
2021-11-01 18:12show label more frequentlyØyvind Kolås1+8-2
2021-11-01 17:55ctx-dir: when viewing item, also interpret alt-up as terminateØyvind Kolås1+2-1
2021-11-01 17:46ctx-dir: select previous item when going to parentØyvind Kolås1+45-2
2021-11-01 17:08ctx-dir: draw a (for now unscrolled) page list to the rightØyvind Kolås1+61-11
2021-11-01 01:03ctx-dir: remove debug printf and improve metadata nul terminationØyvind Kolås2+9-5
2021-10-31 00:50ctx-dir: fix metadata corruption when entering folders without ctx.idxØyvind Kolås1+5-0
2021-10-28 20:25ctx-dir: do not allow moving down out of levelØyvind Kolås1+8-1
2021-10-28 20:06ctx-dir: outliner mode working move left/right with childrenØyvind Kolås1+30-17
2021-10-28 04:51ctx-dir: working outline move up and down with childrenØyvind Kolås1+10-9
2021-10-28 02:15ctx-dir: improved outliner item interactionsØyvind Kolås1+82-50
2021-10-28 01:31ctx-dir: datamodel implicit type=ctx/text attributeØyvind Kolås1+27-29
2021-10-28 01:22ctx-dir: implement jumping to next/previous page with outliner focusØyvind Kolås1+11-3
2021-10-28 00:59ctx-dir: set ctx/file as type on autoinserted files in collectionØyvind Kolås2+19-30
2021-10-28 00:30ctx-dir: avoid label at end of compund statementØyvind Kolås1+1-0
2021-10-28 00:28ctx: fix build for new handling of cairoØyvind Kolås4+11-3
2021-10-28 00:27ctx-dir: improve focus on moves and navØyvind Kolås1+40-32
2021-10-26 23:15ctx-dir: rewrite down command to refind focusØyvind Kolås1+17-9
2021-10-26 22:53ctx-dir: single ifelse chain for renderØyvind Kolås1+0-3
2021-10-26 22:52ctx-dir: single ifelse chain for renderØyvind Kolås2+111-9
2021-10-26 02:19ctx-dir: focus first item after page-up/page-downØyvind Kolås1+2-0
2021-10-26 00:31build, ctx: check for cairo and harfbuzz in configure.shØyvind Kolås3+36-8
2021-10-26 00:34ctx-dir: outliner improvementsØyvind Kolås3+93-4
2021-10-25 23:05ctx: implement outline move-item-upØyvind Kolås1+72-15
2021-10-25 21:31fixes to outline up/down navØyvind Kolås1+15-4
2021-10-25 01:06ctx-dir: when editing item, make left undo of right that has created an child item.Øyvind Kolås2+116-1
2021-10-22 18:18ctx: vt fix UB in array accessØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2021-10-22 17:55ctx: rasterizer avoid undefined behavior when stroking 0 length pathsØyvind Kolås1+3-1
2021-10-21 00:05ctx-dir: do outline hierarchy with atoms instead of attributeØyvind Kolås2+273-92
2021-10-20 23:53ctx-dir: implement crude todo renderingØyvind Kolås1+42-0
2021-10-20 23:11ctx-dir: metadata proper fix for cachingØyvind Kolås1+2-1
2021-10-20 22:52ctx-dir: implement newpage renderingØyvind Kolås1+22-9
2021-10-20 22:52ctx-dir: metadata, make use of cache as seeding pointØyvind Kolås1+7-0
2021-10-20 22:15ctx-dir: stop propagation of events for item_activateØyvind Kolås1+4-1
2021-10-20 20:35basics of working outlining keybindings with level outlinesØyvind Kolås1+144-2
2021-10-20 02:07ctx-dir: layout improvementsØyvind Kolås1+42-13
2021-10-20 00:45working multipageØyvind Kolås1+74-7
2021-10-20 00:11ctx-dir: working rudimentary paginationØyvind Kolås1+31-16
2021-10-19 23:55functional multi-box content flowØyvind Kolås1+11-5
2021-10-19 22:37working hand-over for multicolØyvind Kolås1+54-14
2021-10-19 22:11ctx-dir: use start-of-flow defined layout-boxØyvind Kolås1+118-21
2021-10-19 02:28ctx-dir: actually use cached metadata offsetØyvind Kolås3+5-3
2021-10-19 00:47ctx: terminal backend, avoid repeated issues of same fg/bg colorØyvind Kolås1+22-2
2021-10-18 21:44ctx: hasher.c; normalize some indentationØyvind Kolås3+9-6
2021-10-18 00:55ctx: reorder backends listed with CTX_BACKEND=list to probing orderØyvind Kolås1+3-3
2021-10-17 22:45refactoring to possibly make css from mrg part of ctxØyvind Kolås2+99-110
2021-10-17 22:36ctx-dir: improve text edit keynavØyvind Kolås1+9-11
2021-10-17 18:44ctx: hash-cache incorporate transform for textØyvind Kolås1+6-6
2021-10-17 17:15ctx-dir: stop double draw of text itemsØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2021-10-17 03:07ctx-dir: implement auto-play in viewerØyvind Kolås1+46-13
2021-10-17 01:55ctx_dir: metadata, escape initial spaces and newlinesØyvind Kolås1+120-16
2021-10-17 00:22ctx-dir: wrap rows based on actual instead of hard-coded widthØyvind Kolås1+28-13
2021-10-16 20:10ctx-dir: pop up keyvals on alt+returnØyvind Kolås1+41-24
2021-10-16 19:47ctx: composite fix bilinearØyvind Kolås2+6-8
2021-10-16 00:42ctx-dir: fix metadata lookup cachingØyvind Kolås2+23-17
2021-10-16 00:30ctx-dir: make move command move paragraphs in list modeØyvind Kolås1+11-2
2021-10-15 23:36ctx-dir: fill height with contentØyvind Kolås1+4-4
2021-10-15 23:35ctx-dir: metadata cache looked up item noØyvind Kolås1+9-1
2021-10-15 23:24ctx-dir: implement rendering of level propertyØyvind Kolås1+18-7
2021-10-15 23:07ctx-dir: metadata fix find_noØyvind Kolås2+11-3
2021-10-15 01:43ctx: sdl: do not cause double entries of unicharsØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2021-10-15 01:08more correct behavior on left-right cursor nav for unicodeØyvind Kolås1+24-15
2021-10-14 23:14working inter item updownØyvind Kolås1+66-23
2021-10-14 21:40ctx-dir: fix events with fullscreen active childØyvind Kolås1+17-9
2021-10-14 02:03docs: improve typography through cssØyvind Kolås4+76-37
2021-10-14 00:28ctx-dir: obey content boxØyvind Kolås1+27-2
2021-10-13 17:37flatpak: build with babl-0.1.88Øyvind Kolås1+1-1
2021-10-13 17:26build: be more explicit in makefile, making default build on BSDs OKØyvind Kolås1+13-4
2021-10-13 16:36ctx-mpg: refactor for rgb/ycbr meaningØyvind Kolås1+17-21
2021-10-13 16:26remove AA_BESTØyvind Kolås3+1-5
2021-10-10 13:46Initial implementation of text-editing for virtual (paragraph) items.Øyvind Kolås4+678-117
2021-10-09 19:52ctx: fb do more cleanup of fd/mmapØyvind Kolås1+4-0
2021-10-09 18:11wrap the max height of items in current rowØyvind Kolås2+20-6
2021-10-09 17:42advance paragraphsØyvind Kolås1+73-50
2021-10-09 15:09ctx-dir: make unpositioned virtual text nodes appear as paragraphs interespersed with iconsØyvind Kolås1+11-1
2021-10-09 14:34ctx-dir: show labels for folder also in layout modeØyvind Kolås1+11-2
2021-10-09 13:44ctx-dir: store positions relative to view widthØyvind Kolås1+28-20
2021-10-08 21:57ctx: fb set graphics/text modeØyvind Kolås2+52-8
2021-10-08 19:10ctx-dir: clicking items select themØyvind Kolås3+42-10
2021-10-07 22:37ctx: clean up compiler warningsØyvind Kolås4+44-41
2021-10-07 22:12ctx-dir: increment focus when doing slideshow pgup/pgdnØyvind Kolås1+6-4
2021-10-07 21:19ctx: rename drm backend to kmsØyvind Kolås15+763-743
2021-10-07 20:53ctx: refactor main dispatcher to use media-typeØyvind Kolås5+160-70
2021-10-06 22:20ctx-dir: refactor to use media-type instead of suffixesØyvind Kolås5+315-194
2021-10-06 21:21demos: add hbar.sh and is_ctx_term.shØyvind Kolås2+41-0
2021-10-06 21:18tools: add a html terminal escape sequence doc generator to version controlØyvind Kolås3+284-146
2021-10-06 20:06ctx-dir: implement mime guesserØyvind Kolås3+127-65
2021-10-06 17:41ctx: add a ctx_get_contents2 with a max-sizeØyvind Kolås3+38-8
2021-10-06 12:08ctx: fb, netbsd implement 8bit palette settingØyvind Kolås1+29-13
2021-10-06 11:53ctx: fb re-enable palette setting for 8 bpp mode for linuxØyvind Kolås1+1-4
2021-10-05 23:46demos: revert inadvertent change of clock.sh to not use bashØyvind Kolås1+2-1
2021-10-05 20:34ctx: make fb backend work on netbsdOyvind Kolas5+90-24
2021-10-05 10:58build: improved portability, fix build without SDLØyvind Kolås8+16-16
2021-10-05 02:06ctx-dir: refactor towards persistent per folder viewØyvind Kolås3+145-87
2021-09-30 21:45ctx-dir: only draw thumbnails when smallØyvind Kolås1+33-2
2021-09-28 18:56ctx-dir: drop specialized grid and list viewsØyvind Kolås2+113-179
2021-09-26 20:05ctx-dir: parameterize layout and interactions in layout viewØyvind Kolås1+11-0
2021-09-26 20:03ctx-dir: parameterize layout and interactions in layout viewØyvind Kolås1+251-47
2021-09-22 21:00ctx: drm,fb,sdl: do not flush on startOyvind Kolas5+8-8
2021-09-22 19:51build: build kms/DRM by default - make fbdev opt-inØyvind Kolås9+89-55
2021-09-21 22:10ctx: re-enable fbdev backendØyvind Kolås10+734-239
2021-09-21 22:01ctx: factor tiled backend part out in separate fileØyvind Kolås6+1141-1121
2021-09-20 21:43ctx: drop fbdev supportØyvind Kolås4+29-11
2021-09-20 21:04ctx: remove doubled up (())Øyvind Kolås1+20-20
2021-09-20 20:21ctx: rasterizer, avoid 0-length stack allocated path copy on non-preserveØyvind Kolås1+3-3
2021-09-20 20:18ctx: RGBA8_associate_alpha, make a be uint32_t fixing UBØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2021-09-20 19:58ctx: drawlist avoid memcpy with NULL dataØyvind Kolås1+3-1
2021-09-20 19:54ctx: ctx_state_state_set fix out of bounds readØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2021-09-20 19:13configure: add ubsan optionØyvind Kolås1+1-0
2021-09-20 11:32ctx: mock cthreads on top of pthreads, clean up C version definesØyvind Kolås6+18-11
2021-09-16 22:50ctx: remove some unneeded includesØyvind Kolås7+13-9
2021-09-16 22:47build: no longer force flatpak build on each git updateØyvind Kolås2+42-37
2021-09-12 23:01ctx, ctx-dir: fix timeout handling, increase thumb batch to 8 itemsØyvind Kolås3+161-15
2021-09-06 23:43ctx: composite, handle fully missed scanline earlierØyvind Kolås1+9-1
2021-09-06 02:03ctx-dir: keep track of custom order, make items reorderableØyvind Kolås2+113-32
2021-09-06 02:02ctx: clients, avoid separate event handling thread - alleviates use after free in ctx-dirØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2021-09-04 21:58ctx: composite, use generic code path for floating point source over colorØyvind Kolås2+3-0
2021-09-04 21:54ctx: clean up stricter compiler warningsØyvind Kolås9+46-18
2021-09-04 20:08ctx-dir: add a per folder metadata storeØyvind Kolås9+549-19
2021-09-04 20:07ctx: composite, premultiply color source for RGBAFØyvind Kolås1+4-7
2021-09-03 02:22ctx-text: select line when starting dragsØyvind Kolås2+7-3
2021-09-03 01:16ctx: rasterizer, fix offsetting of clip buffer in coverage_post_processØyvind Kolås1+7-5
2021-09-03 01:15ctx: reduce size where shape cache kicks inØyvind Kolås2+3-3
2021-09-03 01:09build: stop relying on ccache it is providing stale resultsØyvind Kolås2+2-2
2021-09-02 23:44ctx-text: implement scrolling as targeting of a cursor lineØyvind Kolås1+40-45
2021-09-02 21:38ctx-text: implement a basic text viewerØyvind Kolås3+180-14
2021-09-01 22:11ctx: make default font size 23px - legible in more cases than 10px sansØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2021-09-01 19:05ctx: hash_cache, count newlines in string to compute heightØyvind Kolås1+8-1
2021-09-01 01:43media-handlers: add perliminary text handler.Øyvind Kolås2+121-1
2021-09-01 01:13demos: split 7gui demos out into own filesØyvind Kolås10+1194-1127
2021-08-31 22:45ctx: clip, fix aligned rect detectionØyvind Kolås2+24-6
2021-08-31 07:40ctx: rasterizer, do scanclassification switch at 45degrees, fix box filter edge handlingØyvind Kolås4+20-14
2021-08-31 02:05ctx: composite, add translate only code path for bilinearØyvind Kolås1+78-86
2021-08-31 00:12ctx: composite, optimize bilinear scalingØyvind Kolås1+44-94
2021-08-30 12:21ctx: use separate functions for building edgelistØyvind Kolås2+71-1
2021-08-30 04:51ctx: composite, add bilinear shifted code pathØyvind Kolås1+63-0
2021-08-30 02:50ctx: rearrange CtxRasterizer to be more cache friendlyØyvind Kolås2+41-38
2021-08-30 01:24ctx: rasterizer, remove hack of extra segement indicating rectangleØyvind Kolås1+18-7
2021-08-30 00:32ctx: simplify construction/conversion of polyline to edgesØyvind Kolås2+24-19
2021-08-29 21:18ctx: rasterizer in apply/set2, use mini and maxi instead of swappingØyvind Kolås1+8-28
2021-08-29 20:06ctx: rasterizer, comment out a branch of coverage_apply2 that is meant to optimize, but pessimises small and normal sized benchmarksØyvind Kolås1+12-7
2021-08-29 20:04ctx: composite, initialize comp to CTX_COV_PATH_FALLBACK also in non-RGBA8 formatsØyvind Kolås1+4-0
2021-08-29 18:27ctx: factor comparison of fill_rule out of per scanline functionsØyvind Kolås1+17-16
2021-08-29 02:18ctx: rasterizer, remove some instructions from span_set_colorØyvind Kolås1+3-1
2021-08-28 21:47docs: updateØyvind Kolås1+5-14
2021-08-28 17:53tests: tiny build, do not use native_graya8Øyvind Kolås1+2-1
2021-08-28 17:47ctx: remove ONLY_FAST_AA build optionØyvind Kolås2+0-23
2021-08-28 17:31ctx: rasterizer, micro optimizationsØyvind Kolås3+24-21
2021-08-26 23:28ctx: rasterizer, abide by compiler warningsØyvind Kolås2+6-7
2021-08-26 22:32ctx: rasterizer simplify aligned rectangle detectionØyvind Kolås1+7-7
2021-08-26 19:36ctx: speed some things up by replacing || with | and && with &Øyvind Kolås1+10-10
2021-08-26 18:19ctx: rasterizer, combine if statements in parity updateØyvind Kolås1+16-52
2021-08-25 02:08ctx: rasterizer, reduce dereferences - fast dispatch by switchØyvind Kolås5+293-262
2021-08-24 23:27rasterizer: compare comp_op pointers in rasterizer_fill_rectØyvind Kolås1+79-39
2021-08-24 19:43ctx: composite optimize linear gradients with integer mathØyvind Kolås1+23-20
2021-08-23 17:47ctx: composite, RGBA8 bilinear improvementsØyvind Kolås2+186-201
2021-08-22 23:01ctx: implement split and merge RGBA8 lerp8 for bilinearØyvind Kolås3+145-102
2021-08-23 03:34ctx: rasterizer, implement span_set_colorØyvind Kolås2+30-11
2021-08-21 21:13generate_coverage_apply: more direct dispatch of 1pix fragments in coverage_applyØyvind Kolås1+20-36
2021-08-21 20:49ctx: rasterizer, adjust aa to avoid some jaggiesØyvind Kolås1+4-4
2021-08-21 20:12ctx: rasterizer, fix bezier tolerance; avoid double draw with fragments and apply2Øyvind Kolås1+14-11
2021-08-21 18:59ctx: rasterizer, fix lookup of global si_ga_fullØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2021-08-21 16:42ctx: rasterizer, more direct pathsØyvind Kolås1+59-0
2021-08-21 03:19ctx: rasterizer, slight optimization to accurate edge computationØyvind Kolås2+15-10
2021-08-21 03:11ctx: rasterizer, higher quality aa for fast modeØyvind Kolås1+11-8
2021-08-21 02:21ctx: rasterizer further reduction of derferencingØyvind Kolås1+7-16
2021-08-21 02:01ctx: composite, reduce derferencing in setup_RGBA8Øyvind Kolås1+12-9
2021-08-21 01:51ctx: rasterizer do global pseudo-simd prepare in composite_setupØyvind Kolås3+47-57
2021-08-20 23:30ctx: get rid of x0 y0 transform members from textureØyvind Kolås3+49-63
2021-08-20 22:26ctx: rasterizer, initialize scanline at start of rasterizer_fill_rectØyvind Kolås2+8-5
2021-08-20 22:17ctx: textures, port subtexture draw to work with new texturingØyvind Kolås3+5-7
2021-08-20 22:16ctx: parser, handle sourceTransformØyvind Kolås1+2-0
2021-08-20 03:53ctx: get rid of permanent opaque buffer, it is out of hot-pathsØyvind Kolås2+88-94
2021-08-20 02:56ctx: rasterizer, reintroduce custom code for non-aligned filled rectanglesØyvind Kolås1+109-0
2021-08-19 23:52ctx: rasterizer, special case source over full fill for fragmentsØyvind Kolås2+114-8
2021-08-19 21:35ctx: composite, zero out of bounds for nearest neighborØyvind Kolås1+21-16
2021-08-19 21:34ctx: rasterizer, directly invoke fragment for opaque source-copy RGBA8Øyvind Kolås1+13-0
2021-08-19 17:22ctx: composite, presume textures to be associated alphaØyvind Kolås2+17-14
2021-08-19 15:59ctx: composite, slight speedup for non-scaled, non-rotated nearest neighborØyvind Kolås1+22-19
2021-08-19 02:45ctx-dir: also trigger viewer load from list viewØyvind Kolås1+8-2
2021-08-19 02:21itk: make sliders snuggle scrollbarØyvind Kolås1+4-4
2021-08-19 01:57itk: improve cursor keynavØyvind Kolås1+12-4
2021-08-19 01:26itk: make cursor key focus handling set sticky focusesØyvind Kolås1+18-7
2021-08-19 01:10ctx: rewrite dispatch to fix glitch, sadly adding more branchesØyvind Kolås1+10-23
2021-08-19 00:42ctx: rasterizer, replace float math with integer math in aa gradientsØyvind Kolås1+8-8
2021-08-19 00:33ctx: rasterizer avoid running ctx_rasterizer_is_simple twiceØyvind Kolås1+14-31
2021-08-19 00:23rasterizer: code formattingØyvind Kolås1+54-54
2021-08-19 00:11ctx: fix and re-enable shape-cache by defaultØyvind Kolås2+17-12
2021-08-18 23:57ctx: rasterizer, streamline logic in scanline handler dispatchØyvind Kolås1+46-52
2021-08-18 23:40ctx: rasterizer, implement coverage_set2Øyvind Kolås1+136-0
2021-08-18 23:34ctx: rasterizer, set instead of increment partial coverage in apply2Øyvind Kolås3+29-20
2021-08-18 22:35ctx: rasterizer, extend is_simple classifier to include overlapping alphaØyvind Kolås1+13-11
2021-08-18 21:58ctx: rasterizer, remove some branch hintsØyvind Kolås1+8-8
2021-08-18 20:16ctx: rasterizer, some simplificationsØyvind Kolås1+14-32
2021-08-18 19:04ctx: rasterizer, remove custom unaligned rectangle rasterizationØyvind Kolås1+0-106
2021-08-18 01:07ctx: source_transform, and decouple the source and drawing contextØyvind Kolås6+210-146
2021-08-17 23:38ctx: rasterizer, port dashing code to use CtxSegmentØyvind Kolås1+3-3
2021-08-17 22:20ctx: start adding compiler complains of forward declarations needed for public symbolsØyvind Kolås12+64-50
2021-08-17 21:03ctx: rasterizer, fix range-check glitch in apply2Øyvind Kolås1+16-11
2021-08-17 18:24ctx: rasterizer, get rid of CtxEdge - it is now an intØyvind Kolås3+60-65
2021-08-17 02:58ctx: rasterizer improve compositing precisionØyvind Kolås2+14-14
2021-08-17 02:30ctx: make source_over_normal_color preciseØyvind Kolås2+27-60
2021-08-17 01:49ctx: rasterizer, remove failed inlining attemptØyvind Kolås2+0-23
2021-08-17 01:25ctx: rasterizer, code tidyingØyvind Kolås1+8-9
2021-08-17 00:17ctx: rasterizer, micro optimizations in rasterizer_fill_rectØyvind Kolås1+28-29
2021-08-16 23:26ctx: composite, fix regression in nearestØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2021-08-16 22:59fix accuracy of psuedo-simd lerp_RGBA8Øyvind Kolås1+5-5
2021-08-16 22:12ctx: improvements to horizontal aaØyvind Kolås3+4-5
2021-08-16 12:55ctx: composite, fix sampler range computationØyvind Kolås1+6-6
2021-08-15 23:11ctx: composite: only deref color managed if it isØyvind Kolås2+13-6
2021-08-15 21:44ctx: composite, use uint32_t variable for alphaØyvind Kolås2+19-5
2021-08-15 21:18ctx: rasterizer, sometimes avoid computing graystart/end in apply2Øyvind Kolås1+6-9
2021-08-15 21:08ctx: refactor to use macros for halfstepØyvind Kolås1+29-21
2021-08-15 20:15ctx: switch default vertical aa level to 5 - it is good enough for ui/font on high res screenØyvind Kolås3+26-54
2021-08-15 18:33ctx: make some color fetching inlinableØyvind Kolås9+89-74
2021-08-15 05:40ctx: microoptimizationsØyvind Kolås5+23-36
2021-08-15 04:19ctx: improve order in RGBA8_setupØyvind Kolås3+16-17
2021-08-15 03:56ctx: branch removalØyvind Kolås3+28-29
2021-08-15 02:29ctx: rasterizer, code cleanupØyvind Kolås1+8-12
2021-08-15 02:23ctx: use branchless code for getting min/max col/scanØyvind Kolås1+12-5
2021-08-15 01:17ctx: rasterizer, remove attempt at running fragmentØyvind Kolås1+8-16
2021-08-14 23:02ctx: make switch to nearest at scale=1.0 a compiletime optionØyvind Kolås3+38-14
2021-08-14 23:31ctx: use ctx_bi_RGBA8 in samplerØyvind Kolås1+14-5
2021-08-14 22:41ctx: composite, speed up 1:1 nearest neighborØyvind Kolås2+23-12
2021-08-14 18:42ctx: composite, rearrange order of bail conditions for sampler runsØyvind Kolås1+4-3
2021-08-14 15:13ctx: auto-enable GRAYA8 and GRAY8 with native GRAYA8Øyvind Kolås2+8-10
2021-08-14 15:10ctx: make edge increments more consistent, fixing missing scanlinesØyvind Kolås1+15-23
2021-08-14 03:34ctx: rasterizer, remove outdated vis-aa code, implement some checks for is simpleØyvind Kolås2+64-95
2021-08-14 03:00ctx: config, add option for using only fast aaØyvind Kolås2+35-2
2021-08-14 02:24ctx: change fast_aa to be the default, and controllable as part of ANTIALIASØyvind Kolås4+19-19
2021-08-14 02:08ctx: composite, fast path pixel fetching when all are in bufferØyvind Kolås3+127-56
2021-08-13 21:30ctx: improved batching/merging of gradientsØyvind Kolås1+46-22
2021-08-12 23:18ctx: fix build with disabled clip bufferØyvind Kolås2+19-12
2021-08-12 21:29ctx: composite, fix read past bufferØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2021-08-12 20:50ctx: implement optional fast low gradation slope AA modeØyvind Kolås4+332-55
2021-08-12 01:16ctx: rasterizer, increment edges as part of generating coverageØyvind Kolås2+41-11
2021-08-12 00:23ctx: rasterizer, fix optimized full split rb ga in fill_rectØyvind Kolås1+7-4
2021-08-11 22:51ctx: rasterizer, code cleanup fix VIS_AA optionØyvind Kolås3+67-52
2021-08-11 21:20ctx: rasterizer, rearrange code drop horizontal part of global edgesortØyvind Kolås2+56-66
2021-08-11 19:59ctx: rasterizer, replace some conditionals with branchfree minf/maxfØyvind Kolås1+5-9
2021-08-11 19:17ctx: rasterizer, use broken down sourceØyvind Kolås1+19-19
2021-08-11 00:38be prepared for solid fills in rasterizerØyvind Kolås2+28-21
2021-08-10 23:12ctx: rasterizer, presplit source for compositingØyvind Kolås2+20-4
2021-08-10 21:21ctx: add plumbing for ctx_source_transformØyvind Kolås7+64-49
2021-08-10 21:04ctx: rasterizer, simplify fill_rect dispatch arithmeticØyvind Kolås1+84-84
2021-08-10 20:14ctx: rasterizer, copy uint32_t instead of using memcpy in fill_rectØyvind Kolås1+7-4
2021-08-10 19:36ctx: special case full alpha color for fill_rect source_overØyvind Kolås1+31-1
2021-08-10 19:08ctx: rasterizer, special case source over with full alphaØyvind Kolås1+16-2
2021-08-10 18:29ctx: fix accumlated coverage in direct dispatchØyvind Kolås1+1-0
2021-08-10 18:24ctx: avoid inlined composite in rasterizer with clipsØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2021-08-10 18:21ctx: add optional inlining of fastcopy/over in rasterizerØyvind Kolås2+13-0
2021-08-10 03:42ctx: rasterizer, rearrange core rasterizer dispatchØyvind Kolås1+35-59
2021-08-10 02:51ctx: correctly account for overlapping coverage in embedded compositingØyvind Kolås1+59-190
2021-08-10 02:07ctx: rasterizer, presplit src for source-overØyvind Kolås1+20-4
2021-08-10 01:15experiment with loops structure for inlined compositeØyvind Kolås1+204-36
2021-08-10 00:33ctx: rasterizer, do source over for color - directly in rasterizerØyvind Kolås1+48-2
2021-08-09 23:59ctx: integrate RGBA8 color source-copy in rasterizerØyvind Kolås4+72-31
2021-08-09 23:20ctx: rasterizer, add and use a preseeded opaque bufferØyvind Kolås3+123-11
2021-08-09 21:02ctx: do the tracking of start/end generically, some perf loss to low res, but benefit for higher resØyvind Kolås2+20-30
2021-08-09 18:44ctx: rasterizer, trigger full aa when all edges endØyvind Kolås2+27-10
2021-08-09 18:40ctx: increase default max circle segments to 400Øyvind Kolås1+1-1
2021-08-09 03:00tests: aa, add a stroked fuzzy rectØyvind Kolås1+4-0
2021-08-09 02:06ctx: implement custom code for stroking axis aligned sharp rectanglesØyvind Kolås1+45-32
2021-08-09 00:28ctx: adjust aa sharpness fudgeØyvind Kolås2+31-3
2021-08-08 23:54ctx: only do off-by one correction at linewidth<5.0fØyvind Kolås2+13-9
2021-08-08 23:36ctx: tune adaptive super sampling constantsØyvind Kolås4+41-38
2021-08-07 07:16ctx: rasterizer, keep track of delta in active_edges for determining high-auto-aaØyvind Kolås2+4-6
2021-08-07 05:56ctx: fix swap_red_green for color and yuvØyvind Kolås1+8-7
2021-08-07 05:32ctx-mpg: default to yuv420 transport/display of texturesØyvind Kolås2+6-5
2021-08-07 05:24ctx: improve yuv_to_rgba32Øyvind Kolås1+12-6
2021-08-07 04:53ctx-mpg: correctly arrange data for yuv420Øyvind Kolås1+9-1
2021-08-07 04:44ctx: port clip part of rasterizer to CtxSegmentØyvind Kolås2+10-17
2021-08-07 04:17ctx: remove dead codeØyvind Kolås2+11-25
2021-08-07 04:02ctx: reuse rgba8 cache for graya8 gradientsØyvind Kolås2+18-7
2021-08-07 03:39ctx: default to NATIVE_GRAYA8 1, stop generating inlined u8 color variant of porter duffØyvind Kolås3+34-59
2021-08-07 02:34ctx: make u8 blending loopableØyvind Kolås1+34-32
2021-08-07 02:16ctx: optimize u8 fallbacksØyvind Kolås1+57-92
2021-08-07 01:33ctx: fix fragments for graya8Øyvind Kolås2+62-31
2021-08-06 22:45ctx: tune circle and curve_to aaØyvind Kolås3+21-22
2021-08-06 19:34ctx: fix float source-overØyvind Kolås1+19-1
2021-08-06 01:32ctx: compositing code cleanupØyvind Kolås1+37-116
2021-08-06 00:54ctx: make yuv420 format optionalØyvind Kolås2+3-0
2021-08-05 23:32ctx: refactoring to better align internal polylineØyvind Kolås6+136-92
2021-08-05 21:55ctx: remove branches in rasterizerØyvind Kolås2+23-34
2021-08-05 21:43ctx: semi-working yuv420 formatØyvind Kolås4+26-14
2021-08-05 17:03ctx: rasterizer, add psuedo simd for lerp_RGBA8 (used in source-copy and bilinear)Øyvind Kolås2+17-10
2021-08-05 16:20improved psuedo-simd source-overØyvind Kolås1+8-4
2021-08-05 14:37ctx: more branchless limitsØyvind Kolås1+11-18
2021-08-05 15:10comment out redundant codeØyvind Kolås1+2-0
2021-08-05 14:39even more branchless comparesØyvind Kolås1+2-4
2021-08-03 19:36ctx: set swap_red green in rasterizer init, and use RGBA8 as formatØyvind Kolås3+12-5
2021-08-03 19:10ctx: add draft of faster aligned 2px line strokingØyvind Kolås1+60-4
2021-08-03 17:50ctx: avoid conditional in RGBA_source_copy_normal_color - remove dead codeØyvind Kolås1+0-60
2021-08-03 17:19ctx: improve dynamic global max-aa adjustmentØyvind Kolås1+10-1
2021-08-03 15:58ctx: pass aa_factor as unsignedØyvind Kolås1+2-2
2021-08-03 15:39ctx: make winding be default fill ruleØyvind Kolås4+24-21
2021-08-03 14:12ctx: rasterizer, remove inlining of fill ruleØyvind Kolås1+0-43
2021-08-03 14:11ctx: remove branch hints from coverage computationØyvind Kolås1+5-5
2021-08-03 13:25ctx: rasterizer, simplify arguments for coverage_setØyvind Kolås1+17-19
2021-08-02 22:47ctx: abstract out bilinear computation in RGBA8, pseudo-SIMD was a tieØyvind Kolås2+21-36
2021-08-02 21:14ctx: have only one gradient cacheØyvind Kolås3+54-17
2021-08-02 18:21ctx: iterating towards yuv420 supportØyvind Kolås3+121-11
2021-08-02 16:11ctx: tune lower limit of auto aa towards 45 degreesØyvind Kolås1+3-3
2021-08-02 15:42ctx: improve naming of composite work functionsØyvind Kolås4+78-192
2021-08-02 14:58ctx: tidy warningsØyvind Kolås1+1-2
2021-08-02 14:29ctx: math add _fast version of sqrtf and hypotfØyvind Kolås1+33-9
2021-08-02 14:28ctx: tweak towards more performanceØyvind Kolås1+2-2
2021-08-02 00:42ctx: between this and the previous commit the seam has become detectable in anomaly chartsØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2021-08-02 00:33ctx: tune auto aa constants for further performanceØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2021-08-01 23:42ctx: split loop for bilinear texture fetchØyvind Kolås1+36-7
2021-08-01 23:11ctx: silence more c+= warningsØyvind Kolås2+5-5
2021-08-01 22:28ctx: explicit casts to make c++ builds quieterØyvind Kolås3+18-10
2021-08-01 22:28ctx: rework nearest neighbor RGBA8 logicØyvind Kolås1+28-53
2021-08-01 21:23ctx: tiny performance tweak in rgb565 conversionØyvind Kolås1+8-10
2021-08-01 21:16ctx_565_unpack_32, use uint32_t variablesØyvind Kolås1+37-6
2021-08-01 05:18ctx: add a probably_opaque RGBA8_associate_alphaØyvind Kolås1+34-17
2021-08-01 04:44ctx: add inlined variant of matrix_apply_transformØyvind Kolås4+48-29
2021-08-01 02:06refactoring towards associated alpha out of fragmentsØyvind Kolås1+81-86
2021-08-01 01:28ctx: composite, removal of dead codeØyvind Kolås1+3-7
2021-08-01 00:29start optimizing nearest neighbor by taking out some conditionalsØyvind Kolås4+118-43
2021-07-31 22:10ctx: fix infinite recursion in swap_red_green rgb8_bi caseØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2021-07-31 22:07ctx: small optimization to linear gradient in RGBA8Øyvind Kolås1+7-5
2021-07-31 21:39ctx: use own inlined math for floorf and fmodfØyvind Kolås1+14-9
2021-07-31 21:01ctx: remove unneeded increment of dstØyvind Kolås1+1-2
2021-07-31 20:55ctx: add a special case for cov==255 in source copyØyvind Kolås2+8-1
2021-07-31 16:49docs updateØyvind Kolås1+5-4
2021-07-31 14:20ctx: tune auto-aa towards performanceØyvind Kolås2+2-8
2021-07-31 14:12ctx: add more branch hints, make more code staticØyvind Kolås3+14-12
2021-07-31 12:53ctx: fillrect minor optimizations and code reformattingØyvind Kolås1+120-145
2021-07-31 02:29ctx: optimize unaligned but axis aligned rectanglesØyvind Kolås1+101-25
2021-07-30 23:18ctx: fill_rect permit composite copy for alpha!=255Øyvind Kolås1+2-2
2021-07-30 21:42ctx: more stroke branch hintsØyvind Kolås1+3-3
2021-07-30 21:39media-handlers: use COMPOSITE_COPY for media contentØyvind Kolås3+3-0
2021-07-30 21:25ctx: rasterizer avoid recopying gstate when stroke inherits fill sourceØyvind Kolås1+5-4
2021-07-30 21:08ctx: add some branch hints in strokingØyvind Kolås1+10-10
2021-07-30 20:56ctx: rasterizer reduce dereferences in strokingØyvind Kolås2+19-20
2021-07-30 20:33ctx: unconditionally do alpha assoic for RGBA8Øyvind Kolås1+10-14
2021-07-30 19:02ctx: remove exploration deadend, reformat codeØyvind Kolås1+9-20
2021-07-30 18:15ctx: rasterizer, inline fill-rule conditionalØyvind Kolås1+48-1
2021-07-30 16:11ctx: composite, split out cov and racov from pseudo simdØyvind Kolås1+22-29
2021-07-29 17:36ctx: optimize also two segment linesØyvind Kolås1+2-2
2021-07-29 16:40ctx: rasterizer factor out rcov, it is now expensive enough to yield benefitØyvind Kolås1+9-10
2021-07-29 15:51ctx: add a 255 bias correcting for shift vs divide errorØyvind Kolås2+18-22
2021-07-29 06:41ctx: trim config.hØyvind Kolås2+7-26
2021-07-29 06:34rasterizer: more branch hintsØyvind Kolås2+10-9
2021-07-29 05:51ctx: apply optimizations from color to _buf variant of source-overØyvind Kolås2+28-45
2021-07-29 04:13ctx: refactor core color op to give compiler maximum freedomØyvind Kolås1+6-7
2021-07-29 03:51even faster source-overØyvind Kolås3+34-11
2021-07-29 02:26add more inlining hintsØyvind Kolås2+3-3
2021-07-29 02:09ctx: add inline hint to rasterizer_add_pointØyvind Kolås2+4-4
2021-07-29 01:57further minimization of rasterizer codeØyvind Kolås1+4-4
2021-07-29 01:54ctx: factor out common entry no in rasterizerØyvind Kolås1+9-8
2021-07-29 00:06ctx: call RGBA8 associate alpha instead of u8_associate_alphaØyvind Kolås1+7-17
2021-07-28 23:31ctx: avoid out of bounds work for composite-copyØyvind Kolås1+1-2
2021-07-28 22:47ctx: mark ctx_coverage_post_process as static inlineØyvind Kolås2+1-3
2021-07-28 22:05ctx: fix red/blue order in ctx_565_unpack_32Øyvind Kolås1+1-1
2021-07-28 19:57ctx: reset compositing engine in rasterizer_set_pixelØyvind Kolås1+1-0
2021-07-28 19:30docs: updateØyvind Kolås1+36-13
2021-07-28 12:35ctx.h: include git commit hash in ctx.hØyvind Kolås2+2-2
2021-07-27 23:29ctx: again try to enable normal_opaque_colorØyvind Kolås2+5-7
2021-07-27 22:02ctx: remove fudge for alignment that was neededed for avx2Øyvind Kolås1+12-16
2021-07-27 20:44ctx: add branch hints in drawlistØyvind Kolås2+9-13
2021-07-27 20:35ctx: fix regression introduced by attempt to avoid a trampoline stepØyvind Kolås1+7-3
2021-07-27 20:20ctx: crash protection in csource_over_normal_fragment - there is an introduced race making us crashØyvind Kolås1+2-0
2021-07-27 19:03ctx: start adding branch hints in rasterizerØyvind Kolås1+25-25
2021-07-27 16:44ctx: adjust alternate renderers in RGBA8 based on profilingØyvind Kolås2+37-20
2021-07-27 02:10ctx: disable RGBA8_source_over_normal_opaque_colorØyvind Kolås2+10-25
2021-07-27 01:53ctx: fix wrong src deref in source_copy_normal_bufØyvind Kolås1+1-2
2021-07-27 01:41ctx: unify some source copy color with RGBA source-over opaque colorØyvind Kolås2+19-41
2021-07-27 01:10ctx: start treating 1px wide fill_rects differentlyØyvind Kolås1+32-6
2021-07-27 00:42ctx: add back special case for opaque colorØyvind Kolås1+33-2
2021-07-27 00:04ctx: avoid a level of indirection for direct RGBA8 formatØyvind Kolås1+10-14
2021-07-26 22:57ctx: optimize rasterization of strokes for single_lines segmentsØyvind Kolås2+43-10
2021-07-26 22:57tests: remove SIMD variant of performance testØyvind Kolås3+4-388
2021-07-26 21:49ctx: tidy compositor codeØyvind Kolås1+45-69
2021-07-26 19:15ctx: re-add pseudo-simd for RGBA8Øyvind Kolås1+52-9
2021-07-26 18:19ctx: optimize generic u8 source_over_normal code pathsØyvind Kolås1+8-20
2021-07-26 10:14ctx: drop psuedo-SIMD, it yields alpha errors - now correct again but bit slowerØyvind Kolås1+34-257
2021-07-26 03:11ctx: reintroduce signed variables in core of rasterizerØyvind Kolås1+6-6
2021-07-26 03:05ctx: optimize linear gradientØyvind Kolås1+18-2
2021-07-26 02:42semi-fixes, maybe breaking alpha of tigerØyvind Kolås1+34-42
2021-07-25 11:00ctx: implement more SourceCopyØyvind Kolås2+160-87
2021-07-24 21:25more SIMD multi-code path awareness removalØyvind Kolås4+50-81
2021-07-24 20:53remove all SIMD/AVX2 bitsØyvind Kolås5+8-354
2021-07-24 20:47ctx: remove unused nonworking avx2 codeØyvind Kolås4+51-478
2021-07-24 19:10ctx: use more unsigned in rasterizerØyvind Kolås1+8-8
2021-07-24 18:55ctx: use more uint32_t in rasterizerØyvind Kolås1+12-13
2021-07-24 18:44ctx: incrementally check slope limitØyvind Kolås1+15-8
2021-07-24 18:17ctx: more branch hints in rasterizerØyvind Kolås3+22-22
2021-07-24 15:01media-handlers: add usleeps in ctx-gif and ctx-mpgØyvind Kolås2+4-0
2021-07-24 15:00ctx: always dispatch through the apply coverage call of formatØyvind Kolås1+3-5
2021-07-24 15:00ctx: add code path for RGBA8 copy - still much slower than the optimized source overØyvind Kolås1+104-18
2021-07-24 11:31ctx: fix regression introduced in f846f39c187a9e7db85c6ce8dd729b3d5f9c16dcØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2021-07-24 11:13src: fix border cases for nearest neighbor, improve them for bilinearØyvind Kolås1+44-8
2021-07-23 20:42ctx: fix output of fill_rect fast path, it is now the ref that is wrongØyvind Kolås4+44-17
2021-07-23 01:26ctx: axis aligned rectangle passing tests with fudgeØyvind Kolås1+83-19
2021-07-22 19:54ctx: config adjust aa thresholds for performanceØyvind Kolås1+3-3
2021-07-22 19:53ctx: rasterizer - setup compositor early on mode/color changeØyvind Kolås1+24-22
2021-07-22 19:52ctx: composite remove dead codeØyvind Kolås1+6-26
2021-07-21 21:19ctx: trade off some quality for speed in generic _u8 color codeØyvind Kolås1+6-4
2021-07-21 20:46ctx: add branch hints in rasterizerØyvind Kolås1+5-5
2021-07-21 20:06ctx: fix regression in auto aa of rasterizerØyvind Kolås1+39-6
2021-07-21 17:25ctx: avoid conditionals checking for coverage!=0 in compositing loopsØyvind Kolås1+38-45
2021-07-21 16:51ctx: remove special case for fully filledØyvind Kolås1+0-7
2021-07-21 16:49tests: update performance test to take minimum seen render time instead of meanØyvind Kolås2+97-47
2021-07-21 16:48ctx: use uint8_t for coverage variable in compositing loopsØyvind Kolås1+40-100
2021-07-21 09:38ctx: remove two shifts from psuedo SIMDØyvind Kolås1+48-8
2021-07-19 09:09ctx: compositor/rasterizer code reassignementØyvind Kolås2+29-35
2021-07-19 08:55ctx: re-adding axis aligned vector fillØyvind Kolås1+120-7
2021-07-19 03:52ctx: remove outdated commentØyvind Kolås1+0-2
2021-07-19 02:55ctx: c++ portability fixesØyvind Kolås4+8-7
2021-07-18 20:23tests: add nosimd duplicate of circle testØyvind Kolås3+370-1
2021-07-18 20:22ctx: re-enable floating point color opsØyvind Kolås1+27-26
2021-07-18 06:37ctx: use yenc for textur encodingØyvind Kolås6+156-6
2021-07-18 08:48tweak size estimator to be with full featuresetØyvind Kolås2+7-9
2021-07-18 08:29composite: make more consistent use of uint32_t in inner loopsØyvind Kolås1+14-13
2021-07-18 08:24ctx: fix position of ctx_client_unlock in codeØyvind Kolås1+1-2
2021-07-18 08:16ctx: move faster pseudo-simd code path from non-solid to solid RGBA8Øyvind Kolås3+9-16
2021-07-18 04:19ctx: 565conversions tied with conversionsØyvind Kolås2+7-5
2021-07-18 03:51get rid of 64bit math in non-simd compositeØyvind Kolås1+19-20
2021-07-18 03:43reintroduce 565 direct path for solid color, reformulate code to avoid 64bitØyvind Kolås2+228-32
2021-07-17 22:52ctx: do not opt in to native_graya8 - yetØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2021-07-17 22:43string/vt: add some conditional branch hintsØyvind Kolås2+7-5
2021-07-17 22:18vt: add conditional hints to vt_state_neutralØyvind Kolås1+53-54
2021-07-17 19:48ctx: skip babl copy when source and dest spaces are equalØyvind Kolås1+18-8
2021-07-17 19:25vt: reduce overhead of a85 data transportØyvind Kolås2+34-13
2021-07-17 18:52ctx: remove col/row logging from parser hot-pathØyvind Kolås1+23-13
2021-07-17 04:28vt: presume ctxp to existØyvind Kolås1+1-5
2021-07-17 04:27demo: draw full circlesØyvind Kolås1+3-3
2021-07-17 04:11ctx-dir: improve path escapingØyvind Kolås3+41-11
2021-07-17 00:29remove unused a85 duplicateØyvind Kolås1+0-144
2021-07-17 00:26itk: warp space distances used for 4way keynavØyvind Kolås1+14-8
2021-07-17 00:25ctx-mpg: center mediaØyvind Kolås1+2-0
2021-07-17 00:25ctx-gif: center mediaØyvind Kolås1+3-0
2021-07-16 23:44docs: updateØyvind Kolås1+15-13
2021-07-16 09:53ctx-dir: use bash audioplayer for mp3 filesØyvind Kolås3+195-0
2021-07-16 09:52itk: remove vertical padding in terminal modeØyvind Kolås1+10-6
2021-07-16 02:05terminal: remove dead codeØyvind Kolås1+0-40
2021-07-16 01:59terminal/ctx: remove duplicated titlebar codeØyvind Kolås3+68-147
2021-07-15 12:00ctx: lock/unlock during mouse eventsØyvind Kolås1+7-0
2021-07-15 11:36ctx: hide more of events from bare rasterizer compileØyvind Kolås2+55-46
2021-07-15 11:08ctx: add locking of clients on event inputØyvind Kolås2+33-21
2021-07-15 10:14ctx: initialize ctx default font size from terminal cell sizeØyvind Kolås1+3-0
2021-07-15 09:53ctx-dir: improve label wrappingØyvind Kolås5+87-21
2021-07-15 08:20vt-line: fix style shift on insertØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2021-07-15 06:52ctx: restore initial global font size behaviorØyvind Kolås3+16-10
2021-07-15 00:45ctx: sleep a bit in vt_poll thread when only one clientØyvind Kolås6+35-7
2021-07-14 23:36ctx: add locking to client_removeØyvind Kolås2+46-2
2021-07-14 21:53ctx: add locking to client drawØyvind Kolås1+8-0
2021-07-14 21:44mpg: add a -g option to toggle grayscale mode at runtimeØyvind Kolås1+31-15
2021-07-14 21:37build: fix static compilationØyvind Kolås2+5-5
2021-07-14 21:29ctx: demos as well as terminal builds again with clients splitØyvind Kolås3+20-5
2021-07-14 20:47mpg: add compiletime grayscale mode for bandwidth testingØyvind Kolås1+33-12
2021-07-14 20:47ctx: ctx-clients split out, opt-in and not properly namespacedØyvind Kolås2+11-9
2021-07-14 20:12ctx: start swallowing terminal engineØyvind Kolås27+12253-12358
2021-07-14 03:43terminal: use pure solid black as background, avoid redundant bgdrawingØyvind Kolås3+6-4
2021-07-14 00:19ctx: add conditional hints to a85decØyvind Kolås1+4-4
2021-07-14 00:03vt: disable framediff code which has overheadØyvind Kolås1+10-3
2021-07-13 23:02vt: move one conditional out of per byte ctx-mode hotpathØyvind Kolås1+3-2
2021-07-13 22:59media-handlers: internal vector composite works, sans key eventsØyvind Kolås2+99-13
2021-07-13 19:29media-handlers: fix reloading of child process in dir browsing modeØyvind Kolås2+3-2
2021-07-12 05:18ctx: use 32bit values for blend|compositeØyvind Kolås3+8-6
2021-07-10 06:55clients: refactoring for recursive ctx clientsØyvind Kolås6+13-8
2021-07-10 06:37terminal: further client separationØyvind Kolås8+57-20
2021-07-09 00:22build: make ctx.static reuse .o files for media-handlersØyvind Kolås1+6-6
2021-07-08 06:53demos: have separate 10fps clock, default clock.sh is now smoothØyvind Kolås2+47-3
2021-07-08 06:40terminal: fix alignment of background for ctx term backendØyvind Kolås1+3-2
2021-07-08 06:37terminal: further client refactoringØyvind Kolås4+107-146
2021-07-08 02:02terminal: factor away multiple font_size/em definitionsØyvind Kolås2+12-15
2021-07-08 01:54terminal: namespacing of client apiØyvind Kolås1+14-13
2021-07-07 21:49terminal: namespace client apiØyvind Kolås3+239-237
2021-07-07 20:17build: do not rebuild media-handlers on linking of ctxØyvind Kolås1+8-12
2021-07-07 20:16terminal: refactoring cleanupsØyvind Kolås2+4-8
2021-07-07 17:58terminal: toggle on-screen keyboard on longpressØyvind Kolås3+413-380
2021-07-07 02:04terminal: client handling separated out into one fileØyvind Kolås2+1494-1048
2021-07-06 22:18terminal: client refactoringØyvind Kolås1+10-13
2021-07-06 22:14ctx: change config defaults, improving portabilityØyvind Kolås3+6-3
2021-07-06 18:52ctx: interpret CTX_SHOW_FPS env var in SDL backendØyvind Kolås1+17-0
2021-07-05 15:52terminal: inline byte appending in vt-lineØyvind Kolås7+52-23
2021-07-05 15:51ctx: directly output in ctx backend instead of accumulating stringØyvind Kolås6+21-22
2021-07-04 09:56ctx: do not use PATH_MAX.Jehan1+11-11
2021-07-05 04:30terminal: refactoring towards making clients part of itkØyvind Kolås1+82-69
2021-07-05 04:09terminal: refactor client state to be flagsØyvind Kolås2+59-36
2021-07-05 02:52terminal: make ctx recording of tabs compiletime optionalØyvind Kolås4+206-50
2021-07-05 02:23project structure: new media-handlers folderØyvind Kolås9+12-9
2021-07-05 02:16tests: trim down perf-circ to build less non-rasterizer partsØyvind Kolås1+2-1
2021-07-05 02:15ctx: do not include sys/select.hØyvind Kolås1+0-1
2021-07-05 01:40ctx: annotate conditionals in ctx iteratorØyvind Kolås1+9-6
2021-07-05 01:34ctx: add ctx_render_ctx_textures , for using the textures in a recordingØyvind Kolås2+30-0
2021-07-02 23:29terminal: separate drawing and event registrationØyvind Kolås3+24-8
2021-07-02 22:43terminal: handle pointer events for scrollbar as part of vt event dispatchØyvind Kolås1+33-10
2021-07-02 20:07terminal: stop propagation of events for overlapping tabsØyvind Kolås1+20-35
2021-07-01 19:59composite: pass fragment to all float work opsØyvind Kolås1+4-4
2021-07-01 19:06ctx: accept serialized pointers for color spaceØyvind Kolås3+32-27
2021-07-01 05:51media-handler: accept basic file:// URIs as argumentsØyvind Kolås4+32-2
2021-07-01 04:05ctx: use fewer, more correct compositing code paths in CMYKØyvind Kolås1+3-1
2021-07-01 02:39ctx: fix color/fragment handling in float formatsØyvind Kolås1+95-60
2021-06-30 21:54ctx: make ctx binary busybox misc media handlersØyvind Kolås13+1408-806
2021-06-29 01:16terminal: do not add newlines when copying selection and lines have wrappedØyvind Kolås1+25-1
2021-06-28 23:30terminal: allow shift to invoke select behavior, event when mouse events are registeredØyvind Kolås4+20-17
2021-06-28 22:21ctx: document framebuffer limits incurred by different CTX_SUBDIV levelsØyvind Kolås2+37-18
2021-06-28 02:38ctx: rasterizer fix regression due to ebpp bpp/8 mixupØyvind Kolås2+2-5
2021-06-28 02:32terminal: minimal rewrap with of 8 columnsØyvind Kolås2+5-0
2021-06-26 20:00ctx: simplify some code in coverage generatorØyvind Kolås2+60-76
2021-06-26 18:57ctx: use insertion sort for sorting active edgesØyvind Kolås2+15-187
2021-06-25 23:24ctx: disable rasterizer rectangle special caseØyvind Kolås2+98-79
2021-06-25 22:51ctx: extend color and gradient RGBA8 fragments to use countØyvind Kolås2+36-23
2021-06-25 22:44terminal: enable rewrap - it mostly worksØyvind Kolås2+14-5
2021-06-25 18:28ctx: improve C++ compilabilityØyvind Kolås3+17-4
2021-06-25 01:08terminal: rewrap on resize, almost workingØyvind Kolås4+125-10
2021-06-24 23:25ctx: do swap_red_green for span rather than single pixel in texture fetchersØyvind Kolås1+41-13
2021-06-24 21:38ctx: fix initial feed edge glitch in rasterizerØyvind Kolås1+3-1
2021-06-24 21:37ctx: use memcpy in rgba8_RGBA8 nearest within boundsØyvind Kolås1+5-19
2021-06-24 16:45docs: updateØyvind Kolås3+10-7
2021-06-23 01:04ctx: avx2, compute length of trailerØyvind Kolås1+18-14
2021-06-23 00:56ctx: move avx2 constants outside loopsØyvind Kolås1+23-14
2021-06-22 18:56ctx: fix avx2 alpha regressionØyvind Kolås2+99-88
2021-06-22 17:39ctx: remove some temporary variables in feed_scanlinesØyvind Kolås1+12-38
2021-06-22 17:22ctx: refactor scanline incrementsØyvind Kolås1+2-9
2021-06-22 17:09ctx: do discarding of edges as part of feed edgesØyvind Kolås1+3-7
2021-06-22 16:59ctx: remove redundant conditional in rasterizerØyvind Kolås1+9-28
2021-06-22 15:15ctx: inline some more rasterizer functions, always sort, chances of 1/0 edges is slimØyvind Kolås3+6-9
2021-06-21 23:46ctx: make ctx_s16 static inlineØyvind Kolås3+4-4
2021-06-20 21:07ctx: retune, and reenable adaptive aa of rasterizerØyvind Kolås5+25-28
2021-06-20 04:34ctx: indentation updatesØyvind Kolås1+39-40
2021-06-20 02:46update performance testØyvind Kolås4+376-244
2021-06-20 02:44factor out avx2 buffer compositiorØyvind Kolås1+151-492
2021-06-20 02:01ctx: avx2ify fragment workerØyvind Kolås1+125-31
2021-06-20 01:27ctx: add suffix to fragment workerØyvind Kolås1+60-58
2021-06-20 00:26ctx: remove FORCE_AA configuration optionØyvind Kolås5+2-51
2021-06-20 00:03ctx: implement texture pre-fetch in image fragmentsØyvind Kolås1+180-31
2021-06-19 22:52ctx: refactor fragments to take count and dx, dy - not yet usedØyvind Kolås2+75-75
2021-06-19 22:32ctx: hard-coded vertical aa of 15Øyvind Kolås3+35-26
2021-06-19 21:55ctx: rework fragments to have separate swap red green, add aØyvind Kolås1+190-123
2021-06-19 20:41ctx: make inlined normal+source_over combo not apply to u8 anymoreØyvind Kolås2+143-62
2021-06-19 09:02ctx: disable not yet faster avx2 RGBA8 gradientsØyvind Kolås1+16-0
2021-06-19 07:50wider adaptive aaØyvind Kolås3+60-12
2021-06-19 06:45ctx: make 332 alpha configurableØyvind Kolås2+9-1
2021-06-19 06:04ctx: make RGB565 transparency configurableØyvind Kolås2+15-0
2021-06-19 05:59ctx: remove code duplication and fully inlined 565 code paths, they are slowerØyvind Kolås1+8-91
2021-06-19 04:34ctx: direct innerloop for default color source for RGB565(_BS)Øyvind Kolås1+112-9
2021-06-19 04:00ctx: RGB565 reduce call overheadØyvind Kolås1+23-2
2021-06-19 03:47tests: update size test with correct sorting network defineØyvind Kolås2+2-2
2021-06-19 02:46terminal: mark lines as wrappedØyvind Kolås2+9-0
2021-06-19 01:14ctx: add 7 and 9 element sorting networksØyvind Kolås3+38-12
2021-06-18 08:54tests: update referenceØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2021-06-18 06:37ctx: add placeholder for square end capsØyvind Kolås1+29-1
2021-06-18 06:21ctx: tweak sharp line fudge factorØyvind Kolås2+2-2
2021-06-18 06:08remove some division from generate coverageØyvind Kolås1+7-26
2021-06-18 06:06ctx: remove dead end codeØyvind Kolås2+33-61
2021-06-18 03:13rasterizer: increase slope limit for adaptive aaØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2021-06-18 02:36improve aa slope limitØyvind Kolås4+33-144
2021-06-18 01:49ctx: composite warning tidyingØyvind Kolås1+0-3
2021-06-18 01:44start adding if0d out rasterizer experimentsØyvind Kolås2+52-27
2021-06-18 01:41ctx: clean up of indentation compiler warningsØyvind Kolås1+20-19
2021-06-17 05:58Revert "ctx: make porter duff a little faster"Øyvind Kolås1+31-33
2021-06-17 05:58improve blendingØyvind Kolås1+1-2
2021-06-17 05:39start work on ng rasterizerØyvind Kolås2+214-51
2021-06-17 00:54ctx: avoid an addition in floating point porter duffØyvind Kolås1+21-18
2021-06-16 20:28ctx: make porter duff a little fasterØyvind Kolås1+33-31
2021-06-16 20:04ctx: namespace CTX_CMPSWPØyvind Kolås1+13-10
2021-06-16 19:54ctx: more branching related optimizatonsØyvind Kolås1+27-28
2021-06-16 01:55ctx: add a solid version of color composite opØyvind Kolås1+127-0
2021-06-16 01:24ctx: sprinkle likely/unlikely in inner loops, remove some conditionalsØyvind Kolås5+78-73
2021-06-16 01:11ctx: remove overhead condition in innerloopØyvind Kolås2+2-17
2021-06-15 02:14terminal: coalesce neighbouring backgrounds of same color in drawlistØyvind Kolås2+127-64
2021-06-15 01:13ctx: tweak line width in stroking to make 1px and 2px pixel aligned lines yield sharp resultsØyvind Kolås2+6-1
2021-06-15 01:01ctx: use ctx_rasterizer_rectangle in set_pixel codepathØyvind Kolås1+22-21
2021-06-15 00:48ctx: move slopelimit calculation out of loopsØyvind Kolås2+7-7
2021-06-15 00:26ctx: move coordinate fudge into rasterizerØyvind Kolås1+10-15
2021-06-14 23:07convert: remove debug printfØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2021-06-14 23:06ctx: remove forced inlining switch for vertical aaØyvind Kolås1+9-61
2021-06-14 23:02ctx: restore default vertical AA level to 15, since with adaptive vertical aa the vertical aa level has a much smaller impact on performanceØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2021-06-14 01:23docs: update rasterizer renders at differnt aa settingsØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2021-06-14 00:01ctx: improve vertical aa - but introduce slight strokewidth aa errorØyvind Kolås1+13-4
2021-06-13 23:47tests/aa.ctx: add more fuzzy horizonal test linesØyvind Kolås1+31-0
2021-06-13 23:13ctx: enable more rectangle clipping optimizationsØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2021-06-13 23:08ctx: improve rectangle detectionØyvind Kolås1+6-2
2021-06-13 22:44terminal: ensure fg/bg colors are initialized memoryØyvind Kolås1+4-4
2021-06-13 22:14ctx: fix fill rule with 5 level vertical aaØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2021-06-13 17:32remove accidentally checked in vtfuzz binaryØyvind Kolås2+1-0
2021-06-13 16:41ctx: re-enable avx2 codepathsØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2021-06-13 15:32terminal: rework logic of reverse fg/bg attributeØyvind Kolås2+119-153
2021-06-12 16:55flatpak: make website metadata point to terminal pageØyvind Kolås1+2-2
2021-06-12 16:51terminal: make use of single-source drawing modelØyvind Kolås1+0-15
2021-06-12 16:50itk: presume single source drawing modelØyvind Kolås1+3-3
2021-06-12 16:25ctx: rasterizer make stroke source inherit fillØyvind Kolås1+1-0
2021-06-12 16:05ctx: rename clients dir to demosØyvind Kolås15+9-10
2021-06-12 15:19use graphics.ctx as flatpak collection idØyvind Kolås5+127-28
2021-06-12 14:44build: host a flatpak repo in docs/websiteØyvind Kolås1+1-0
2021-06-11 21:30tests: updateØyvind Kolås2+16-260
2021-06-11 20:09docs: updateØyvind Kolås5+43-353
2021-06-06 14:09docs: updateØyvind Kolås2+5-1
2021-06-06 14:08clients: add lightweight bashbinding and exampleØyvind Kolås2+248-0
2021-06-04 15:13docs: updateØyvind Kolås1+0-1
2021-06-04 15:13docs: updateØyvind Kolås3+9-4
2021-06-04 05:02improve installed meta dataØyvind Kolås5+29-30
2021-06-04 04:31update logoØyvind Kolås1+17-141
2021-06-03 22:50update logoØyvind Kolås1+141-17
2021-06-02 20:47Add SVG logo for use as icon in flatpak.Øyvind Kolås4+32-11
2021-06-01 14:18clients: some code clean-up, navvigate between demos with pgup/pgdnØyvind Kolås3+31-20
2021-05-29 14:45docs: document environent variablesØyvind Kolås1+56-0
2021-05-29 14:44ctx: list available backends if invalid backend is passedØyvind Kolås2+25-19
2021-05-28 11:48clients: add test of c pcm apiØyvind Kolås1+77-0
2021-05-28 00:11terminal: fix underlinlingØyvind Kolås1+22-9
2021-05-27 23:41ctx: s/ctx_source_stroke/ctx_stroke_source/Øyvind Kolås7+20-21
2021-05-27 23:26tests: update with new way of setting stroke colorØyvind Kolås14+29-33
2021-05-27 23:05ctx: add env var CTX_DAMAGE_CONTROLØyvind Kolås4+26-17
2021-05-27 22:29tests: update referencesØyvind Kolås2+5-5
2021-05-27 22:24tests: add AA test for fill/stroke with half and integer offsetsØyvind Kolås1+36-0
2021-05-27 21:34ctx: add new command strokeSourceØyvind Kolås13+153-94
2021-05-25 16:31c++: refactoring with casting and block-scope constraintsØyvind Kolås2+5-3
2021-05-25 10:57c++: sprinkle castsØyvind Kolås10+49-20
2021-05-22 11:11docs: updateØyvind Kolås2+17-18
2021-05-22 10:26terminal: keep track of per ctx-context frame_noØyvind Kolås2+12-8
2021-05-22 10:22ctx: add private api for setting frame noØyvind Kolås1+10-5
2021-05-22 10:19ctx: ctx, fflush when entering altscreenØyvind Kolås1+1-0
2021-05-20 20:56terminal: code shuffleØyvind Kolås5+501-476
2021-05-19 11:15terminal: enable motion eventsØyvind Kolås2+6-4
2021-05-18 04:58work towards making ctx cosmopolitanØyvind Kolås30+181-105
2021-05-15 04:27ctx: make audio support separate from alsa supportØyvind Kolås3+12-2
2021-05-15 02:42terminal: move vtpty code into vtØyvind Kolås4+86-53
2021-05-15 02:08terminal: free some extra line dataØyvind Kolås1+10-5
2021-05-15 02:07flatpak: make -j4Øyvind Kolås1+1-1
2021-05-15 00:45ctx-img: stop clamping coordinatesØyvind Kolås1+9-1
2021-05-15 00:44ctx: composite adjust threhsolds for box/nearest filtersØyvind Kolås1+2-2
2021-05-14 10:03clients: rename viewers to ctx-typeØyvind Kolås4+222-284
2021-05-14 09:25ctx-mpg: improve seek keybindingsØyvind Kolås1+271-0
2021-05-14 08:04ctx: rasterizer skip compositor setup in more casesØyvind Kolås1+2-1
2021-05-14 08:01ctx: reintroduce some optimization of ctx_string_replace_utf8Øyvind Kolås1+4-4
2021-05-14 07:56ctx: fb fix regression - lost keyboard inputØyvind Kolås1+7-1
2021-05-14 07:30ctx: string use reallocØyvind Kolås1+1-6
2021-05-14 07:11Revert "ctx: inline some utf8 code in ctx_string_replace_utf8"Øyvind Kolås1+17-66
2021-05-14 06:41pl_mpeg_player: scale to fit windowØyvind Kolås1+10-2
2021-05-14 00:24clients: add pl_mpeg derived playerØyvind Kolås2+4527-0
2021-05-13 23:42ctx: optimize a88dec by doing single derefØyvind Kolås1+8-6
2021-05-13 23:36ctx: audio handle stereo floatØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2021-05-13 21:05ctx: symbol cleanup, ensuring ctx or _ctx prefixØyvind Kolås6+110-118
2021-05-13 21:00terminal: add a screenful to scrollback on clearØyvind Kolås1+12-0
2021-05-13 04:02ctx: selective inlining in rasterizerØyvind Kolås1+3-3
2021-05-13 04:02ctx: inline some utf8 code in ctx_string_replace_utf8Øyvind Kolås1+66-17
2021-05-13 04:00terminal: draw cursor before textØyvind Kolås1+13-10
2021-05-13 01:44ctx: fb,SDL tear down bablØyvind Kolås4+13-7
2021-05-12 20:55ctx,terminal: add fullscreening for terminal on F11 with SDL backendØyvind Kolås2+39-2
2021-05-12 19:33build: fix static target, by forcing no alsaØyvind Kolås2+2-2
2021-05-11 05:45ctx: baseline pcm queuing worksØyvind Kolås4+539-0
2021-05-11 01:42ctx: make a85enc/dec normal functionsØyvind Kolås3+159-142
2021-05-10 00:48ctx: start integration of audio code from mrgØyvind Kolås4+20-0
2021-05-10 00:13ctx: re-add clamping in float to u8 color conversionsØyvind Kolås2+1-8
2021-05-09 05:37terminal: show settings tab/pane when clicking clockØyvind Kolås5+147-78
2021-05-08 23:37terminal: add environment variable CTX_GREENØyvind Kolås1+21-8
2021-05-08 22:50terminal: adjust auto fpsØyvind Kolås1+2-2
2021-05-08 22:04terminal: reimplement variable fpsØyvind Kolås1+23-2
2021-05-08 20:40ctx: fb/drm add mice fd to fds for wakeupØyvind Kolås3+52-22
2021-05-08 19:03terminal: remove rate-adaptive polling intervalsØyvind Kolås1+4-34
2021-05-08 18:19ctx/terminal: use select instead of usleepØyvind Kolås6+86-26
2021-05-08 06:17ctx: add crude SDL_has_event abstractionØyvind Kolås7+50-9
2021-05-04 20:28ctx: add tuning environment variable CTX_SHAPE_CACHEØyvind Kolås3+16-4
2021-05-03 00:49terminal: add legacy computing symbolsØyvind Kolås1+728-0
2021-05-03 00:43terminal: make default terminal fit 2x2 clients at 80 col wideØyvind Kolås1+2-2
2021-05-02 21:01docs: updateØyvind Kolås2+16-0
2021-05-02 20:59terminal: protect against short RGB dataØyvind Kolås2+5-3
2021-04-30 21:58tests: add more coordinates to plot.sh's polylineØyvind Kolås1+15-4
2021-04-30 21:53ctx: parser fix successive line-to curve-to etcØyvind Kolås1+13-3
2021-04-30 21:34terminal: trim dead codeØyvind Kolås2+1-2
2021-04-30 20:10terminal: sync titlebar, itk and terminal font-sizeØyvind Kolås2+11-8
2021-04-30 16:54terminal: draw clock at full font sizeØyvind Kolås2+5-3
2021-04-30 15:28ctx: disable some of the latest rectangualr clip optimizationsØyvind Kolås3+27-4
2021-04-30 15:27update testsØyvind Kolås1+2-1
2021-04-30 14:25docs: remove rectangular clip optimization from todoØyvind Kolås1+1-3
2021-04-30 04:00terminal: lengthen fastest buffer interval slightly to avoid stutterØyvind Kolås5+38-5
2021-04-29 21:58ctx: innerloop shuffling to avoid dereferences inside loopsØyvind Kolås1+12-6
2021-04-29 21:42ctx: force elision of conditionals in ctx_rasterizer_generate_coverageØyvind Kolås1+27-3
2021-04-29 21:32ctx: reshuffle some conditions in clip codeØyvind Kolås1+33-32
2021-04-29 21:09ctx: provide compiler means of inlining aa better in generate_coverageØyvind Kolås2+37-10
2021-04-29 17:19ctx: hasher: use fill|stroke base hashes for stateØyvind Kolås6+89-97
2021-04-29 03:52ctx: term, zero allocated memoryØyvind Kolås1+14-13
2021-04-29 01:56terminal: add vt_use_images for keeping textures aliveØyvind Kolås2+63-5
2021-04-28 22:27ctx: add new env var CTX_TERM_FORCE_FULLØyvind Kolås3+11-2
2021-04-28 21:49ctx: fix scaled offsets for ctx_draw_textureØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2021-04-28 21:24ctx: image_smoothing improvementsØyvind Kolås4+17-7
2021-04-28 18:16docs: updateØyvind Kolås1+9-7
2021-04-28 18:15ctx: pass return key event as "return"Øyvind Kolås1+1-1
2021-04-28 17:03ctx: hasher pass right type to sha1_processØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2021-04-28 17:01terminal: simplify dirty trackingØyvind Kolås2+17-8
2021-04-27 15:13ctx: add base64.hØyvind Kolås3+141-14
2021-04-27 14:20terminal: make control-l restore from ctx events to regular keyboard eventsØyvind Kolås1+2-1
2021-04-27 13:36terminal: accept ctrl-t rather than ctrl-shift-t with term backendØyvind Kolås1+2-1
2021-04-27 03:52itk: use native font size in term backendØyvind Kolås5+20-14
2021-04-27 02:31terminal: change redraw logicØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2021-04-27 02:11ctx: factor samplers out in subfunctionsØyvind Kolås1+264-96
2021-04-27 01:24ctx: start factoring texture fragmentsØyvind Kolås3+165-44
2021-04-26 20:59ctx: move babl calls out of composite, to make reuse of ctx-avx2.o possibleØyvind Kolås4+54-47
2021-04-26 20:37ctx: add environment variable CTX_HASH_CACHEØyvind Kolås1+10-0
2021-04-26 03:30ctx: term port 256color mapping from tvØyvind Kolås1+78-14
2021-04-26 03:02clients/gifplay: simplifyØyvind Kolås1+0-13
2021-04-25 21:33cliens/gifplay remove unused codeØyvind Kolås1+19-202
2021-04-24 23:59ctx: implement color management for texturesØyvind Kolås5+65-11
2021-04-24 22:33ctx: s/source.image/source.textureØyvind Kolås4+32-26
2021-04-24 22:25ctx: s/CTX_SOURCE_IMAGE/CTX_SOURCE_TEXTURE/Øyvind Kolås4+13-13
2021-04-23 16:47ctx: term take transform into account for positioning glyphsØyvind Kolås1+10-4
2021-04-23 02:32ctx: term add ascii-mono modeØyvind Kolås1+22-69
2021-04-23 02:12ctx: term add separate braille-mono modeØyvind Kolås3+27-9
2021-04-22 22:57ctx: term, removal of dead codeØyvind Kolås1+0-306
2021-04-22 17:55ctx: term: factor out fg/bg color pickingØyvind Kolås2+139-200
2021-04-22 04:21ctx: term add CTX_TERM_MODE env-varØyvind Kolås1+47-21
2021-04-22 02:46ctx: extend term to all rows/colsØyvind Kolås3+193-34
2021-04-21 21:17add quarter modeØyvind Kolås2+118-2
2021-04-21 21:02ctx: add code paths for braille and quarter blocksØyvind Kolås2+359-175
2021-04-21 19:46ctx: make cellwidth/height in terminal backend configurableØyvind Kolås5+58-37
2021-04-21 19:21ctx: tweak terminal outputØyvind Kolås2+302-260
2021-04-21 16:52terminal: special case legacy computing sextantsØyvind Kolås1+89-0
2021-04-21 03:02ctx: dont crash when glyphs are added outside canvasØyvind Kolås3+7-8
2021-04-21 01:14ctx: do 3 iterations of k-means clustering to find color pairØyvind Kolås2+50-50
2021-04-21 00:14ctx: move terminal to sextant blocksØyvind Kolås3+88-21
2021-04-19 23:49rename braille backend to termØyvind Kolås9+661-627
2021-04-19 02:14kitty termimg-backend kind of working in ctxØyvind Kolås1+8-2
2021-04-19 01:50move base64 implementation to ctxØyvind Kolås3+10-126
2021-04-19 01:40ctx: work towards termimg backendØyvind Kolås5+201-10
2021-04-19 01:34terminal: prepare base64 code for ctx migrationØyvind Kolås4+16-146
2021-04-19 00:25ctx: braille backend refactoringØyvind Kolås1+111-30
2021-04-18 18:39terminal: in braille-mode do not special case block glyphsØyvind Kolås1+7-2
2021-04-18 03:47ctx: keep track of terminal contentsØyvind Kolås5+163-25
2021-04-16 21:17ctx: reset style at end of drawing in braille modeØyvind Kolås1+12-11
2021-04-16 20:52ctx: propagate bg color of text to terminalØyvind Kolås2+27-24
2021-04-16 19:05ctx: keep track of foreground color of text in braille rendererØyvind Kolås2+42-12
2021-04-16 19:04terminal: do not do fake bolding with braille rendererØyvind Kolås1+3-1
2021-04-16 18:05skip building i486 binary - the avx part crashes gcc nowØyvind Kolås2+6-6
2021-04-14 20:23color: Add ctx_rgba8_stroke()Rahix2+7-0
2021-04-16 16:58docs: updateØyvind Kolås4+38-11
2021-04-16 16:41move duktape bindings out of repoØyvind Kolås2+9-18
2021-04-15 23:47itk: make 4-way keynav work, fix refcountingØyvind Kolås1+108-35
2021-04-15 22:47ctx: permit text in font-sizes 3.5-4.5 to be passed through to terminalØyvind Kolås3+25-3
2021-04-15 22:35ctx: make braille text also apply to glyphsØyvind Kolås2+33-11
2021-04-15 22:17ctx.c: explicitly ask for non-braille textØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2021-04-15 22:16terminal: do fake bold with double fill instead of stroke+fillØyvind Kolås1+3-3
2021-04-15 19:09itk: require entering sliders to adjust themØyvind Kolås1+33-15
2021-04-15 02:54ctx: move braille_text related bits to end of rasterizerØyvind Kolås1+6-6
2021-04-15 02:32docs: updateØyvind Kolås1+21-8
2021-04-15 02:07flatkpak: depend on babl-0.1.86Øyvind Kolås1+1-1
2021-04-14 00:14ctx: improve subimage texture source useØyvind Kolås1+12-2
2021-04-13 01:03remove some texture debuggingØyvind Kolås4+21-66
2021-04-13 01:01ctx: detect rectangular clips , and use bounds insteadØyvind Kolås2+126-7
2021-04-12 18:07fix base-uri when running raw jsØyvind Kolås5+16-7
2021-04-11 03:08ctx: move curl fetching from js to ctxØyvind Kolås3+78-27
2021-04-10 23:36clients: add gifplay exampleØyvind Kolås2+501-2
2021-04-10 23:33ctx: build with native grayscale compositor by defaultØyvind Kolås6+30-28
2021-04-10 23:10ctx: slight shuffle in rasterizer_clip_applyØyvind Kolås3+12-4
2021-04-10 23:08ctx: remove outdated comment about restrictions of clipØyvind Kolås1+0-3
2021-04-10 05:00kind of working texture caching policy in terminals.. move mouse and textures are unexpectedly lost...Øyvind Kolås2+25-10
2021-04-09 19:46improve hashing with changing texturesØyvind Kolås7+81-15
2021-04-03 04:35fix url handlingØyvind Kolås1+12-8
2021-04-03 04:08rename _ctx_file_get_contents to ctx_get_contentsØyvind Kolås9+61-41
2021-04-02 04:09build: fix build of ctx.static from scratchØyvind Kolås3+5-20
2021-04-02 03:57get rid of ctx-sse2.oØyvind Kolås2+9-7
2021-04-02 03:47get rid of ctx-mmx.oØyvind Kolås4+8-29
2021-04-02 03:41add missing file thash.hØyvind Kolås1+495-0
2021-04-02 03:13docs updateØyvind Kolås3+31-50
2021-04-02 01:16fb/drm: fix draw of cursor for non-arrow shapesØyvind Kolås2+22-9
2021-04-01 16:36include garrulus in buildØyvind Kolås2+7-4
2021-04-01 01:14fix static build (without libcurl)Øyvind Kolås5+11-8
2021-04-01 00:37improving commandlineØyvind Kolås4+48-24
2021-03-31 23:41events: propagate keycode of up/down events through to terminalØyvind Kolås4+50-16
2021-03-31 22:24js: add movementX and movementY properties to eventsØyvind Kolås1+1-2
2021-03-31 21:35sdl: keep track of modifier keys in modifier stateØyvind Kolås1+26-0
2021-03-31 21:20key event improvementsØyvind Kolås5+42-9
2021-03-31 02:50implement keydown and keyup for sdl backendØyvind Kolås5+195-69
2021-03-31 00:43events: start using KEY_PRESS rather than KEY_DOWNØyvind Kolås5+33-41
2021-03-31 00:24sdl: maintain shift statusØyvind Kolås2+9-4
2021-03-29 05:28pass Date.now() to requestAnimationFrame callbackØyvind Kolås2+5-0
2021-03-28 21:16improve hashing of tokenhashØyvind Kolås2+214-213
2021-03-28 19:47replace hashing with non-final tokenhashØyvind Kolås14+677-728
2021-03-27 00:02build: fix reference to missing fileØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2021-03-26 23:33tests: add a couple more testsØyvind Kolås2+40-0
2021-03-26 23:27rasterizer: improve arc renderingØyvind Kolås2+8-7
2021-03-26 22:23harmonize gradient cache settings in simd buildsØyvind Kolås3+3-3
2021-03-26 22:01docs updateØyvind Kolås1+40-8
2021-03-18 01:18implement consts for nodetypeØyvind Kolås2+1-1
2021-03-17 23:30own file for dom implementationØyvind Kolås2+1-2
2021-03-17 02:31add new call ctx_font_familyØyvind Kolås2+9-1
2021-03-16 21:25implement more bits of htmldomØyvind Kolås2+3-3
2021-03-15 03:05start using curlØyvind Kolås2+19-6
2021-03-15 01:15js: implement drawImageØyvind Kolås1+4-4
2021-03-14 23:38code cosmeticsØyvind Kolås1+5-2
2021-03-14 22:04add duktape as js engineØyvind Kolås2+19-7
2021-03-14 20:41implement add_stop_stringØyvind Kolås4+76-35
2021-03-12 23:58ctx: implement non-flushed/synced ctx_get_image_dataØyvind Kolås1+31-1
2021-03-12 22:03tests: update referencesØyvind Kolås3+11-2
2021-03-12 21:27ctx: dead code removalØyvind Kolås2+0-14
2021-03-12 20:14ctx: skip an allocation/copy of textures when defining themØyvind Kolås2+21-5
2021-03-12 19:49ctx: propagate texture-space to defined texturesØyvind Kolås4+251-5
2021-03-12 17:05tests: set stroke colors separatelyØyvind Kolås14+20-18
2021-03-12 16:56ctx: s/fillText/text/Øyvind Kolås14+80-82
2021-03-12 16:50ctx: incorporate stroking suffix in formatterØyvind Kolås1+20-13
2021-03-12 16:40adapt sources to change with stroke variants of colorØyvind Kolås6+23-9
2021-03-12 16:12ctx: add stroke style variants of color settersØyvind Kolås3+80-21
2021-03-12 15:50ctx: a85 disable zØyvind Kolås2+5-3
2021-03-12 15:16ctx: unify color setting code flowØyvind Kolås5+158-144
2021-03-12 14:19ctx: use dynamic resizing buffer for parser hold sizeØyvind Kolås3+35-6
2021-03-12 01:20... and back aganØyvind Kolås9+139-86
2021-03-12 01:07there...Øyvind Kolås15+237-186
2021-03-11 22:47ctx: increase ctx detection timeout to 60msØyvind Kolås2+5-2
2021-03-11 21:18terminal: pass mouse modes through format in printfØyvind Kolås1+3-3
2021-03-11 20:30src: fix invalid access in kerning pair parsingØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2021-03-11 19:03c++: add needed castsØyvind Kolås12+57-39
2021-03-11 18:36build: update with configure depØyvind Kolås1+1-0
2021-03-11 18:28ctx: restore plain ctx_text and ctx_text_strokeØyvind Kolås11+66-47
2021-03-11 18:03use configure in flatpakØyvind Kolås1+1-0
2021-03-11 17:56add a configure.sh scriptØyvind Kolås3+55-16
2021-03-11 17:50ctx: code reorgØyvind Kolås8+71-19
2021-03-09 19:45terminal: parse a subset of terminal palette setting used by ametameric correctlyØyvind Kolås1+9-7
2021-03-09 19:29terminal: implement setting of palette entries, for now - overrides *all* tabsØyvind Kolås4+242-197
2021-03-09 18:25ctx: start adding handling of color space for texturesØyvind Kolås10+94-37
2021-03-09 17:13ctx: s/CtxRectangle/CtxIntRectangle/gØyvind Kolås6+21-19
2021-03-09 17:03ctx: add implementation of setTransformØyvind Kolås2+9-4
2021-03-09 17:03clients: s/ctx_text /ctx_fill_text /Øyvind Kolås1+5-5
2021-03-09 17:01terminal: complete refactoring from ctx_textØyvind Kolås1+8-8
2021-03-09 14:30slight size increase with API additionsØyvind Kolås4+8-8
2021-03-09 11:05implement line_dash_offsetØyvind Kolås8+30-5
2021-03-09 02:04ctx: api fix text apis to be fill_text and stroke_text, harmonizing with HTML5 canvasØyvind Kolås21+157-131
2021-03-09 01:18ctx: implement image smoothingØyvind Kolås9+101-57
2021-03-09 00:53s/textStroke/strokeText/gØyvind Kolås4+4-5
2021-03-09 00:37implement bilinear filteringØyvind Kolås2+95-5
2021-03-08 23:51implement get_image_data for same formatØyvind Kolås2+12-12
2021-03-08 23:33possibly implemented get image data for same formatØyvind Kolås1+16-9
2021-03-08 23:02ctx: make 1bit images show up as black|whiteØyvind Kolås2+4-1
2021-03-08 22:33svg: do not force presence of viewboxØyvind Kolås1+10-6
2021-03-08 22:27demo: test more texture formats and 128x128 texturesØyvind Kolås3+6-6
2021-03-08 22:17ctx: re-enable interframe compressionØyvind Kolås7+20-7
2021-03-08 20:59convert: parse viewboxØyvind Kolås4+46-3
2021-03-08 20:04ctx: use a <32 ascii value for ctx backreference codecØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2021-03-08 19:21ctx: warn on unexpected data_size for define_TextureØyvind Kolås6+43-12
2021-03-08 17:24ctx: make conts_for_entry include dataØyvind Kolås2+19-39
2021-03-08 11:25ctx: prepare for a get_image_data shortcutØyvind Kolås5+24-8
2021-03-07 18:55ctx: refactoring making code common between fb and sdlØyvind Kolås3+289-439
2021-03-07 16:01ctx: s/CtxThreaded/CtxTiled/Øyvind Kolås1+6-6
2021-03-07 15:59ctx: s/CtxThreaded/CtxTiled/Øyvind Kolås5+133-133
2021-03-07 15:58start abstracting threading code out of sdlØyvind Kolås5+221-187
2021-03-07 14:43somwhat working over the wire texturesØyvind Kolås9+45-31
2021-03-06 02:06ctx: refactor texture drawing commandsØyvind Kolås4+58-50
2021-03-06 00:59add utility function ctx_pixel_format_get_strideØyvind Kolås5+74-36
2021-03-06 00:32ctx: implement ctx_draw_image and ctx_draw_image_clippedØyvind Kolås4+71-28
2021-03-06 00:02demo: add a texture test to demoØyvind Kolås4+103-9
2021-03-06 00:00terminal: adjust automatic bandwidth tuningØyvind Kolås1+22-8
2021-03-05 14:06ctx: implement one frame lagged eid validityØyvind Kolås4+120-46
2021-03-05 13:21ctx: implement put_image_dataØyvind Kolås3+59-43
2021-03-04 21:32fix texture_loadØyvind Kolås3+53-15
2021-03-04 20:26ctx: fix compilation without threads when CTX_EVENTS=0Øyvind Kolås2+15-0
2021-03-04 20:08fix readback of ctx test responseØyvind Kolås3+17-9
2021-03-04 19:07pass stride to define_textureØyvind Kolås5+48-26
2021-03-04 18:42ctx: make defineTexture also set texture sourceØyvind Kolås4+24-19
2021-03-01 21:04ctx: refactor texture handlingØyvind Kolås13+346-126
2021-03-01 20:10docs: updateØyvind Kolås1+47-19
2021-03-01 19:58terminal: set CTX_BACKEND to ctx, avoiding 100ms lag on startupØyvind Kolås1+2-1
2021-03-01 19:46ctx: query terminal for ctx capabilityØyvind Kolås1+44-4
2021-02-28 19:02docs updateØyvind Kolås3+129-78
2021-02-27 17:47implement file overrides for get_contentsØyvind Kolås1+55-0
2021-02-27 16:38terminal: relay title of active client to SDLØyvind Kolås1+26-5
2021-02-25 23:56ctx: fix initial ghost cursor in fb|drm backendØyvind Kolås2+4-5
2021-02-23 18:23ctx: check/actively ignore some return valuesØyvind Kolås4+29-14
2021-02-10 01:55ctx: refactor texture handles to be stringsØyvind Kolås17+585-432
2021-02-10 01:33ctx: reorder position of a85 to be after config in source indexØyvind Kolås4+3-6
2021-02-09 19:26tools: add simple terminal engine fuzzerØyvind Kolås1+82-0
2021-02-09 01:49flatpak: fix metadata to get rid of extra stdout windowØyvind Kolås5+19-16
2021-02-09 04:02terminal: code cleanupsØyvind Kolås1+29-39
2021-02-09 02:50ctx: temporarily unset clip_buffer when rendering shape cacheØyvind Kolås1+3-0
2021-02-08 21:07revert to dejavu mono, bigger but more legibleØyvind Kolås2+10-2
2021-02-08 20:20terminal: drop dependency on -lutil, implement own forkptyØyvind Kolås2+56-6
2021-02-07 05:35docs: updateØyvind Kolås1+2-1
2021-02-07 05:29ctx: more C++ catering castsØyvind Kolås3+8-7
2021-02-07 05:18docs: updateØyvind Kolås1+29-25
2021-02-07 04:56ctx: move conditional out of hotpath loopØyvind Kolås4+62-48
2021-02-07 04:00ctx: make shape-cache work during clipØyvind Kolås1+21-6
2021-02-07 02:37ctx: SDL2 do subtexture - instead of full updatesØyvind Kolås1+6-6
2021-02-07 01:18ctx: add envvar for forcing glyph caching (wrongly) under clipØyvind Kolås2+6-5
2021-02-07 01:12ctx: for completeness add ctx_renderer_is_ctxØyvind Kolås1+9-1
2021-02-07 01:11terminal: bail resizing when it occurs in ctx modeØyvind Kolås2+12-7
2021-02-06 22:01ctx: remove specific license from ctx-string.[ch]Øyvind Kolås2+0-36
2021-02-06 00:15ctx: free shape cache on resterizer teardownØyvind Kolås1+37-22
2021-02-05 20:57ctx: set shape cache entires to 384Øyvind Kolås1+1-1
2021-02-05 20:16terminal: add CTX_DEBUG_SHAPE_CACHE env varØyvind Kolås1+6-1
2021-02-05 20:14ctx: fix regression introduced when testing fs glyph backendØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2021-02-05 19:21ctx: fix positioning of cached sourcesØyvind Kolås2+6-1
2021-02-05 03:52ctx: alternate primes for shape cache hashingØyvind Kolås3+13-8
2021-02-05 00:25ctx: get rid of all but one goto in ctx_rasterizer_fillØyvind Kolås3+117-158
2021-02-04 01:58remove age member from shape cacheØyvind Kolås2+2-8
2021-02-04 01:56shape cache remove refsØyvind Kolås2+0-5
2021-02-04 01:49cache proddingØyvind Kolås1+1-3
2021-02-04 01:19make shape_caches per rasterizer instead of globalØyvind Kolås4+59-55
2021-02-04 00:53ctx: remove shape_cache_mutexØyvind Kolås1+0-11
2021-02-04 00:50ctx: only use shape cache with unclipped shapesØyvind Kolås2+42-65
2021-02-03 05:06ctx: refactoring of texture implementationØyvind Kolås1+26-60
2021-02-03 04:50ctx: remove unused/unimplemented texture_load_memoryØyvind Kolås4+13-70
2021-02-03 02:45tests: update referenceØyvind Kolås7+226-71
2021-01-31 22:03ctx: update linejoin with simpler full arcØyvind Kolås3+10-1
2021-01-31 21:00ctx: return width/height when decoding image filesØyvind Kolås4+40-26
2021-01-31 21:00terminal: change TERM to better match support levelØyvind Kolås1+3-3
2021-01-31 06:24itk: use more complete arcs, now that ctx renders it properlyØyvind Kolås1+2-2
2021-01-31 04:38terminal: fix double tap to select wordØyvind Kolås1+9-14
2021-01-31 02:56itk: add extra reference to slidersØyvind Kolås3+18-6
2021-01-31 02:23terminal: improve handling of commandline to launch inside terminalØyvind Kolås2+7-12
2021-01-29 18:48clients/plot.sh: stroke after transform.Øyvind Kolås2+8-19
2021-01-26 21:00ctx: fix list_link removeØyvind Kolås1+5-8
2021-01-20 20:05ctx: file_set_contents, and strdup_printfØyvind Kolås6+72-23
2021-01-18 21:15ctx: implement list find_custom, insert sorted, concat and remove_linkØyvind Kolås1+62-9
2021-01-16 18:05docs: add pid1 screenshotØyvind Kolås1+4-1
2021-01-16 18:04terminal: issue reboot --force on shutdown when pid==1Øyvind Kolås1+2-5
2021-01-16 01:34terminal: fix crash on quitØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2021-01-15 20:22terminal: remount / rw and mount -a if pid==1Øyvind Kolås2+34-4
2021-01-15 01:40terminal: add a mini-mode to panelØyvind Kolås1+20-0
2021-01-14 17:13ctx: disable screenshot by default to avoid depsØyvind Kolås3+9-3
2021-01-14 01:33terminal: do not draw panel/titlebars when having one maximized clientØyvind Kolås2+43-14
2021-01-14 01:02ctx: implement an internal screenshot launch actionØyvind Kolås6+62-7
2021-01-13 21:59ctx: add ctx_set_texture_sourceØyvind Kolås7+15-9
2021-01-12 17:30ctx: s/RENDERSTREAM/DRAWLIST/Øyvind Kolås9+27-27
2021-01-11 18:50ctx: add a file-system backed font backendØyvind Kolås11+181-51
2021-01-12 17:19ctx: parser fix handling of compact negative argsØyvind Kolås2+146-4
2021-01-10 22:26ctx: simplify access of unaligned dash arrayØyvind Kolås1+4-5
2021-01-10 10:01ctx: Fix unaligned access in ctx_rasterizer_line_dash()Rahix1+5-1
2021-01-10 22:04ctx: implement serialization and parsing for kerningPair and defineGlyphØyvind Kolås6+86-26
2021-01-09 19:17ctx: remove ctx_paint vestige in headerØyvind Kolås1+0-1
2021-01-07 20:11ctx: add define glyph and kerning to formatterØyvind Kolås1+31-0
2021-01-05 14:48ctx: keep kerning info with each glyphØyvind Kolås8+149-32
2021-01-05 14:45docs: updateØyvind Kolås2+2-0
2021-01-05 00:12ctx: s/renderstream/drawlist/Øyvind Kolås15+184-183
2020-12-29 00:08stb_image: silence stray gcc warningØyvind Kolås1+2-0
2020-12-28 20:36clients: add plot.sh a minimal shell script drawing a plotØyvind Kolås1+38-0
2020-12-28 15:59ctx: more C++ casting contortionsØyvind Kolås8+19-19
2020-12-28 15:50ctx: make some casts more palatable for C++Øyvind Kolås7+15-15
2020-12-28 12:43ctx: pass stride to texture_initØyvind Kolås5+32-5
2020-12-25 17:56doc updateØyvind Kolås1+22-16
2020-12-25 17:04ctx: move line width adjustment for transform to strokingØyvind Kolås1+19-16
2020-12-25 16:55ctx: improving dashingØyvind Kolås2+5-1
2020-12-24 01:45ctx: reshuffle to make pixel_format info funs available outisde CTX_EVENTS ifdefØyvind Kolås4+29-26
2020-12-23 16:48ctx convert: treat uknown suffix input as ctxØyvind Kolås1+3-1
2020-12-23 16:19ctx: fix potential crashers in luminance blend modeØyvind Kolås1+4-4
2020-12-23 01:43ctx: flip rect coords based on xcoords onlyØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2020-12-23 01:02ctx: make arc more robustØyvind Kolås1+11-6
2020-12-22 23:34ctx: protect line_dash from 0.0/negative dashesØyvind Kolås1+2-1
2020-12-22 15:13ctx: ugly hack to reduce "hang" in ctx_sinf on odd inputsØyvind Kolås2+29-1
2020-12-22 14:39ctx: fix use of texture_init in rasterizerØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2020-12-22 14:25docs: updateØyvind Kolås1+19-19
2020-12-22 14:25ctx: limit radian of arc to -10 .. 10 range to avoid DOS hangsØyvind Kolås1+10-0
2020-12-22 14:19pass CtxPixelFormat as format to ctx_texture_initØyvind Kolås3+29-6
2020-12-21 22:36make texture_init take a CtxPixelFormatØyvind Kolås5+17-6
2020-12-21 21:25build: remove DEP_CFLAGS from ctx-nosdl.oØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2020-12-21 21:22ctx: adjust special enum handling of parser to be up to 32Øyvind Kolås1+2-2
2020-12-21 21:20ctx: make parser accept commands up to 150Øyvind Kolås1+2-2
2020-12-21 21:12ctx: remove further references to set/getØyvind Kolås3+10-25
2020-12-21 20:59ctx: use d for lineDash in protocolØyvind Kolås2+12-11
2020-12-21 18:24get rid of unused CTX_SET | CTX_GETØyvind Kolås7+5-61
2020-12-21 18:18further protocol shakeupØyvind Kolås1+26-43
2020-12-21 18:10protocol shakeupØyvind Kolås5+112-112
2020-12-21 16:42ctx: remove CTX_FUNCTIONØyvind Kolås2+3-15
2020-12-19 14:07ctx: remove debug fprintf in mcu codepathsØyvind Kolås2+68-70
2020-12-19 00:19ctx: rasterizer improve arc handlingØyvind Kolås3+9-10
2020-12-19 00:06update docs and referenceØyvind Kolås3+277-1
2020-12-19 00:02working dashesØyvind Kolås1+27-11
2020-12-18 23:12dashing working with reset per sub segmentØyvind Kolås4+128-7
2020-12-18 21:30ctx: remove some unneeded copies in drawlist iteratorØyvind Kolås2+51-63
2020-12-18 21:25ctx: dashes passed all the way to rasterizerØyvind Kolås1+2-1
2020-12-18 21:17fix regression due to start of dash handlingØyvind Kolås5+12-9
2020-12-18 19:36ctx: fix build without bablØyvind Kolås1+6-0
2020-12-18 19:30ctx: handle lineDash in parserØyvind Kolås5+83-53
2020-12-18 12:10ctx: simplify some a85 codeØyvind Kolås1+16-14
2020-12-16 11:08docs: updateØyvind Kolås1+8-10
2020-12-15 20:23ctx: colorspace cleanupsØyvind Kolås4+17-14
2020-12-15 19:47ctx: color manage rgba8 correctlyØyvind Kolås1+5-3
2020-12-15 19:44support more literal RGB spacesØyvind Kolås1+6-4
2020-12-15 19:20tweak cursor colorØyvind Kolås1+2-1
2020-12-15 18:46ctx: fb/SDL use icc profile /tmp/ctx.icc if it existsØyvind Kolås6+49-11
2020-12-14 20:23ctx: implement RGB color space handling with ICC/bablØyvind Kolås11+159-137
2020-12-14 13:57ctx: tune a85decØyvind Kolås2+20-9
2020-12-13 23:40ctx: permit a85 encoded strings/blobsØyvind Kolås3+150-0
2020-12-11 08:26start towards babl icc integrationØyvind Kolås9+179-23
2020-12-09 07:45ctx: revert to internal fonts in binaryØyvind Kolås5+10-10
2020-12-09 04:55terminal: new tab button in headerØyvind Kolås1+16-4
2020-12-09 04:32itk: add itk_main that does setup and spinningØyvind Kolås4+39-69
2020-12-08 21:24ctx: in rasterizer transform bounds of curve_toØyvind Kolås1+5-9
2020-12-08 21:03attempts at forcing begin_path before glyphsØyvind Kolås3+9-6
2020-12-08 19:32terminal/wm: implement maximized == tabs behaviorØyvind Kolås4+218-85
2020-12-07 03:14ctx: do not crash when ctx_text and co are passed NULLØyvind Kolås1+6-0
2020-12-07 01:41ctx: initialize mono fonts after regularØyvind Kolås3+14-12
2020-12-07 01:32terminal: fixupØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2020-12-07 01:29use raw NotoMono as built in mono fontØyvind Kolås6+35-8
2020-12-07 01:28terminal: center window titlesØyvind Kolås3+8-9
2020-12-05 06:42terminal: fix vertical positioning of ctx drawingsØyvind Kolås1+6-2
2020-12-05 04:01docs: remove clip todoØyvind Kolås1+0-3
2020-12-05 03:59remove global clip workaroundsØyvind Kolås2+0-6
2020-12-05 03:01ctx: clipping path stackØyvind Kolås2+116-25
2020-12-02 05:12ctx: config shufflingØyvind Kolås5+47-38
2020-12-02 04:40rearrange datastructures to work with different stringpool size in composite vs coreØyvind Kolås6+27-14
2020-12-02 03:18itk: fix refcounting of controlsØyvind Kolås1+15-3
2020-12-02 02:57terminal: call itk_freeØyvind Kolås1+1-0
2020-12-02 02:52ctx: free strings of key name per key press eventØyvind Kolås1+4-2
2020-12-02 00:22switch default AA to 5Øyvind Kolås1+1-1
2020-12-01 09:42itk: make entries without a title fill widthØyvind Kolås4+51-39
2020-12-01 08:24fonts: remove unwarranted non-working workaround for rasterizer spikesØyvind Kolås3+4-6
2020-12-01 08:10ctx: add basic handling of arc in ctx_path_extentsØyvind Kolås2+18-6
2020-12-01 07:52terminal: tune latencyØyvind Kolås1+20-15
2020-12-01 05:39terminal: shorten scrollback 1024 lines at a timeØyvind Kolås1+1-4
2020-12-01 04:56ctx: make compile time AA setting be the aa levels of CTX_ANTIALIAS_DEFAULTØyvind Kolås6+8-9
2020-12-01 04:55demo: draw a few different polycons and arcs in drag testØyvind Kolås2+34-10
2020-12-01 04:49ctx: do subtexture update in SDL backendØyvind Kolås1+27-5
2020-12-01 01:51ctx: improve hasher handling of text_alignØyvind Kolås1+4-0
2020-11-30 06:41terminal: autoadjust time spent reading vts per frame on throughputØyvind Kolås2+14-10
2020-11-30 05:59ctx: simplify stroke in hasherØyvind Kolås1+4-4
2020-11-30 05:59terminal: improve coverage of dterm sequencesØyvind Kolås1+13-4
2020-11-30 05:05ctx: extend hashrect for stroke by line_widthØyvind Kolås1+4-20
2020-11-29 08:13adjust throughputØyvind Kolås2+10-9
2020-11-29 07:51itk: make terminal background transparentØyvind Kolås1+6-3
2020-11-29 07:03terminal: increase default audiobuffer size to 1024Øyvind Kolås2+8-10
2020-11-29 06:24ctx: add damage control debug modeØyvind Kolås4+36-22
2020-11-29 05:37rasterizer: transform move_to for bounds checksØyvind Kolås1+10-3
2020-11-29 05:36hasher: account for centered and end aligned textØyvind Kolås1+27-7
2020-11-29 02:24test-size: do strip with gcc -sØyvind Kolås1+1-3
2020-11-28 05:41terminal: make maximize respect top-panelØyvind Kolås1+56-15
2020-11-28 03:03terminal: opt out of bitpack packerØyvind Kolås2+3-2
2020-11-28 02:52fontgen: skip begin_path commandØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2020-11-28 02:49ctx: issue begin_path before each glyphØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2020-11-28 01:36vt: abide in clearing scrollbackØyvind Kolås1+10-4
2020-11-28 00:46docs: updateØyvind Kolås1+4-8
2020-11-28 00:46terminal: try to avoid a use after free race in resizeØyvind Kolås1+3-1
2020-11-28 00:04terminal: fix cursor positioning in w3mØyvind Kolås6+23-12
2020-11-27 23:53terminal: fix shifting of style when removing charsØyvind Kolås1+5-0
2020-11-27 22:57ctx: mostly fix resize in ctx backendØyvind Kolås4+57-53
2020-11-27 21:42terminal: default to 3x85 AA - the adaptive aa has brokenØyvind Kolås3+10-7
2020-11-27 21:40terminal: do not create new tabs above screenØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2020-11-27 21:40terminal: issue a begin_path after each drawn lineØyvind Kolås1+1-0
2020-11-27 21:40ctx: do a discarded ctx_get_event in ctx_new_ui, which is needed for some backendsØyvind Kolås3+20-11
2020-11-27 03:08composite: fix fallout from strict aliasing evasionØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2020-11-27 02:58events: compile ticks code only when events are enabledØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2020-11-27 02:46color: make sure a struct is 0 initializedØyvind Kolås2+3-2
2020-11-27 02:19use correct fallthrough commentØyvind Kolås6+21-9
2020-11-27 01:22composite: evade some strict aliasing warningsØyvind Kolås2+60-33
2020-11-27 00:41rasterizer: fix reset of gradient cacheØyvind Kolås1+3-1
2020-11-26 02:07braille: hide cursor while updating viewØyvind Kolås1+2-0
2020-11-25 00:54fonts: trim down latin subsetØyvind Kolås4+7-3
2020-11-24 04:57test-size: also report formatter sizeØyvind Kolås2+61-2
2020-11-24 04:30mark some bitss with fallthrough attributeØyvind Kolås6+12-10
2020-11-24 03:48cleaning up compiler messages from card10Øyvind Kolås4+9-5
2020-11-24 03:24ctx: clean up warnings about unused functions encountered on some configurationsØyvind Kolås6+66-16
2020-11-23 23:10ctx: implement our own callocØyvind Kolås17+74-39
2020-11-23 23:10rasterizer: handle 180 rotated rectangles in fast pathØyvind Kolås1+15-6
2020-11-21 00:07terminal: limit select-drag scroll to visible areaØyvind Kolås1+16-4
2020-11-20 23:08ctx: re-enable iterators default caseØyvind Kolås1+3-3
2020-11-20 06:31terminal: drag to scroll in selectØyvind Kolås1+2-0
2020-11-20 00:19terminal: use drag events instead of plain press/release to also get out-of viewport eventØyvind Kolås2+5-5
2020-11-19 01:47terminal: fix copying/primary selection from scrollbackØyvind Kolås2+24-12
2020-11-18 05:30add missing files ctx-sse2.c and ctx-mmx.cØyvind Kolås3+35-1
2020-11-18 04:13fb: indentationØyvind Kolås1+26-28
2020-11-18 02:06ctx: make ctx_set_renderstream be mostly a memcpy wrapperØyvind Kolås3+26-10
2020-11-18 01:52fb: add comment about threads and cachesØyvind Kolås1+6-2
2020-11-18 01:30terminal: disallow resizes giving zero or negative width/heightØyvind Kolås4+81-57
2020-11-17 22:13terminal: clip when drawing imagesØyvind Kolås1+6-0
2020-11-17 06:59terminal: add newlines in vt_get_selectionØyvind Kolås1+1-0
2020-11-17 06:11terminal: complete hotspots for resize of active windowØyvind Kolås2+46-2
2020-11-17 05:52terminal: cross client/tab middle mouse paste of selectionØyvind Kolås1+38-5
2020-11-17 05:32compiler warnings cleanup, check return values of ioctlsØyvind Kolås4+50-44
2020-11-17 05:04ctx: rename fbdev backend to fb, since it now encompasses DRMØyvind Kolås2+1-1
2020-11-17 05:03ctx: implement a clipboard for fbØyvind Kolås3+70-3
2020-11-17 04:19terminal/ctx: move clipboard implementation to ctxØyvind Kolås7+51-11
2020-11-17 03:50terminal: more dterm window management coverageØyvind Kolås5+155-29
2020-11-16 22:40ctx: add per cflags suffix to RGBA8 composite funcsØyvind Kolås1+24-24
2020-11-16 20:07remove unused CTX_REPEAT_HISTORYØyvind Kolås5+1-9
2020-11-16 19:25formatter: code tidyingØyvind Kolås1+47-127
2020-11-16 08:14ctx: make inter frame compression time limitedØyvind Kolås1+11-5
2020-11-16 08:06ctx: make clip reset hack tolerant on which axis matchØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2020-11-16 07:37fbdev: only copy changed tilesØyvind Kolås1+23-4
2020-11-16 07:16fbdev: try to make resilient against /dev/input/mice not being availableØyvind Kolås1+7-5
2020-11-16 06:46fbdev: refresh vt for fbdev caseØyvind Kolås1+14-1
2020-11-16 06:40fbdev: repaint on switch toØyvind Kolås2+3-2
2020-11-16 06:19fbdev: make cursor responsiveØyvind Kolås1+8-2
2020-11-16 04:33fbdev: drop/set master on vt switch for drmØyvind Kolås1+4-0
2020-11-16 04:10ctx: refactor frame ather of fbdev/sdlØyvind Kolås3+61-50
2020-11-16 03:03fb: remove debug printing at startupØyvind Kolås1+5-7
2020-11-16 02:59ensure previous frame is fully rendered on resetØyvind Kolås6+29-13
2020-11-16 02:42ctx: directly handle atomic ctx codes in iteratorØyvind Kolås3+60-2
2020-11-16 02:41fbdev: make drm mode switch vts correctlyØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2020-11-16 02:41terminal: tweak throughputØyvind Kolås1+7-6
2020-11-16 01:52ctx: default to DRM over fbdevØyvind Kolås1+4-8
2020-11-16 01:28fbdev: working quit from DRMØyvind Kolås4+20-19
2020-11-16 00:41fb/drm: use cnd_broadcast to wake threadsØyvind Kolås2+16-10
2020-11-16 00:33sdl2: use c11 threads, and cond broadcastØyvind Kolås1+10-9
2020-11-15 23:48fooØyvind Kolås1+9-1
2020-11-15 23:03reduce thread sleep timesØyvind Kolås5+10-16
2020-11-14 23:13improve sw cursorØyvind Kolås2+25-10
2020-11-14 21:17terminal: unset CTX_BACKEND env var for clientsØyvind Kolås1+1-0
2020-11-14 21:15ctx: increase hash cols to 32Øyvind Kolås1+1-1
2020-11-14 20:45terminal: permit unmaximizingØyvind Kolås1+25-1
2020-11-14 20:39fb: improve DRM - it now kind of worksØyvind Kolås2+40-20
2020-11-14 19:17terminal: fix location of current line upon resizeØyvind Kolås1+25-21
2020-11-14 07:17make maximized clients follow size of ctxØyvind Kolås1+17-3
2020-11-14 07:00maximize first launched shellØyvind Kolås1+3-2
2020-11-14 06:57ctx: increase hash grid to 16x16Øyvind Kolås1+2-2
2020-11-14 06:39terminal: implement resizingØyvind Kolås1+120-20
2020-11-14 05:00terminal: implement maximize/unmaximizeØyvind Kolås2+26-1
2020-11-14 04:27embed a snapshot of devs /tmp/itk-styleØyvind Kolås1+47-5
2020-11-14 04:25removal of dead codeØyvind Kolås9+73-21
2020-11-14 00:43terminal: implement most dterm settersØyvind Kolås3+109-17
2020-11-13 23:46terminal: constrain position of terminalØyvind Kolås1+14-2
2020-11-13 04:01fbdev: drm upatesØyvind Kolås1+12-13
2020-11-13 03:44terminal: remove old cursor vestigesØyvind Kolås2+10-64
2020-11-13 02:45ctx: implement cursors set for listening areasØyvind Kolås4+47-17
2020-11-13 01:00implement more cursorsØyvind Kolås5+145-29
2020-11-12 02:28terminal: temporarily disable blinking auto-driveØyvind Kolås6+14-15
2020-11-12 01:50ctx: sdl and fb harmonizationØyvind Kolås4+24-25
2020-11-12 00:07ctx: do not clear original terminal contentsØyvind Kolås7+11-15
2020-11-11 02:51fb/drm: swap red green in fragmentsØyvind Kolås5+67-9
2020-11-11 01:50incorporate direct drm codeØyvind Kolås1+163-7
2020-11-10 23:09ctx: implement base cursor relaying for SDL2Øyvind Kolås7+157-53
2020-11-10 04:50rely on style parsed from textØyvind Kolås6+28-57
2020-11-10 04:39ctx: add a more reliable clip-resetØyvind Kolås1+42-26
2020-11-10 02:57itk: implement mode re-reading styleØyvind Kolås2+113-77
2020-11-10 01:09add close buttons to tabsØyvind Kolås3+29-3
2020-11-10 00:55ctx: s/_ctx_threads/_ctx_max_threads/Øyvind Kolås13+91-29
2020-11-10 00:30ctx: hasher adjust hashing of glyphsØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2020-11-09 23:38terminal: make tilebar_height a variableØyvind Kolås1+5-4
2020-11-09 23:08terminal: draw "wallpaper"Øyvind Kolås3+10-2
2020-11-09 21:51terminal: do not change revisions on movingØyvind Kolås2+4-2
2020-11-09 21:45build libctx.soØyvind Kolås1+9-8
2020-11-09 21:31build: add libctx.aØyvind Kolås2+5-1
2020-11-09 21:12build: change compiler flags for different SIMD typesØyvind Kolås5+54-28
2020-11-09 19:09ctx: s/COMPOSITOR/COMPOSITE/Øyvind Kolås10+4706-4689
2020-11-09 18:32terminal: implement launch APC parsingØyvind Kolås6+154-21
2020-11-09 04:07build: build ctx-avx2.o with -march=core-avx2Øyvind Kolås2+2-3
2020-11-09 03:19ctx: detect avx2 on startupØyvind Kolås9+66-67
2020-11-09 02:05compositor almost compiling out of treeØyvind Kolås5+34-31
2020-11-09 01:46mostly working post-splitØyvind Kolås11+6351-6297
2020-11-09 00:33prepare for building avx2 in-treeØyvind Kolås1+3-3
2020-11-09 00:23clock.sh: do infinite loopØyvind Kolås3+11-8
2020-11-09 00:12build: compile only ctx itself into ctx.oØyvind Kolås2+17-14
2020-11-08 23:29docs: updateØyvind Kolås3+50-37
2020-11-08 22:57deps: update stb-imageØyvind Kolås2+500-214
2020-11-08 22:56deps: upstate stb_truetypeØyvind Kolås1+192-69
2020-11-08 02:30clock.sh: insert round-trip syncinf framesØyvind Kolås1+9-3
2020-11-07 21:32initial implementation of ctx launchØyvind Kolås3+32-4
2020-11-07 20:10docs: updateØyvind Kolås2+17-16
2020-11-07 19:51ctx: use 8 hash rowsØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2020-11-07 19:51rasterizer: add back a couple fast paths for solid fillsØyvind Kolås1+12-0
2020-11-07 02:38ctx: implement intra-frame compression for ctx backendØyvind Kolås4+151-60
2020-11-06 02:43ctx: do a DSR roundtrip after flushØyvind Kolås4+34-8
2020-11-06 02:00itk: implement more of 7gui CRUDØyvind Kolås2+49-10
2020-11-05 23:32docs: updateØyvind Kolås1+8-12
2020-11-05 23:16ctx: use compact syntax for start/end of ctx streamØyvind Kolås1+4-18
2020-11-05 00:40ctx/terminal: implement fragment reuse from previous frame.Øyvind Kolås6+380-11
2020-11-04 22:03ctx: add ctx_render_string, which renders to a freshly allocated char*Øyvind Kolås3+270-197
2020-11-04 21:04start refactor of formatterØyvind Kolås4+96-79
2020-11-04 20:02move mrgstring from terminal to ctxØyvind Kolås13+488-395
2020-11-04 16:19ctx: no longer user ctx_initØyvind Kolås3+7-9
2020-11-04 00:57sdl2: invoke ctx_quit on user requested quitØyvind Kolås1+3-0
2020-11-04 00:45ctx: add quit/has-quitØyvind Kolås5+24-16
2020-11-03 20:57itk: make use of active flagØyvind Kolås2+53-40
2020-11-03 20:29itk: implement itk_set_flag, which influences the flags of the subsequently added controlØyvind Kolås2+41-10
2020-11-03 19:57move more logic to add controlØyvind Kolås2+34-28
2020-11-03 19:24itk: highlight background of focused controlØyvind Kolås2+34-10
2020-11-03 18:57itk: make panels of demo tileØyvind Kolås2+74-21
2020-11-03 04:29itk: move labels before controllersØyvind Kolås2+27-19
2020-11-03 03:40itk: non-interactive scrollbars in cellsØyvind Kolås1+27-11
2020-11-03 03:26itk: round buttonsØyvind Kolås3+29-6
2020-11-03 02:41itk: improvements to CellsØyvind Kolås1+200-41
2020-11-03 00:32itk: improve spreadsheet typographyØyvind Kolås1+42-36
2020-11-02 21:00correct keyboard column scrolling in spreadsheetØyvind Kolås1+55-12
2020-11-02 20:50itk: start implementing scrolling in spreadsheetØyvind Kolås1+21-18
2020-11-02 20:49itk: bail del|backspace outside editingØyvind Kolås1+2-0
2020-11-02 17:53itk: implement 7gui spreadsheet, apart from scrollingØyvind Kolås2+696-22
2020-11-01 22:42itk: start implementing 7GUIsØyvind Kolås2+150-6
2020-11-01 22:41terminal: add pty fds to ctx listen listØyvind Kolås1+4-0
2020-11-01 22:40ctx: expose ctx_ticksØyvind Kolås3+3-2
2020-11-01 21:08itk: fix entry editing with multiple entriesØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2020-11-01 02:32ctx: add api for selecting multiple fdsØyvind Kolås2+53-1
2020-11-01 01:23demo: sleep when not dirtyØyvind Kolås1+7-1
2020-11-01 01:04build: reorder website build ruleØyvind Kolås1+5-4
2020-11-01 00:33ctx: move ctx_set_dirty and ctx_is_dirty from itkØyvind Kolås3+37-40
2020-10-31 23:14ctx: fix hash aliasing when same content is rendered in different orderØyvind Kolås2+10-4
2020-10-31 03:15ctx: code shuffleØyvind Kolås2+19-16
2020-10-31 03:05build: make CC overridable in envØyvind Kolås3+16-16
2020-10-31 00:45ctx: refactor to heed more warningsØyvind Kolås10+51-27
2020-10-31 00:36sdl/fbdev: sleep incrementally for longer in render threads when not in useØyvind Kolås2+13-2
2020-10-30 21:43terminal: improve braille performance, by doing one fillØyvind Kolås1+6-2
2020-10-30 21:21docs: update download linksØyvind Kolås1+5-5
2020-10-30 21:15clock.sh: add flushØyvind Kolås1+2-3
2020-10-30 20:43build: make static versions use -O3 for ctxØyvind Kolås3+12-6
2020-10-30 20:19ctx: include math.hØyvind Kolås1+1-0
2020-10-30 20:16terminal: be better behaved with NO_SDLØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2020-10-30 20:16ctx: add include sys/select.hØyvind Kolås1+1-0
2020-10-29 02:34fonts: fix inclusion of default ascii fontØyvind Kolås4+73-11
2020-10-28 22:13build: ignore unused function warningsØyvind Kolås1+15-12
2020-10-28 22:02ctx: c++ proof castingsØyvind Kolås16+518-392
2020-10-28 14:17docs: updateØyvind Kolås2+2-2
2020-10-28 00:41terminal: propagate multi touch idsØyvind Kolås2+15-11
2020-10-28 00:41src: multi touch working in SDL2 (under wayland+x11)Øyvind Kolås2+26-16
2020-10-28 00:40demo: stop event propagation in drag cardØyvind Kolås1+8-2
2020-10-27 23:03itk: fix initial value of ctx antialiasØyvind Kolås2+12-13
2020-10-27 23:02sdl: multi touch finger supportØyvind Kolås1+12-0
2020-10-27 22:40demo: add a rect dragging sampleØyvind Kolås1+37-3
2020-10-27 01:46clients: rename itk-sampler to demoØyvind Kolås4+407-1008
2020-10-27 00:45itk: retain focus when more control are drawn ahead of usØyvind Kolås5+173-49
2020-10-26 21:43ctx: make parser more stringent by removing relaxed string constant matchingØyvind Kolås5+23-101
2020-10-26 20:46itk: only show ctx settings on relevant backendsØyvind Kolås4+12-18
2020-10-26 03:18terminal: use focus follows mouse when less than 3 clientsØyvind Kolås1+38-16
2020-10-26 03:07terminal: ensure layout when clients closeØyvind Kolås2+52-25
2020-10-26 01:09ctx: embed ascii font, making ctx truely single-headerØyvind Kolås8+11-16
2020-10-26 00:30ctx: add api for toggling hash cache at runtimeØyvind Kolås6+82-48
2020-10-26 00:05clean up toplevel dirØyvind Kolås18+74-68
2020-10-25 23:43docs: updateØyvind Kolås2+6-10
2020-10-25 23:34ctx: make antialias setting apply to sdl and fbdev backendsØyvind Kolås8+177-72
2020-10-25 21:51src: add missing split out filesØyvind Kolås9+4968-8
2020-10-25 20:59docs: add more prominent link to git repoØyvind Kolås2+4-2
2020-10-25 06:35split into individual sources, for ease of dev navigationØyvind Kolås30+19022-23668
2020-10-25 17:10terminal: make OSC 8 warning state that it is hyperlinks which are missingØyvind Kolås1+3-0
2020-10-25 03:35itk: make strokes of toggles and radios scale with fontØyvind Kolås4+199-28
2020-10-25 00:51terminal: double buffer drawlistØyvind Kolås5+62-86
2020-10-24 23:50hash-cache: embed sha1.h in ctx.hØyvind Kolås1+277-4
2020-10-24 23:31hash-cache: fix issues causing glitches in terminal scrollØyvind Kolås2+12-23
2020-10-24 23:20use sha1 for hashingØyvind Kolås3+77-86
2020-10-24 22:19cleaning up warningsØyvind Kolås2+4-7
2020-10-24 22:09build: make more parralelizableØyvind Kolås2+26-31
2020-10-24 21:19tests: update conversion commandØyvind Kolås6+41-34
2020-10-24 19:48build: add install and uninstall targetsØyvind Kolås1+9-0
2020-10-24 18:59terminal: larger default sizeØyvind Kolås2+2-2
2020-10-24 18:43clients: add dots exampleØyvind Kolås4+95-31
2020-10-24 18:32itk: get a ctx event - turning on keybindingsØyvind Kolås1+4-1
2020-10-24 17:31terminal: ensure that fontsize yields 80colsØyvind Kolås2+3-4
2020-10-24 17:02itk: fix slider event coordinate handlingØyvind Kolås1+8-10
2020-10-23 01:52fbdev: add some mouse accelerationØyvind Kolås1+34-4
2020-10-23 01:38hashcache: updatesØyvind Kolås2+11-12
2020-10-23 00:11terminal: draw less off-screen glyphs when scrollingØyvind Kolås4+19-11
2020-10-22 22:46terminal: provide right keystrings for some control combosØyvind Kolås3+35-8
2020-10-22 16:35ctx: limit legal coordinates in rasterizerØyvind Kolås2+30-10
2020-10-22 01:54ctx: make hashes be 64bitØyvind Kolås1+7-7
2020-10-22 01:03terminal: make child terminals slightly bigger, fitting fullscreen terms in fbdevØyvind Kolås1+15-1
2020-10-22 00:27make 160 cols, thus 2 80 wide tabs default widescreen colsØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2020-10-22 00:17terminal: use focus follows mouse behavior when no client is focusedØyvind Kolås1+22-2
2020-10-21 23:57make focus handling only raise child tabsØyvind Kolås1+6-0
2020-10-21 23:36terminal: make focus follows mouse optionalØyvind Kolås1+5-3
2020-10-21 23:30terminal: add focus follows mouse toggleØyvind Kolås1+16-3
2020-10-21 23:25terminal: also create new tabs on control+t which is accesible from fdbdevØyvind Kolås1+13-4
2020-10-21 23:09terminal: implement titles for tabsØyvind Kolås1+126-64
2020-10-21 21:59ctx: add ctx_color which sets color from stringØyvind Kolås1+12-2
2020-10-21 21:26fbdev: use xoring instead of keeping copied of pixelsØyvind Kolås2+54-52
2020-10-21 20:53fbdev: make cursor interact with limited transfersØyvind Kolås2+43-15
2020-10-21 04:23limit fb updates to bands actually changedØyvind Kolås1+45-9
2020-10-21 03:38terminal: add debug to settings panelØyvind Kolås4+15-11
2020-10-21 00:25itk: add labelfØyvind Kolås1+21-3
2020-10-21 00:05itk: clean up compiler warningsØyvind Kolås3+11-17
2020-10-20 21:22terminal: use itk for config popupØyvind Kolås4+48-10
2020-10-20 19:00terminal: draw all terminals if one is dirty - better to keep cached renderlists - similar to the framebuffers?Øyvind Kolås1+5-24
2020-10-20 18:57ctx: fbdev: support middle and right mouse buttonØyvind Kolås1+54-5
2020-10-20 17:54terminal: add crude second instance on control-shift-tØyvind Kolås3+54-29
2020-10-20 05:37terminal: improve font-sizing, make hash cache runtime optionalØyvind Kolås5+84-55
2020-10-19 20:40itk: reimplement slider with cbs and implementations for many data typesØyvind Kolås2+190-29
2020-10-19 17:33build: remove reference to non-existing client .c fileØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2020-10-18 22:21ctx: make sdl render fun safer for threadsØyvind Kolås5+54-21
2020-10-18 17:45docs: add terminal latency screenshotsØyvind Kolås1+25-2
2020-10-18 17:45build: factor out common CFLAGSØyvind Kolås1+8-7
2020-10-18 06:37terminal: do not draw line above terminalØyvind Kolås3+20-15
2020-10-18 04:29ctx: improve cursor for /dev/fb modeØyvind Kolås3+86-21
2020-10-18 03:56make number of threads configurable through envvar CTX_THREADS, default to 1Øyvind Kolås3+99-57
2020-10-18 03:55buiild: add avx2 binary targetØyvind Kolås2+13-4
2020-10-18 01:48docs: updateØyvind Kolås1+182-112
2020-10-17 23:18ctx: default to 4 threads, spread affinity correctlyØyvind Kolås1+5-4
2020-10-17 23:10ctx: re-enable hash validation in sdl and fb backendsØyvind Kolås4+50-8
2020-10-17 15:35ctx: expose renderstreamØyvind Kolås2+127-97
2020-10-17 00:45tools: add more internal docsØyvind Kolås1+4-2
2020-10-17 00:39ctx: clean renderstreams more properlyØyvind Kolås2+46-20
2020-10-16 23:13ctx: fix bug in isxdigitØyvind Kolås1+4-2
2020-10-16 22:46terminal: override default dims when env var CTX_BACKEND=brailleØyvind Kolås4+24-14
2020-10-16 21:06docs: updateØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2020-10-16 20:54docs updateØyvind Kolås1+7-3
2020-10-16 20:46ctx: expose enough api for mrg/svg integrationØyvind Kolås4+524-399
2020-10-16 18:22itk: move hacky refcount from slider to add_controlØyvind Kolås3+11-20
2020-10-16 18:22ctx: fix leak when reinitializing thread rasterizersØyvind Kolås1+39-18
2020-10-16 03:56start implementing menusØyvind Kolås5+155-95
2020-10-16 01:17itk: improve themingØyvind Kolås2+45-33
2020-10-16 00:57improve stylingØyvind Kolås2+46-29
2020-10-16 00:22itk: style checkboxØyvind Kolås1+39-17
2020-10-15 23:43itk: style checkboxØyvind Kolås1+25-23
2020-10-15 23:30itk: take scrolling into account for choice popupØyvind Kolås1+23-8
2020-10-15 23:23improve layoutØyvind Kolås2+106-54
2020-10-15 21:54add itk_id APIØyvind Kolås1+15-0
2020-10-15 21:49scrolling refactorØyvind Kolås1+57-40
2020-10-15 21:28itk: improve slider focus interacitonØyvind Kolås1+10-4
2020-10-15 21:18add global scaleØyvind Kolås3+132-81
2020-10-15 19:13itk: improve slider stylingØyvind Kolås2+6-2
2020-10-15 19:06itk: improve spacingØyvind Kolås2+14-29
2020-10-15 18:01itk: add basic color themingØyvind Kolås3+165-96
2020-10-14 20:15working scrollbar scrollØyvind Kolås3+155-62
2020-10-13 22:47reduce save/restoresØyvind Kolås2+35-46
2020-10-13 21:54make immediate mode ui code use itk prefixØyvind Kolås2+488-426
2020-10-13 21:25itk: collect headersØyvind Kolås1+33-4
2020-10-12 23:00improvements to itkØyvind Kolås7+1307-2142
2020-10-11 19:43terminal: use key binding API in terminalØyvind Kolås4+22-27
2020-10-11 19:16split immediate mode out to a headerØyvind Kolås3+1117-1083
2020-10-11 17:29implement sameline in immediate mode guiØyvind Kolås3+128-83
2020-10-11 03:35add newlineØyvind Kolås1+4-0
2020-10-11 03:34add newlineØyvind Kolås1+35-26
2020-10-11 03:23add titlebarØyvind Kolås2+156-149
2020-10-11 00:36gui: start move of keyhandling to bindingsØyvind Kolås2+98-82
2020-10-10 22:37clients: gui updateØyvind Kolås1+197-134
2020-10-10 00:39clients/gui: refactor away globalsØyvind Kolås1+248-220
2020-10-09 23:40add immediate mode gui experiment to clientsØyvind Kolås4+1833-91
2020-10-08 23:29move ctx-info into test-size folderØyvind Kolås7+91-26
2020-10-08 21:19tools: make ctx-info 32/64bit agnosticØyvind Kolås1+16-16
2020-10-08 20:14build: build clients, fix shift overflow on 32bitØyvind Kolås2+20-16
2020-10-08 20:04docs updateØyvind Kolås1+30-23
2020-10-08 13:19flatpak: update appdata.xmlØyvind Kolås3+3-3
2020-10-08 05:22clients: add ctx-clock.shØyvind Kolås1+33-0
2020-10-08 05:17avoid drawing graphics and ctx when in scrollbackØyvind Kolås2+5-3
2020-10-08 05:11ctx: move default build fullyt away from avx2Øyvind Kolås6+9-7
2020-10-08 04:13clients: cleanupØyvind Kolås9+1051-1389
2020-10-08 02:36build: make parallel build possibleØyvind Kolås3+34-7
2020-10-08 02:29move away from recursive makeØyvind Kolås4+29-223
2020-10-08 02:14flatpak pokingØyvind Kolås6+47-27
2020-10-08 01:50move website into docs folderØyvind Kolås5+8-15
2020-10-08 01:26clients: add wip sample c clientsØyvind Kolås9+1605-4
2020-10-08 00:51docs: updateØyvind Kolås1+12-3
2020-10-08 00:41docs: updateØyvind Kolås2+17-20
2020-10-07 23:41working sdlfree buildØyvind Kolås10+84-91
2020-10-07 22:10tuning: minimal RAM exampleØyvind Kolås4+53-22
2020-10-07 20:19test-size: report RAM requirements from 32bit buildØyvind Kolås8+37-35
2020-10-07 19:18build: harmonize test-size and ctx-info configØyvind Kolås7+70-86
2020-10-07 18:24ctx: sleep more when quitting sdlØyvind Kolås2+8-3
2020-10-07 18:09ctx: update --help textØyvind Kolås8+29-89
2020-10-07 16:57split convert to own dirØyvind Kolås7+9601-9544
2020-10-07 11:33build: refactor to use ctx.o also in terminalØyvind Kolås10+36-509
2020-10-07 02:31ctx: fbdev, clear text on flipØyvind Kolås1+1-169
2020-10-07 02:22ctx: deinit more sdl2 stateØyvind Kolås4+32-19
2020-10-06 23:43ctx: parse CTX_BACKEND to permit forcing backendØyvind Kolås1+34-6
2020-10-06 23:14tests: update referenceØyvind Kolås1+2-0
2020-10-06 20:51ctx: add basic /dev/mice handlingØyvind Kolås1+169-1
2020-10-05 17:15ctx: basics of gfx and keyboard work on 32bit fbdevØyvind Kolås3+319-225
2020-09-30 19:08cleanups satisfying compiler warningsØyvind Kolås6+69-61
2020-09-30 04:04copy in fbdev event code from mmmØyvind Kolås1+435-2
2020-09-30 03:05ctx: 32bit fbdev graphics rendersØyvind Kolås2+127-17
2020-09-29 23:22ctx: starting to add fb backendØyvind Kolås1+507-17
2020-09-28 00:16terminal: fix declaration of on-screen-keyboardØyvind Kolås1+6-27
2020-09-27 23:55terminal: propagate title setting to SDLØyvind Kolås3+42-14
2020-09-27 22:37terminal: code cleanupØyvind Kolås2+18-14
2020-09-27 21:02terminal: respond to more window escapesØyvind Kolås1+29-1
2020-09-27 20:38terminal: improve mode reportingØyvind Kolås2+53-11
2020-09-26 23:26ctx: reset path when clearingØyvind Kolås2+22-68
2020-09-25 00:57terminal: improve docsØyvind Kolås2+17-15
2020-09-23 17:51improve extracted docsØyvind Kolås1+97-63
2020-09-22 18:03do not enable AVX2 by defaultØyvind Kolås3+11-8
2020-09-21 21:06terminal: make ctrl+c able to kill terminalØyvind Kolås2+18-17
2020-09-16 23:48terminal: make longpress for keyboard toggling 1sØyvind Kolås1+13-2
2020-09-14 01:07terminal: improve launching of custom commandsØyvind Kolås3+3-3
2020-09-14 00:47rename flatpakØyvind Kolås3+26-26
2020-09-13 23:51terminal: split commandline and use execlpØyvind Kolås3+105-31
2020-09-13 20:33flatpak: remove allow=develØyvind Kolås1+0-1
2020-09-13 19:03terminal: fetch shell from oustside flatpak sandboxØyvind Kolås2+17-2
2020-09-13 18:23terminal: spawn /bin/bash in host for flatpakØyvind Kolås3+13-13
2020-09-09 10:43flatpak: add --talk-name=org.freedesktop.FlatpakØyvind Kolås2+4-1
2020-09-08 20:17build: add target that builds flatpakØyvind Kolås2+7-1
2020-09-08 20:02add flatpak ymlØyvind Kolås1+18-0
2020-09-08 19:49build: were not depending on babl yetØyvind Kolås1+5-5
2020-09-08 19:46tools: only build 32bit info binary on demandØyvind Kolås2+2-2
2020-09-08 19:42build: remove explicit ccacheØyvind Kolås4+16-16
2020-09-07 19:49add dejavu fonts to repositoryØyvind Kolås3+1-0
2020-09-07 18:53make terminal be default mode of operation for ctx binaryØyvind Kolås5+30-39
2020-09-03 22:23ctx: explicitly handle lengthsØyvind Kolås1+13-3
2020-09-03 21:46web: updateØyvind Kolås3+15-176
2020-09-03 18:22terminal: sync with updates from external vt engineØyvind Kolås3+532-91
2020-09-03 14:04arduino: update library.jsonØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2020-09-03 13:57tests: update referencesØyvind Kolås124+0-2715
2020-09-03 13:43clarify that the license applies to ctx.hØyvind Kolås4+19-20
2020-09-03 13:39web: add missing subpagemenu.txtØyvind Kolås1+16-0
2020-09-03 13:36add missing file ctx-lib.cØyvind Kolås2+46-1
2020-09-03 12:51web: move more from main page to rasterizer pageØyvind Kolås1+108-123
2020-09-03 12:40ctx: fix linear gradients defined under transformØyvind Kolås2+1-3
2020-09-03 12:34ctx: conditionalise conversion to screenspace in gradientsØyvind Kolås3+12-1
2020-09-01 21:53web: update links add stagit descriptionØyvind Kolås4+31-48
2020-08-31 11:28ctx: protect against pending edge overflowØyvind Kolås2+9-6
2020-08-23 22:48ctx: code reshuffleØyvind Kolås1+113-49
2020-08-21 00:59ctx: remove mutex from threaded sdl rendererØyvind Kolås1+16-8
2020-08-21 00:49ctx: remove sdl mutexØyvind Kolås1+5-16
2020-08-20 20:18tests: remove tiger from testsØyvind Kolås2+1-2317
2020-08-20 12:22terminal: add some more optionsØyvind Kolås2+24-8
2020-08-19 21:56terminal: implement selection paste keybindingØyvind Kolås2+94-8
2020-08-19 19:19ctx: silence some warningsØyvind Kolås1+4-0
2020-08-19 18:59terminal: add keybindings for finer grained scroll and scroll to start/endØyvind Kolås3+39-11
2020-08-19 16:24examples: remove duplicated examplesØyvind Kolås5+6-750
2020-08-19 16:12terminal: implement line word and line selectionØyvind Kolås3+145-8
2020-08-19 14:46terminal: shift font size in integer incrementsØyvind Kolås2+29-16
2020-08-18 23:43terminal, ctx: refactor terminal sizing to be based on pixelsØyvind Kolås4+38-33
2020-08-18 01:19terminal: make clicking without dragging remove selectionØyvind Kolås1+14-1
2020-08-17 00:44terminal: enable selecting backwards on same lineØyvind Kolås1+10-8
2020-08-16 23:19ctx: make viewer support panØyvind Kolås1+21-18
2020-08-16 23:00terminal: mmb now pastes selection(of this terminal)Øyvind Kolås2+6-2
2020-08-16 22:41terminal: middle click now pastes clipboardØyvind Kolås2+22-10
2020-08-16 20:50ctx: fix --ui mode of ctx binaryØyvind Kolås3+86-13
2020-08-14 20:04terminal: dead code removalØyvind Kolås1+25-36
2020-08-14 02:26terminal: draw images partially scrolled out of viewØyvind Kolås2+25-17
2020-08-14 02:08ctx, terminal: indentationØyvind Kolås4+218-219
2020-08-14 01:26ctx: expose some internalsØyvind Kolås3+46-13
2020-08-14 00:36ctx: use alt-screen for interactive ctxØyvind Kolås1+2-0
2020-08-14 00:32ctx: make round_rect produce reasonable rects by limiting radiusØyvind Kolås1+3-0
2020-08-14 00:31terminal: improve markup for doc extractionØyvind Kolås1+2-2
2020-08-14 00:19terminal: make selection follow scrollingØyvind Kolås1+6-0
2020-08-14 00:17terminal, ctx: visual part of selection in scrollback works, copying crashesØyvind Kolås2+8-8
2020-08-14 00:07terminal: make selection work againØyvind Kolås1+1-13
2020-08-14 00:02tune buildØyvind Kolås1+3-4
2020-08-13 23:53ctx,terminal: empty event queue with ctx to avoid serializationØyvind Kolås2+31-17
2020-08-13 23:34terminal: improve text selection eventsØyvind Kolås1+26-15
2020-08-13 23:20terminal: remove dead old scroll codeØyvind Kolås1+0-23
2020-08-13 23:19sdl: capture mouse, not quite working thoughØyvind Kolås1+2-0
2020-08-13 22:41incorporate bits of transform in hash for glyphs, seems to workØyvind Kolås3+19-3
2020-08-13 22:10event handling of scrollbar worksØyvind Kolås3+1035-1081
2020-08-13 20:43fix scrollback keybindingsØyvind Kolås1+1-2
2020-08-13 20:17terminal: make mouse events be correctly forwarded also in ctx modeØyvind Kolås1+32-6
2020-08-13 18:55scrollbar visually reworkedØyvind Kolås2+53-27
2020-08-11 21:55starting scrollbar upgradeØyvind Kolås6+46-37
2020-08-11 19:48working events across code pathsØyvind Kolås2+12-8
2020-08-11 19:19fix event trouble for direct driveØyvind Kolås2+20-6
2020-08-11 14:46improve generic avx2 - still not workingØyvind Kolås4+158-164
2020-08-09 20:22tunings avx2 porterduff working for source over normalØyvind Kolås6+42-25
2020-08-08 23:13regularize some linear gradient codeØyvind Kolås1+3-4
2020-08-08 22:44fixes to round rectangleØyvind Kolås2+52-38
2020-08-08 20:57attempts at tuning top artifactsØyvind Kolås4+128-39
2020-08-08 19:32tune reference rows/colsØyvind Kolås5+193-1540
2020-08-08 12:02improve commandlineØyvind Kolås5+87-50
2020-08-08 01:26shuffling depsØyvind Kolås19+8555-8545
2020-08-07 21:57restore kerning infoØyvind Kolås10+28-24
2020-08-07 20:42fix mutex initializationØyvind Kolås5+105-66
2020-08-06 22:30add a ui viewer to ctx binaryØyvind Kolås3+51-5
2020-08-05 14:04fix rounded rectØyvind Kolås2+9-5
2020-08-03 18:17tuning to of fragile vt robustnessØyvind Kolås2+12-4
2020-08-03 15:39use 2 threads and 8x8 hash gridØyvind Kolås1+14-9
2020-08-03 15:09bail if more than 1000 attempts are done at flushingØyvind Kolås1+6-4
2020-08-03 14:10less crashy resize with threaded renderØyvind Kolås1+5-0
2020-08-03 13:43use a mutex on shape cacheØyvind Kolås3+32-8
2020-08-03 13:05merge horizontally adjecant tasks with same thread affinityØyvind Kolås2+16-3
2020-07-31 22:48support up to 16 threadsØyvind Kolås1+38-58
2020-07-31 22:10working recycling of renderer per threadØyvind Kolås1+0-1
2020-07-31 22:09working recycling of renderer per threadØyvind Kolås1+21-12
2020-07-30 19:08fix tile affinityØyvind Kolås2+4-4
2020-07-28 20:22implement out of bounds bailing for ctx_glyph in rasterizerØyvind Kolås2+16-4
2020-07-27 14:24experimenting with hashgridØyvind Kolås1+3-2
2020-07-27 13:15working hash tiles, though renderer churnØyvind Kolås1+27-18
2020-07-20 16:36improve change hashingØyvind Kolås1+79-24
2020-07-20 07:35reintegrating hashesØyvind Kolås3+59-14
2020-07-19 08:38docs updateØyvind Kolås1+16-21
2020-07-19 07:24change SUBDIVØyvind Kolås1+4-3
2020-07-19 06:24adjustments making 2kx2k render workØyvind Kolås2+3-2
2020-07-18 14:52discard edges before starting rasterizationØyvind Kolås2+94-23
2020-07-18 04:08working auto throttlingØyvind Kolås1+55-13
2020-07-18 03:28toward threaded render againØyvind Kolås5+30-178
2020-07-18 01:46add ctx_parse function when parser is availableØyvind Kolås3+20-10
2020-07-17 03:39protect braille text feature in definesØyvind Kolås1+100-46
2020-07-16 07:51hermonize enums and method namesØyvind Kolås3+255-255
2020-07-16 07:27get rid of terminal cell cacheØyvind Kolås4+8-85
2020-07-16 07:10add missing switch casesØyvind Kolås1+8-5
2020-07-16 06:32implement relaying of textures sufficient for working terminalØyvind Kolås1+22-8
2020-07-16 06:03normalize verbose serializationØyvind Kolås2+29-28
2020-07-16 05:43remove sdl dependency from ctx binaryØyvind Kolås3+12-6
2020-07-16 05:05decouple ctx binary from terminalØyvind Kolås2+8-17
2020-07-16 05:03extend ctx syntax coverageØyvind Kolås1+17-7
2020-07-16 04:54indentationØyvind Kolås1+12-10
2020-07-16 04:29ignore identity scale/rotate/transform and rgba color setsØyvind Kolås3+86-17
2020-07-16 03:30do not launch as child of ctxØyvind Kolås2+11-3
2020-07-16 03:15terminal starting to workØyvind Kolås4+13-4
2020-07-16 02:53adjust shape cache away from a crashØyvind Kolås4+40-10
2020-07-16 02:12implement resize for standalone terminalØyvind Kolås1+482-0
2020-07-16 00:29making terminal standaloneØyvind Kolås6+64-41
2020-07-15 05:40update sizes with hardtrimmed featuresØyvind Kolås3+11-12
2020-07-15 05:27add keyevents to simple sdl2 backendØyvind Kolås2+116-8
2020-07-15 04:56bail on attempts at transparent fills, might be to harsh on some compositing modesØyvind Kolås1+36-3
2020-07-15 04:50implement mouse and resize part of sdl eventØyvind Kolås2+137-24
2020-07-15 01:11align tempbufs in gradients to 32bytesØyvind Kolås1+8-0
2020-07-15 00:47add some more forced inline on hot pathsØyvind Kolås1+7-7
2020-07-15 00:23possibly force-inline sinf - the other ones get inlined naturallyØyvind Kolås1+7-6
2020-07-15 00:06mark some more functions for inlining to little availØyvind Kolås2+22-14
2020-07-14 23:31protect conditional inclusion of shadow blurØyvind Kolås1+20-3
2020-07-14 23:28update examples with api changesØyvind Kolås12+150-111
2020-07-14 05:54improved clip handlingØyvind Kolås2+34-45
2020-07-14 05:18add references for testsØyvind Kolås123+2708-0
2020-07-14 04:56more api updatesØyvind Kolås2+20-20
2020-07-13 23:09even more _set droppingØyvind Kolås5+38-38
2020-07-13 23:03more s/_set//Øyvind Kolås13+79-79
2020-07-13 23:00drop _set_ prefix from color settersØyvind Kolås11+83-83
2020-07-13 22:44website updatesØyvind Kolås3+18-45
2020-07-13 21:35update docsØyvind Kolås3+24-21
2020-07-13 07:49shadow blur working a bit betterØyvind Kolås1+78-48
2020-07-13 04:35adjust aa defaultsØyvind Kolås1+21-14
2020-07-13 02:06make aligned rectangle fastpath match rasterizerØyvind Kolås1+157-96
2020-07-13 01:10towards making aa level configurableØyvind Kolås1+43-54
2020-07-12 23:47vertical aa working wellØyvind Kolås2+30-25
2020-07-12 22:09slight avx2 over improvementØyvind Kolås1+3-6
2020-07-12 22:06s/CTX_SIMD/CTX_AVX2Øyvind Kolås3+17-17
2020-07-12 03:30shift for shadowØyvind Kolås1+7-7
2020-07-12 02:08slight variable rearrangement in generate_coverageØyvind Kolås1+3-3
2020-07-12 01:14do not use saturating add where overflow never happensØyvind Kolås1+15-12
2020-07-12 00:29default to 15aaØyvind Kolås1+2-2
2020-07-11 23:52monitor ending edgesØyvind Kolås1+9-3
2020-07-11 22:57fix clipping glitch in shadowØyvind Kolås1+5-4
2020-07-11 22:31fix computations in gradient cacheØyvind Kolås1+4-3
2020-07-11 22:04remove some conditionals in rasterizerØyvind Kolås1+22-26
2020-07-11 21:28fix strange overflows in gradientØyvind Kolås2+10-5
2020-07-11 12:12make slope awareness in autoaa depend on vertical aaØyvind Kolås2+34-32
2020-07-11 10:07working adaptive aa - but slowØyvind Kolås1+14-43
2020-07-11 05:39remove buggy sorting networksØyvind Kolås3+26-43
2020-07-11 03:18code cleanupsØyvind Kolås2+25-41
2020-07-11 02:58resurrect rgba assoc/deassoc alpha code pathsØyvind Kolås1+42-44
2020-07-11 02:29use saturating adds when building coverageØyvind Kolås1+44-30
2020-07-11 01:32pad CtxEdge to 16bytesØyvind Kolås2+31-18
2020-07-10 08:30enable shadow blur by defaultØyvind Kolås3+10-7
2020-07-10 08:22header tidyingØyvind Kolås3+41-41
2020-07-10 07:59user sorting networksØyvind Kolås1+58-2
2020-07-10 07:11fix build with math.hØyvind Kolås3+17-8
2020-07-10 06:57made clip optionalØyvind Kolås2+11-0
2020-07-10 06:54made shadow blur optionalØyvind Kolås1+27-1
2020-07-10 06:51made gradients optionalØyvind Kolås1+74-7
2020-07-10 06:42make more components optionalØyvind Kolås1+1-0
2020-07-10 06:27header rearrangementsØyvind Kolås2+488-488
2020-07-10 06:19header rearrangementsØyvind Kolås8+103-111
2020-07-10 05:20update web bitsØyvind Kolås2+4-2
2020-07-10 05:02split css into own filesØyvind Kolås3+45-43
2020-07-10 05:00make FORCE_AA option opt out of more codeØyvind Kolås1+36-33
2020-07-10 04:22rasterizer: first discard then add new edges for AETsØyvind Kolås1+9-13
2020-07-10 04:06code cleanupØyvind Kolås1+1-16
2020-07-10 04:03ensure gradient cache accesses are within boundsØyvind Kolås1+24-4
2020-07-10 03:51speed ups to avx2 compositingØyvind Kolås3+20-22
2020-07-10 02:58speed up avx2 gradientsØyvind Kolås3+81-41
2020-07-09 20:54avx2glitchØyvind Kolås1+320-42
2020-07-09 05:32towards avx2 porter duffØyvind Kolås2+80-78
2020-07-09 03:01add website to gitØyvind Kolås2+581-1
2020-07-09 03:00preparing for simdification of porter duffØyvind Kolås1+136-3
2020-07-09 02:29further reduction of innerloopsØyvind Kolås1+39-155
2020-07-09 01:24implemented non square clippingØyvind Kolås2+54-3
2020-07-09 00:38factor shadow commands out of rasterizer_process()Øyvind Kolås1+241-220
2020-07-09 00:16commenting out proto simd in deassociate alphaØyvind Kolås2+7-5
2020-07-08 23:40add start/end group to public functionsØyvind Kolås1+2-0
2020-07-08 23:07port global alpha fix to floatØyvind Kolås1+18-7
2020-07-08 23:02incorporate global alpha in u8 porter duffØyvind Kolås1+9-4
2020-07-08 22:36compositing groups might workØyvind Kolås1+84-8
2020-07-08 21:54added stubs for save/restore groupØyvind Kolås1+75-13
2020-07-08 04:23make ticks available by defaultØyvind Kolås1+35-35
2020-07-08 02:51opt out of simd by defaultØyvind Kolås4+9-2
2020-07-08 02:17remove dead codeØyvind Kolås2+9-76
2020-07-08 01:50fix blending regressionØyvind Kolås1+9-6
2020-07-08 00:49add todo commentØyvind Kolås1+6-1
2020-07-07 07:51port fixed from radial back to linearØyvind Kolås1+20-24
2020-07-07 07:17fixed opacity handling in avx256 radial gradient, linear needs same treatmentØyvind Kolås1+195-37
2020-07-07 06:34avx2d linear gradientØyvind Kolås1+266-68
2020-07-07 04:36integrate avx in regular functionØyvind Kolås1+17-44
2020-07-07 04:27avx2 generic color initially doneØyvind Kolås1+49-60
2020-07-07 03:33correctly rendered avx2 resultØyvind Kolås1+86-42
2020-07-06 19:54avx2Øyvind Kolås2+34-51
2020-07-06 19:39bared out dead conditionals in avx2Øyvind Kolås1+14-81
2020-07-06 19:20seeming correct result for slow avx2Øyvind Kolås2+53-63
2020-07-06 08:18avx2 struggleØyvind Kolås1+83-34
2020-07-06 06:17working basis for avx2Øyvind Kolås1+46-16
2020-07-06 01:42glitchØyvind Kolås3+134-0
2020-07-05 22:59tidy protosimdØyvind Kolås1+3-6
2020-07-05 22:43tidy up proto simdØyvind Kolås1+3-59
2020-07-05 22:30work on rgba8 solid overØyvind Kolås1+51-6
2020-07-05 22:23use fakesimd code path for gradientsØyvind Kolås1+33-0
2020-07-05 22:03working fake simd normal over colorØyvind Kolås1+72-4
2020-07-05 20:09reduce unused code warningsØyvind Kolås2+3-3
2020-07-05 20:06fix compilation without gradient cacheØyvind Kolås1+8-0
2020-07-05 20:01improve associate/deassociate u8Øyvind Kolås1+12-14
2020-07-05 19:57move associate/deassociate for rgba8 into a switch in u8, making it usable from porter_duffØyvind Kolås1+56-43
2020-07-05 19:51implement fake simd premul/depremulØyvind Kolås1+35-5
2020-07-05 19:44implement fake simd associate alphaØyvind Kolås1+21-0
2020-07-05 17:22gradient cache fixupsØyvind Kolås1+33-19
2020-07-05 05:29speed up u8 gradient cacheØyvind Kolås1+26-25
2020-07-05 05:12add back gradient cache for RGBA8Øyvind Kolås1+76-2
2020-07-05 04:35tweaksØyvind Kolås2+17-7
2020-07-05 01:06fix limit formats logicØyvind Kolås3+20-7
2020-07-04 23:37s/ctx_new_path/ctx_begin_path/gØyvind Kolås5+98-98
2020-07-04 23:36switch to beginPathØyvind Kolås1+53-35
2020-07-04 23:25update webØyvind Kolås1+15-15
2020-07-04 21:27make case sensitivity optionalØyvind Kolås1+63-41
2020-07-04 20:46add hitregion apiØyvind Kolås2+34-1
2020-07-04 18:48opt in to native graya8 by defaultØyvind Kolås1+10-3
2020-07-04 17:53make parser able to discard non w3c strings - surprisingly this has no impact on generated code sizeØyvind Kolås1+23-18
2020-07-04 17:31normalize ctx api usage to W3C stringsØyvind Kolås23+347-320
2020-07-04 14:02build tuningØyvind Kolås2+7-7
2020-07-04 02:29rainbow showing up in 1bit outputØyvind Kolås1+103-12
2020-07-04 01:50native graya8 is finally faster than converting via RGBA8Øyvind Kolås1+174-8
2020-07-04 01:25optimize 1d gradientsØyvind Kolås1+14-12
2020-07-04 00:59implement linear and radial normal source-over gradients in RGBA8Øyvind Kolås1+121-7
2020-07-04 00:17return of faster colorØyvind Kolås1+159-93
2020-07-03 21:35fix mistakes in fast paths for copy|clearØyvind Kolås1+7-2
2020-07-03 21:32fix mistakes in fast paths for copy|clearØyvind Kolås2+25-11
2020-07-03 20:55tweak blur for larger radiusesØyvind Kolås2+22-12
2020-07-03 20:37tidy up rect clipØyvind Kolås5+364-7
2020-07-03 19:56fix some stroke shadow glitchesØyvind Kolås1+20-14
2020-07-03 19:06parse dest-inØyvind Kolås1+5-2
2020-07-03 18:31tidy rect clipØyvind Kolås1+1-2
2020-07-03 18:08better working rectangular clipØyvind Kolås1+22-11
2020-07-03 09:20presumadly fixed clippingØyvind Kolås1+7-1
2020-07-03 09:04pass a clip pointerØyvind Kolås1+116-109
2020-07-03 08:41add a ~ suffix which is equivalent to vw in cssØyvind Kolås1+15-0
2020-07-03 08:40add a ^ suffix which is equivalent to vh in cssØyvind Kolås1+15-0
2020-07-03 08:07fix build of tinyØyvind Kolås1+4-0
2020-07-03 07:52add opproximstion of expf for blurØyvind Kolås1+10-2
2020-07-03 07:24implement shadow for stroke and fillØyvind Kolås1+126-10
2020-07-03 06:17working shadowblur for textØyvind Kolås1+109-10
2020-07-03 04:49remove wrong color fast pathØyvind Kolås3+48-104
2020-07-03 02:34blending and compositing enabled by defaultØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2020-07-03 02:32make blending and compositing optionalØyvind Kolås2+141-46
2020-07-03 01:16fix broken clear in u8Øyvind Kolås3+4-8
2020-07-03 00:58some more critical inliningØyvind Kolås1+4-5
2020-07-03 00:41retune tiny build do be tiny againØyvind Kolås3+54-64
2020-07-03 00:25force inlining of qsortsØyvind Kolås1+8-26
2020-07-03 00:08indentationØyvind Kolås2+50-74
2020-07-02 23:29leave only inlining of normal as compile optionØyvind Kolås1+55-63
2020-07-02 23:02get rid of inlined blendØyvind Kolås1+0-92
2020-07-02 23:01make inlined blends configurable - through testing the benefit proves too small for real useØyvind Kolås1+50-86
2020-07-02 22:47further tidt of RGBAØyvind Kolås1+31-29
2020-07-02 22:42improve curation of code paths for RGBA8Øyvind Kolås2+47-63
2020-07-02 21:55make native GRAYA8 optionalØyvind Kolås1+121-13
2020-07-02 04:47remove gradient cacheØyvind Kolås1+6-87
2020-07-02 04:46replace division with multiplicaiton in gradientØyvind Kolås1+11-19
2020-07-02 04:24remove half color againØyvind Kolås1+27-52
2020-07-02 03:50fixes to new fragment expectationsØyvind Kolås1+3-9
2020-07-02 03:44add inlined normalØyvind Kolås1+7-7
2020-07-02 03:33redefine meaning of blendØyvind Kolås1+8-3
2020-07-02 03:31fragments nor return straight alphaØyvind Kolås1+9-19
2020-07-02 03:10streamline cmyk u8/float converterØyvind Kolås1+14-20
2020-07-02 03:04tuning float to u8 conversionsØyvind Kolås1+19-9
2020-07-02 02:42decent perfØyvind Kolås1+22-41
2020-07-02 02:05remove per u8 alpha pathsØyvind Kolås1+42-206
2020-07-02 01:49add back 0.5 opacity u8 pathØyvind Kolås1+28-1
2020-07-02 01:18pretty goodØyvind Kolås2+21-19
2020-07-02 00:13rather decent performanceØyvind Kolås2+323-107
2020-07-01 22:35apply coverage to area outside shape for relevant compositing opsØyvind Kolås1+47-0
2020-07-01 21:56move width check out of loops in rasterizerØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2020-07-01 21:52code cleanupØyvind Kolås1+0-12
2020-07-01 21:36fix blendingØyvind Kolås3+25-13
2020-07-01 20:53fix for maybe uninitialized at -O0Øyvind Kolås2+2-2
2020-07-01 20:46remove dead codeØyvind Kolås1+12-48
2020-07-01 20:35dead code removalØyvind Kolås1+117-42
2020-07-01 18:54naming refactoringØyvind Kolås1+40-40
2020-07-01 18:52add macro for defining all blend impls in one goØyvind Kolås1+17-15
2020-07-01 18:45add arithmetic modes abstract declaration of inlined u8 per blend modeØyvind Kolås3+76-64
2020-07-01 17:26code tidyingØyvind Kolås1+26-73
2020-07-01 17:07port u8 blending code to floatØyvind Kolås1+232-15
2020-07-01 16:55full set of blending modesØyvind Kolås1+221-23
2020-07-01 15:47implement most SVG|HTML blending modesØyvind Kolås1+54-22
2020-07-01 14:16remove some converter functionsØyvind Kolås2+259-119
2020-07-01 02:41improved compositeØyvind Kolås1+25-20
2020-07-01 02:23lowercase ctx_porter_duff and add float suffixØyvind Kolås1+175-178
2020-07-01 01:32factor out porter_duff factorsØyvind Kolås1+128-144
2020-07-01 01:07pass enum to porter duffØyvind Kolås1+67-13
2020-07-01 00:57indentationØyvind Kolås1+57-49
2020-07-01 00:54start of generic u8 porter duffØyvind Kolås3+183-194
2020-06-30 20:12add special case for RGBA8 color with alpha <= 127Øyvind Kolås8+238-714
2020-06-30 16:52examples: add a performance trackerØyvind Kolås1+816-0
2020-06-30 16:38implement nop paths for 0 alphaØyvind Kolås2+41-9
2020-06-30 15:26trim down perf cflagsØyvind Kolås2+38-29
2020-06-30 01:22more direct dispatchØyvind Kolås2+11-11
2020-06-30 00:44consolidate more loops of float compositingØyvind Kolås1+156-367
2020-06-30 00:19use generic float for grayfØyvind Kolås1+23-73
2020-06-29 23:59add new cmykaf implementaitonØyvind Kolås2+210-66
2020-06-29 23:38tuning RGBA8 innerloopsØyvind Kolås1+11-3
2020-06-29 22:16add GRAYAF handlingØyvind Kolås2+400-100
2020-06-29 20:51somme code shuffles trying to improve autovectorizationØyvind Kolås3+218-215
2020-06-29 06:38abstract number of components in floatØyvind Kolås2+68-48
2020-06-29 05:15ported 8bit to floatØyvind Kolås2+502-79
2020-06-29 04:17ready for floatØyvind Kolås2+49-35
2020-06-29 03:54more blending modes are now fastØyvind Kolås2+252-305
2020-06-29 00:33simplify bail conditions on radial gradientØyvind Kolås1+2-9
2020-06-29 00:26add premade codepaths for gradients in RGBA8 with normal modeØyvind Kolås1+92-18
2020-06-28 23:41mini perf improvementsØyvind Kolås2+15-21
2020-06-28 22:59fix multiply blend modeØyvind Kolås1+2-2
2020-06-28 22:50switch outside loop for fragment or not in porter-duffØyvind Kolås1+76-76
2020-06-28 22:45split generic porter duff in with and without fragmentØyvind Kolås3+76-33
2020-06-28 18:43refactor arguments to innerloopØyvind Kolås1+56-48
2020-06-28 18:04harmonize vfunc prototypes for callstack collapseØyvind Kolås1+113-138
2020-06-28 16:46case shuffleØyvind Kolås1+4-3
2020-06-28 13:07indentationØyvind Kolås1+16-28
2020-06-27 23:02improve comp_op invalidationØyvind Kolås1+20-18
2020-06-27 22:46streamline call chain for compositingØyvind Kolås1+157-134
2020-06-27 21:48cache some RGBA8 comp setup between runsØyvind Kolås1+123-136
2020-06-27 20:34pass fragment to innerloopØyvind Kolås1+152-88
2020-06-27 19:53pass coord funs?Øyvind Kolås2+29-12
2020-06-27 19:43incorporate blending in generic porter duff opØyvind Kolås1+86-85
2020-06-27 18:24add blend mode to apiØyvind Kolås1+144-92
2020-06-27 17:18implement porter-duff genericallyØyvind Kolås2+187-35
2020-06-27 01:45implemented lighter for 8bpcØyvind Kolås1+14-3
2020-06-27 01:36working lighter blend modeØyvind Kolås2+80-19
2020-06-26 03:14performance tweaksØyvind Kolås2+83-92
2020-06-26 01:49composite full spans in u8 modesØyvind Kolås3+60-51
2020-06-26 01:11optimizing compositorØyvind Kolås3+189-74
2020-06-25 23:24speed up compositingØyvind Kolås2+34-21
2020-06-25 22:58tidying names of compositing functionsØyvind Kolås1+68-117
2020-06-25 22:01simplify compositingØyvind Kolås3+108-79
2020-06-25 02:27fix key event dispatchØyvind Kolås3+50-8
2020-06-25 01:36bail from rasterizing shapes above/below viewportØyvind Kolås1+8-1
2020-06-24 23:40update bash exampleØyvind Kolås1+32-28
2020-06-24 02:45return to non-hashing single chunk render that worksØyvind Kolås3+25-30
2020-06-24 02:32partial functional multi-chunk with damage controlØyvind Kolås5+58-34
2020-06-22 22:28low overhead hasherØyvind Kolås2+41-9
2020-06-21 14:20aslo adding hashes for textØyvind Kolås1+125-105
2020-06-21 02:19deassociate alpha before handing pixels to sdl2Øyvind Kolås3+65-4
2020-06-21 01:13succesfully producing hashes for changed areasØyvind Kolås3+46-11
2020-06-21 00:12avoid poly to edges on empty setsØyvind Kolås1+2-1
2020-06-20 19:07fix boundingbox handling in rasterizer for movetoØyvind Kolås2+106-20
2020-06-20 00:58fix color picking in quarterblock modeØyvind Kolås2+207-2
2020-06-19 03:36reset fixesØyvind Kolås3+8-1
2020-06-19 02:42towards working clearØyvind Kolås2+66-189
2020-06-19 02:33adding in more bitsØyvind Kolås4+90-56
2020-06-19 02:17s/clear/resetØyvind Kolås4+26-19
2020-06-18 05:04add compositing mode stringsØyvind Kolås1+25-1
2020-06-18 03:14correct throttling of renderingØyvind Kolås2+36-15
2020-06-18 00:43start of double buffering of ctx clientsØyvind Kolås2+37-22
2020-06-18 00:10add locks on client listØyvind Kolås1+25-4
2020-06-17 23:44shell tweaksØyvind Kolås1+3-2
2020-06-17 23:37move term rendering out of threadØyvind Kolås1+34-9
2020-06-17 23:23towards threaded rendererØyvind Kolås1+41-13
2020-06-17 23:15refactoring towards thread renderingØyvind Kolås3+32-21
2020-06-17 22:59fix removal of clientsØyvind Kolås1+5-2
2020-06-17 22:51raising moved client to topØyvind Kolås1+1-0
2020-06-17 22:42working client moveØyvind Kolås1+72-15
2020-06-17 21:18start moveØyvind Kolås3+18-21
2020-06-17 20:49plumb in start-moveØyvind Kolås1+27-7
2020-06-17 20:41sort string hash constantsØyvind Kolås1+131-133
2020-06-17 19:34listification of clients in terminalØyvind Kolås4+219-148
2020-06-15 23:39fix vt crasherØyvind Kolås1+2-0
2020-06-15 22:51be sure to have an active no after removing clientØyvind Kolås1+6-1
2020-06-15 22:41fix crasher in utf8 replace.. by recomputing strlenØyvind Kolås2+10-4
2020-06-15 21:46make clients be alpha blendedØyvind Kolås3+33-27
2020-06-15 21:19move compositing to separate inlined functionsØyvind Kolås1+85-37
2020-06-15 19:11abstract comp opØyvind Kolås3+22-10
2020-06-14 21:34plugging more leaksØyvind Kolås1+3-0
2020-06-14 21:16more leak huntingØyvind Kolås1+4-0
2020-06-14 20:52free current pathØyvind Kolås1+4-1
2020-06-14 19:14plug many memory leaksØyvind Kolås3+20-22
2020-06-14 04:44terminal has less lag when added as last clientØyvind Kolås2+11-12
2020-06-14 02:37working dragØyvind Kolås9+274-17
2020-06-13 04:29improve density of commands generated by svgØyvind Kolås2+15-12
2020-06-13 04:16made compact mode digestable by ctxØyvind Kolås1+23-11
2020-06-13 02:16improved event handlingØyvind Kolås1+151-53
2020-06-12 04:17make keydb float setter/getter have a _float suffixØyvind Kolås2+4-4
2020-06-12 04:12c++ cast cleanupØyvind Kolås4+52-25
2020-06-12 03:01use doubles in parser to permit parsing uint32_t correctlyØyvind Kolås6+101-196
2020-06-11 08:16also add rectangle to current pathØyvind Kolås2+37-5
2020-06-11 06:27report resize eventsØyvind Kolås3+23-14
2020-06-11 05:32decent latency for presses in bash exampleØyvind Kolås2+22-18
2020-06-11 05:11working getkey for ctx clientsØyvind Kolås3+58-25
2020-06-11 04:20make rgba8 use device rgbØyvind Kolås2+42-7
2020-06-11 02:53simplify makefiles with wildcard rulesØyvind Kolås5+51-43
2020-06-10 17:44usage cleanupØyvind Kolås1+7-17
2020-06-10 17:38fix executionØyvind Kolås3+27-2
2020-06-10 17:34remove mrg namespaced enumsØyvind Kolås5+26-34
2020-06-10 00:07implemented lower/raise/maximize/unmaximizeØyvind Kolås2+100-38
2020-06-09 22:36terminal actionsØyvind Kolås3+152-131
2020-06-09 22:23working on properties for wmØyvind Kolås5+250-221
2020-06-09 18:59att codes for set/get propØyvind Kolås2+7-7
2020-06-09 18:18fix wildcards in event matching for bashØyvind Kolås1+4-4
2020-06-09 17:07make ctx native flush on doneØyvind Kolås3+67-29
2020-06-09 07:50implement wrap behavior of ctx binaryØyvind Kolås5+141-10
2020-06-09 04:04proper event handling also in bashØyvind Kolås3+30-9
2020-06-09 03:08size terminal according to font sizeØyvind Kolås2+2-2
2020-06-09 03:00fix events in braille backendØyvind Kolås1+10-4
2020-06-09 02:40working subclientsØyvind Kolås1+5-5
2020-06-09 02:17working multiple clientsØyvind Kolås2+2-1
2020-06-09 02:09working native eventsØyvind Kolås2+152-59
2020-06-09 01:30fix cairo implementationØyvind Kolås1+7-5
2020-06-09 01:26part way to native eventsØyvind Kolås2+30-21
2020-06-09 01:13fix crasherØyvind Kolås3+25-12
2020-06-09 00:58remove wrong destruction of ctx in cairo backendØyvind Kolås1+0-1
2020-06-09 00:53fixup for full exampleØyvind Kolås3+89-17
2020-06-09 00:41restore terminal sizeØyvind Kolås2+3-3
2020-06-09 00:19draw empty strings as single boxØyvind Kolås2+18-2
2020-06-08 23:47fix align rectangle renderingØyvind Kolås4+71-61
2020-06-08 22:58working events for ctx in terminalØyvind Kolås5+79-43
2020-06-08 21:58tune ui exampleØyvind Kolås2+17-2
2020-06-08 21:25adjust ui textØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2020-06-08 20:41update licenseØyvind Kolås3+60-7
2020-06-08 20:29incorporate terminal event handlingØyvind Kolås1+1014-16
2020-06-08 19:58add an example that opens up uiØyvind Kolås2+121-6
2020-06-08 18:59working input handling in brailleØyvind Kolås3+53-30
2020-06-08 16:35work on secondary event apiØyvind Kolås1+63-27
2020-06-08 15:55getting some events from nctØyvind Kolås2+4-7
2020-06-08 15:31svg add back commenting out of final fill to backgroundØyvind Kolås2+19-15
2020-06-08 15:10make string hash more robust, using 27 is better than 11 and overflows are okØyvind Kolås2+99-40
2020-06-08 14:59poking hashØyvind Kolås2+21-24
2020-06-08 14:39avoid interning classes and element stringsØyvind Kolås2+27-14
2020-06-08 13:54fix crasher in mrg svg parserØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2020-06-08 13:04braille appearing in terminalØyvind Kolås3+16-51
2020-06-08 03:23comment out cruftØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2020-06-07 23:25work towards interactive ctx apiØyvind Kolås4+56-11
2020-06-07 21:47resize working for ctx clientsØyvind Kolås4+48-11
2020-06-07 07:09respect drawn revisionØyvind Kolås4+44-28
2020-06-07 06:09implement rounded rectangleØyvind Kolås4+102-57
2020-06-07 02:38working non-terminal childØyvind Kolås4+21-31
2020-06-07 01:24terminal vector command kind of workingØyvind Kolås4+144-36
2020-06-06 23:45almost able to run barebonesØyvind Kolås4+355-321
2020-06-06 23:29hmmmØyvind Kolås4+323-135
2020-06-06 22:39make shift-control-l take us out of ctx-events modeØyvind Kolås1+4-0
2020-06-06 22:03succesfull use of string based events from terminalØyvind Kolås2+40-26
2020-06-06 20:51move events api to ctxØyvind Kolås2+1264-33
2020-06-06 20:36events readt for incorporationØyvind Kolås2+181-122
2020-06-06 20:04incorporate events as part of ctxØyvind Kolås2+392-1594
2020-06-06 19:25mrg build again with ctxified eventsØyvind Kolås2+559-504
2020-06-06 18:07eventsØyvind Kolås1+13-13
2020-06-06 15:33consuming event part of mrg into ctxØyvind Kolås1+213-213
2020-06-06 15:23event migrationØyvind Kolås1+36-38
2020-06-06 15:05splitting out of event code from mrgØyvind Kolås2+89-68
2020-06-06 14:42event code moving towards ctxØyvind Kolås1+0-2
2020-06-05 22:47shuffle to get event handling on topØyvind Kolås1+7854-7878
2020-06-05 21:19add more w3c stringsØyvind Kolås1+16-0
2020-06-05 20:58add a bunch of css stringsØyvind Kolås1+97-1
2020-06-05 19:57pre-emptively add more w3c stringsØyvind Kolås2+17-9
2020-06-05 18:58mrg code shuffleØyvind Kolås2+653-656
2020-06-05 18:05fooØyvind Kolås2+11-7
2020-06-05 18:00add debug code to dump stringpoolØyvind Kolås2+10-3
2020-06-05 17:33use ctx_save/restore pairs while parsing xml... might have unintended side-effects?Øyvind Kolås2+42-32
2020-06-05 16:57make test harness render svgsØyvind Kolås1+26-13
2020-06-05 16:23improve braille colorsØyvind Kolås1+11-4
2020-06-05 15:47fix test recipiesØyvind Kolås1+2-2
2020-06-05 15:31more work towards tabsØyvind Kolås2+36-38
2020-06-05 05:17reintegrate titleØyvind Kolås3+48-13
2020-06-05 05:04shuffle more event handling into vtØyvind Kolås3+188-225
2020-06-05 04:39resize client with window when only one clientØyvind Kolås1+46-37
2020-06-05 04:32quit terminal on last client quitØyvind Kolås2+64-20
2020-06-05 03:49refactor terminal towards having multiple tabsØyvind Kolås1+67-33
2020-06-05 03:31termØyvind Kolås1+13-8
2020-06-05 02:53add imagedata stubsØyvind Kolås3+50-17
2020-06-05 02:06improve ctx commandlineØyvind Kolås1+34-25
2020-06-05 01:56make terminal explicitly use sdl2 dropping mmmØyvind Kolås1+4-86
2020-06-05 01:46move reading buf into VTØyvind Kolås1+5-4
2020-06-05 01:43remove statics in vtØyvind Kolås1+32-29
2020-06-05 01:40improve commandlineØyvind Kolås2+64-12
2020-06-05 01:15protect against wrong casted use in line/string apiØyvind Kolås2+25-4
2020-06-05 00:47also import event handling code from mrgØyvind Kolås2+1047-49
2020-06-05 00:26mrg shufflingØyvind Kolås2+37-43
2020-06-04 23:37do crude subclassing of core string in vtØyvind Kolås3+194-82
2020-06-04 22:46resurrect more of mrgØyvind Kolås2+236-148
2020-06-04 21:11implement colors braille modesØyvind Kolås2+5-4
2020-06-04 09:06implemented colored terminal outputsØyvind Kolås2+190-4
2020-06-04 07:25use common greyscaleØyvind Kolås2+13-14
2020-06-04 07:12touchups to cairo backendØyvind Kolås5+28-261
2020-06-04 06:26do more strings as intsØyvind Kolås1+63-158
2020-06-04 05:46some string slimming with small effectØyvind Kolås2+179-162
2020-06-04 04:58use SET_PROP moreØyvind Kolås1+113-110
2020-06-04 04:33unify some cases in css parsingØyvind Kolås2+584-748
2020-06-04 04:08dont store strings of named colorsØyvind Kolås1+37-42
2020-06-04 04:01able to build fullØyvind Kolås3+16-5
2020-06-04 03:53size reductionØyvind Kolås1+9-46
2020-06-04 03:40start slimming cssparsestateØyvind Kolås1+19-29
2020-06-04 03:34fix type safety in vardbØyvind Kolås1+10-8
2020-06-04 02:57further shrinking of per level stateØyvind Kolås1+16-18
2020-06-04 02:37avoid storing dupes of colorØyvind Kolås1+21-8
2020-06-04 02:32move display back to direct enumØyvind Kolås1+23-41
2020-06-04 02:25stripped out all color from html state, down to 40bytesØyvind Kolås1+18-11
2020-06-04 02:09get rid of rest of colorsØyvind Kolås1+72-60
2020-06-04 01:58shaving down cssØyvind Kolås1+13-4
2020-06-04 01:56get rid of one more color in styleØyvind Kolås1+16-12
2020-06-04 01:51get rid of stroke-colorØyvind Kolås1+18-29
2020-06-04 01:42get rid of fill colorØyvind Kolås1+19-10
2020-06-04 01:36do not set fill color on init of groupØyvind Kolås1+5-6
2020-06-04 01:33use bitfield for css enum valuesØyvind Kolås1+20-36
2020-06-04 01:20more porting to propertiesØyvind Kolås1+14-18
2020-06-04 01:05refacotring to use hashØyvind Kolås1+166-124
2020-06-04 00:44start migrating more code to hashesØyvind Kolås1+17-18
2020-06-04 00:40migrate css propset other switch to hashesØyvind Kolås1+147-111
2020-06-04 00:13implement much layout css using keydbØyvind Kolås1+256-243
2020-06-03 22:34html starting to work againØyvind Kolås2+153-108
2020-06-03 19:57implement storing of colors in keydbØyvind Kolås2+49-30
2020-06-03 19:27working string storage in keydbØyvind Kolås2+123-6
2020-06-03 18:27mrg massageØyvind Kolås1+86-94
2020-06-03 17:20got rid of more xml members MrgStyle is now 1024bytesØyvind Kolås1+88-59
2020-06-03 17:13do not touch line_height as it should be fast for textØyvind Kolås1+14-15
2020-06-03 17:05started conversion of xml state to new data structuresØyvind Kolås2+269-16
2020-06-03 16:46newlion svg rendersØyvind Kolås2+119-68
2020-06-03 03:13implement ctx_path_extentsØyvind Kolås2+82-41
2020-06-03 02:08apply indenterØyvind Kolås5+5058-4783
2020-06-03 02:06uncrustifyØyvind Kolås2+6655-6230
2020-06-03 01:47indentationØyvind Kolås1+6-8
2020-06-03 01:44do not use float in rasterizer_clipØyvind Kolås1+15-19
2020-06-03 01:36add ctx_maxiØyvind Kolås1+18-31
2020-06-03 01:24implement getter for line_widthØyvind Kolås1+10-7
2020-06-03 01:21add stubs for dcmykØyvind Kolås1+37-24
2020-06-03 01:13move line_width normalizatino to rasterizerØyvind Kolås1+14-4
2020-06-03 00:51implement fill/stroke/clip preserveØyvind Kolås1+55-33
2020-06-03 00:31add a preserved edge list to rasterizerØyvind Kolås1+33-24
2020-06-03 00:13code shuffleØyvind Kolås1+0-1
2020-06-03 00:07code shuffleØyvind Kolås1+46-46
2020-06-02 23:43start work on preserveØyvind Kolås1+23-16
2020-06-02 23:32add stubs for dcmykØyvind Kolås1+82-22
2020-06-02 23:06implement CtxMatrix based accesor functions for transformØyvind Kolås2+134-126
2020-06-02 22:35add current_pathØyvind Kolås2+210-341
2020-06-02 19:51make CTX_CONT be 0, for much nicer padding and no need to explicitly set itØyvind Kolås1+373-344
2020-06-02 18:38add u32,s32,s16 and u16 to CtxCommandØyvind Kolås1+34-3
2020-06-02 18:31refactor iterator to provide CtxCommand instead of CtxEntryØyvind Kolås1+49-34
2020-06-02 18:17remove traces of refpackØyvind Kolås2+3-12
2020-06-02 09:28xml parser up and running but no output yetØyvind Kolås3+29-30
2020-06-02 09:19add -lm wrappers for not using ctx mathØyvind Kolås1+7-2
2020-06-02 09:02do not much around with math.hØyvind Kolås1+71-160
2020-06-02 08:51fix hashØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2020-06-02 08:49mrg mrgØyvind Kolås3+464-177
2020-06-02 06:58most of mrg collated in one file, starting integration with ctxØyvind Kolås2+134-63
2020-06-02 06:49svg parser buildingØyvind Kolås3+3498-396
2020-06-02 05:56start experimenting with svgØyvind Kolås2+5658-1155
2020-06-02 01:31crude adding of xml parserØyvind Kolås1+1117-0
2020-06-02 01:18moved utf8 output of misc pixel formats to utility functionØyvind Kolås1+186-141
2020-06-02 00:56added html+svg parsing vocabularyØyvind Kolås1+89-0
2020-06-02 00:22make more use of stringdbØyvind Kolås1+24-25
2020-06-02 00:17start making a string dbØyvind Kolås1+243-151
2020-06-01 23:28start moving properties into keyvaldbØyvind Kolås1+128-57
2020-06-01 22:06abstract out ctx_strhashØyvind Kolås1+30-14
2020-06-01 21:55unify code for rigging up dispatch with stringØyvind Kolås1+88-57
2020-06-01 20:48remove refpackØyvind Kolås1+9-273
2020-06-01 20:43respect overall rasterizer aa config in terminalØyvind Kolås2+6-6
2020-06-01 20:01update full test with api changesØyvind Kolås2+7-9
2020-06-01 19:39make fontgen deal with nonprintable glyphsØyvind Kolås1+10-1
2020-06-01 16:11make full ctx compile under c++Øyvind Kolås2+4-4
2020-06-01 16:08make parser build with c++Øyvind Kolås2+16-16
2020-06-01 15:57make rasterizer build with c++ by adding castsØyvind Kolås2+29-28
2020-06-01 03:14indentationØyvind Kolås1+10-6
2020-06-01 03:08implement fragments for RGBAF and CMYKAFØyvind Kolås1+214-70
2020-06-01 02:05inroduce fragment termØyvind Kolås1+190-159
2020-06-01 00:53remove CTX_FULL_CBØyvind Kolås1+1-37
2020-05-31 23:25skip generating empty stringsØyvind Kolås1+2-0
2020-05-31 23:03internal api refactorØyvind Kolås4+85-57
2020-05-31 22:49start using union for argument accessØyvind Kolås1+180-146
2020-05-31 21:31use consistent own static function for u8<>float conversionsØyvind Kolås3+76-62
2020-05-31 21:08u8 api change to RGBA8Øyvind Kolås3+48-32
2020-05-31 20:29gradients back to normalØyvind Kolås1+8-3
2020-05-31 20:18fix api changes in cm code for non-cm modeØyvind Kolås2+25-7
2020-05-31 20:11make gradient use actual colorsØyvind Kolås1+52-53
2020-05-31 19:29implement rest of needed own string functionsØyvind Kolås1+47-3
2020-05-31 19:12resent gradients properlyØyvind Kolås1+9-19
2020-05-31 18:44refactor transform code to not update stateØyvind Kolås1+6-49
2020-05-31 18:27implement own strcpyØyvind Kolås1+25-16
2020-05-31 18:22squelch warningsØyvind Kolås1+8-3
2020-05-31 18:14code reshuffleØyvind Kolås1+142-140
2020-05-31 18:01implement own strchrØyvind Kolås1+52-3
2020-05-31 16:34docs updateØyvind Kolås2+53-44
2020-05-31 15:56code shuffleØyvind Kolås1+39-38
2020-05-31 15:54port cairo to renderer apiØyvind Kolås3+76-50
2020-05-31 15:09reimplement stream renderer with rasterizer apiØyvind Kolås1+161-139
2020-05-31 14:44stop using render of ctx for blitØyvind Kolås1+11-18
2020-05-31 14:40proper use of render funcØyvind Kolås1+11-11
2020-05-31 14:28start using render_funcØyvind Kolås1+5-1
2020-05-31 14:27start using render_funcØyvind Kolås1+1-3
2020-05-31 14:27start using render_funcØyvind Kolås1+13-4
2020-05-31 14:19rename CtxRenderer CtxRasterizerØyvind Kolås2+654-653
2020-05-31 13:54add append renderstream apiØyvind Kolås1+9-5
2020-05-31 13:48reorder constructorsØyvind Kolås1+7-6
2020-05-31 03:43get rid of strdupØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2020-05-31 03:40get rid of strdupØyvind Kolås1+48-44
2020-05-31 03:10pass state to color functionsØyvind Kolås1+181-193
2020-05-31 02:50propagate color spacesØyvind Kolås1+46-9
2020-05-31 02:21adding cm functionsØyvind Kolås1+51-12
2020-05-31 01:19packyØyvind Kolås1+61-64
2020-05-31 00:07whitespace whindØyvind Kolås1+7-13
2020-05-30 23:51decode renameØyvind Kolås1+36-81
2020-05-30 23:32encoder renameØyvind Kolås1+26-26
2020-05-30 23:26make order in converters consistentØyvind Kolås1+32-31
2020-05-30 23:10cm refactorØyvind Kolås1+37-30
2020-05-30 22:56factor out cmyk<>rgb conversionsØyvind Kolås1+57-47
2020-05-30 22:36add separate functions for setting rgba and rgba-deviceØyvind Kolås1+101-21
2020-05-30 22:03implement copying color managementØyvind Kolås1+102-47
2020-05-30 20:57fillrule test is workingØyvind Kolås2+0-159
2020-05-30 20:54did full rule just start working?Øyvind Kolås1+41-6
2020-05-30 20:40make parser case invariantØyvind Kolås1+65-66
2020-05-30 20:23replace CTX_MIN and CTX_MAX macros with functions, the generated code with gcc is the sameØyvind Kolås1+27-30
2020-05-30 20:18poking arc_toØyvind Kolås1+22-4
2020-05-30 20:05code shufflingØyvind Kolås1+68-56
2020-05-30 19:39code shuffleØyvind Kolås1+28-28
2020-05-30 19:22skip strdup in parser for strings without newlinesØyvind Kolås1+93-74
2020-05-30 18:39implement cmyka8 and cmyk8 using cmykfØyvind Kolås1+94-5
2020-05-30 04:58simplify float compositorsØyvind Kolås3+82-70
2020-05-30 03:06some parts of cmyk workingØyvind Kolås2+75-52
2020-05-30 02:31change signatue of sourceØyvind Kolås1+15-8
2020-05-30 02:27start adding cmykØyvind Kolås1+102-25
2020-05-30 02:15if 0 out unused codeØyvind Kolås1+70-45
2020-05-30 01:45implement color gettersØyvind Kolås3+68-37
2020-05-30 01:15shorten code with a define to fetch argsØyvind Kolås1+74-110
2020-05-30 00:42color fixesØyvind Kolås1+24-21
2020-05-30 00:34add new define CTX_ENABLE_CMYKØyvind Kolås2+61-12
2020-05-29 22:51colors back to workingØyvind Kolås1+17-127
2020-05-29 22:37cmyk is amissØyvind Kolås1+46-13
2020-05-29 22:18initial color management landingØyvind Kolås1+107-17
2020-05-29 21:35working on colorØyvind Kolås1+56-0
2020-05-29 21:13make color api generate needed color on demandØyvind Kolås1+9-10
2020-05-29 21:06starting to use new color apiØyvind Kolås1+212-25
2020-05-29 19:47code simplificationsØyvind Kolås3+34-48
2020-05-29 19:19update examplesØyvind Kolås3+4-2
2020-05-29 19:18codeshuffleØyvind Kolås2+81-71
2020-05-29 19:00almost thread safe single glyph index cache for stbØyvind Kolås1+29-5
2020-05-29 18:47factor condition out of rgbaf loopØyvind Kolås2+42-25
2020-05-29 18:05simplify parserØyvind Kolås1+54-97
2020-05-29 17:32make 640x480 rendering of tests optionalØyvind Kolås3+9-3
2020-05-29 05:05factor out some magic numbersØyvind Kolås1+32-50
2020-05-29 04:41add mising measurement examplesØyvind Kolås2+124-0
2020-05-29 04:41add missing files to gitØyvind Kolås4+4972-0
2020-05-29 04:40add more testsØyvind Kolås3+81-0
2020-05-29 03:30add more fontsØyvind Kolås3+151-2
2020-05-29 02:11code cosmeticsØyvind Kolås1+3-3
2020-05-29 01:33fnordØyvind Kolås1+14-15
2020-05-29 01:29bring our own bzeroØyvind Kolås2+23-13
2020-05-28 23:38start of ok arc_to exampleØyvind Kolås1+15-0
2020-05-28 22:24rename fillrule testØyvind Kolås2+42-42
2020-05-28 22:23improve fill rule testØyvind Kolås3+43-2
2020-05-28 22:03remove set color modelØyvind Kolås2+61-10
2020-05-28 21:34remove now uneccesary path_startØyvind Kolås1+18-26
2020-05-28 21:17no longer do close path in frontendØyvind Kolås1+12-12
2020-05-28 21:08trim down small examplesØyvind Kolås2+2-14
2020-05-28 20:40test adjustmentsØyvind Kolås7+13-10
2020-05-28 16:19remove ctx_paintØyvind Kolås3+7-19
2020-05-28 14:32second set of 640x480 tests with other rowcountØyvind Kolås2+10-6
2020-05-28 14:04improve test galleryØyvind Kolås11+95-66
2020-05-28 01:09add back some source transformsØyvind Kolås3+79-16
2020-05-28 00:47improve testsØyvind Kolås5+16-11
2020-05-27 21:53slightly better arcsØyvind Kolås3+45-25
2020-05-27 20:05adjust middle baselineØyvind Kolås4+13-7
2020-05-27 19:46code reshuffling make formatter be optionalØyvind Kolås4+122-64
2020-05-27 14:54update clock exampleØyvind Kolås3+16-5
2020-05-27 01:07byteshavingØyvind Kolås1+20-22
2020-05-27 00:19reduce size of renderer by having separate max lengths for edge and lingering edge buffersØyvind Kolås2+31-30
2020-05-26 23:24move fontgen to tools folderØyvind Kolås2+23-23
2020-05-26 22:44move global_alpha out of sourceØyvind Kolås5+71-4958
2020-05-26 21:49reinstate = as a delimiter charØyvind Kolås9+46-38
2020-05-26 21:06lower case enums in ctx syntaxØyvind Kolås8+39-50
2020-05-26 20:58tweakØyvind Kolås3+16-7
2020-05-26 20:24updating testsØyvind Kolås6+61-29
2020-05-26 18:49add more testsØyvind Kolås12+291-0
2020-05-26 17:15improve test harnessØyvind Kolås1+19-17
2020-05-26 17:01regexp normalizationØyvind Kolås1+398-406
2020-05-26 16:34add baseline testØyvind Kolås5+125-14
2020-05-26 04:01add miter limitØyvind Kolås1+29-3
2020-05-26 03:47update text-align testØyvind Kolås1+16-0
2020-05-26 02:06implement low effort approximation of clip, the bounding rect in device coordinates for the paths used when clipping is maintained and used as a clipping region.Øyvind Kolås1+75-20
2020-05-26 01:16examples: byte shavingØyvind Kolås4+63-28
2020-05-26 00:42improve unit handlingØyvind Kolås3+116-33
2020-05-26 00:20enable verbose outputØyvind Kolås3+190-50
2020-05-25 22:52improve percent handlingØyvind Kolås3+41-21
2020-05-25 22:35factor out suffix conversions in parserØyvind Kolås1+33-26
2020-05-25 22:25dead code removalØyvind Kolås1+88-118
2020-05-25 21:49add missing fileØyvind Kolås1+65-0
2020-05-25 21:45code reshufflesØyvind Kolås4+489-453
2020-05-25 17:19fonts: extend font generator to create binary cxtf fontsØyvind Kolås2+18-4
2020-05-25 17:08replace some fprintfs with fwriteØyvind Kolås1+5-5
2020-05-25 16:10examples: reduce small-flagsØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2020-05-25 15:53further refactoringsØyvind Kolås2+111-426
2020-05-25 13:58working twocharØyvind Kolås3+54-34
2020-05-25 13:36tests: do diff in right directionØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2020-05-25 12:50improve size testsØyvind Kolås3+28-23
2020-05-25 02:26fill in some missing blanksØyvind Kolås2+76-27
2020-05-25 01:15some code simplificationØyvind Kolås2+25-36
2020-05-25 00:06dead code removalØyvind Kolås2+7-4
2020-05-24 23:54shave some bytes of implementation sizeØyvind Kolås3+30-19
2020-05-24 23:34add set and get_transformØyvind Kolås1+47-0
2020-05-24 23:10add missing fileØyvind Kolås7+267-970
2020-05-24 23:04fix some pedantic compiler warningsØyvind Kolås9+101-83
2020-05-24 22:05add clock and stb_imageØyvind Kolås3+7573-28
2020-05-24 22:03examples: updateØyvind Kolås10+2384-1471
2020-05-24 21:45add testsØyvind Kolås2+94-0
2020-05-24 21:43add untracked filesØyvind Kolås4+3058-1
2020-05-24 21:02oops, been testing the wrong renderpathØyvind Kolås5+546-531
2020-05-24 20:36add arduino related meta-dataØyvind Kolås12+587-17
2020-05-24 19:27remove tests dirØyvind Kolås9+0-1534
2020-05-24 19:26add tiny test to source treeØyvind Kolås6+121-62
2020-05-24 19:10make ctx parser state enum more verboseØyvind Kolås1+56-56
2020-05-24 19:02indenetationØyvind Kolås1+4-5
2020-05-24 18:56add ctxp_get_color_graya wrapperØyvind Kolås1+11-0
2020-05-24 18:51ctxp: set default color_componentsØyvind Kolås1+2-0
2020-05-24 18:48speed up parser for condensed formØyvind Kolås1+200-176
2020-05-24 18:01initialize color_modelØyvind Kolås2+24-2
2020-05-24 17:33fix text_stroke in backend modeØyvind Kolås2+49-28
2020-05-24 16:15backend use of text seem working againØyvind Kolås2+13-8
2020-05-24 15:57add vera to font repetoireØyvind Kolås3+23-4
2020-05-22 20:57fix gradientØyvind Kolås2+4-4
2020-05-22 18:50add png output to commandlineØyvind Kolås1+18-2
2020-05-22 18:47fix escaping in stringsØyvind Kolås1+8-6
2020-05-22 17:24fixup utf8 debug outputsØyvind Kolås1+130-12
2020-05-22 17:24implement stroke_text in parserØyvind Kolås1+21-7
2020-05-22 16:17render grayscale tests through ctx binaryØyvind Kolås3+174-10
2020-05-21 14:59silence switch completenessØyvind Kolås1+2-1
2020-05-20 03:11remove gradient_no commandØyvind Kolås1+34-34
2020-05-20 00:10mostly happy backend text rendering, some render paths not workingØyvind Kolås2+56-29
2020-05-19 23:08text but not glyph have moved to backendØyvind Kolås2+20-7
2020-05-19 22:03working backend driven font renderingØyvind Kolås1+16-5
2020-05-19 21:44efactoring to make renderer take ctxØyvind Kolås1+10-3
2020-05-19 13:11add colormodelØyvind Kolås1+30-34
2020-05-19 00:58finished font engine apiØyvind Kolås1+106-106
2020-05-18 23:48work towards pluggable font enginesØyvind Kolås1+38-10
2020-05-18 23:20return direct pointers into render stream for text/fontØyvind Kolås1+30-8
2020-05-18 14:37fix holding of glyphØyvind Kolås2+14-8
2020-05-17 23:11improve string passingØyvind Kolås1+27-22
2020-05-16 14:23remove unused printing code and infraØyvind Kolås2+63-173
2020-05-16 00:42register multi part font namesØyvind Kolås2+31-28
2020-05-16 00:20termina: permit return keyrepeat and adjust brailleØyvind Kolås2+2-2
2020-05-16 00:16make ctx binary retranslate ctx commandstreamØyvind Kolås3+159-11
2020-05-15 21:23implement global alpha in text parserØyvind Kolås2+51-26
2020-05-13 22:30use smaller ctx embedded fonts as built in defaultsØyvind Kolås4+180-28
2020-05-13 21:46fix incorrect access of kerning infoØyvind Kolås1+1-2
2020-05-13 21:45factor out ctxp appending of cØyvind Kolås1+15-19
2020-05-13 21:35increase text parsers holding bufferØyvind Kolås1+25-30
2020-05-13 21:19retab and use width/height + cw, chØyvind Kolås2+364-350
2020-05-13 20:47replace magic numbers for color models with enumØyvind Kolås1+47-47
2020-05-13 20:33remove outdated command name mappingØyvind Kolås2+19-47
2020-05-13 20:24encapsualte CtxP moreØyvind Kolås2+111-61
2020-05-13 19:51faster fabsfØyvind Kolås3+43-37
2020-05-13 19:34integrate parser in ctxØyvind Kolås3+941-940
2020-05-13 19:14use ctx enum in text parserØyvind Kolås2+172-238
2020-05-13 19:03reorder enum values to be compatible with svgØyvind Kolås2+82-69
2020-05-13 18:21split out text parserØyvind Kolås5+1031-1157
2020-05-13 17:31initialize svgp struct with functionØyvind Kolås1+36-15
2020-05-13 17:24add implementation of ctx_image_path - that does not quite work for multi target rendererØyvind Kolås2+15-11
2020-05-11 14:56make svgp more self containedØyvind Kolås1+502-476
2020-05-11 14:29collect svgp state in a structØyvind Kolås1+256-248
2020-05-06 21:06rename executable ctxvtØyvind Kolås6+23-2551
2020-05-06 21:05bundle dejavusansØyvind Kolås5+38-16
2020-05-03 20:04use a custom ignor/wait for childrenØyvind Kolås1+23-1
2020-05-01 12:24improve glitch on last rowØyvind Kolås2+4-4
2020-04-28 22:49re-enable audio taskØyvind Kolås2+7-5
2020-04-26 22:37fix reaping of instancesØyvind Kolås2+17-31
2020-04-24 17:46remove old special casing for mmmØyvind Kolås2+1-29
2020-04-23 17:04force software renderingØyvind Kolås1+8-4
2020-04-23 17:02update ametamericØyvind Kolås1+68-23
2020-04-01 00:05vt: capture input when dragging scrollbarØyvind Kolås2+24-21
2020-03-31 20:40improve mouse events and scrollbarØyvind Kolås1+12-1
2020-03-30 21:11if#0 out previous addition, makes little (but measurable) impact on latencyØyvind Kolås1+8-1
2020-03-30 19:54vt: only update dirty rectangleØyvind Kolås1+10-1
2020-03-30 19:54ctx: add ctx_dirty_rect apiØyvind Kolås1+39-0
2020-03-30 17:32disable extra stroke source codepathsØyvind Kolås9+86-84
2020-03-30 16:49vt: set stroking color for strikethrough and overlineØyvind Kolås1+2-2
2020-03-30 16:42add CTX_TEXTURE to ctx_get_conts_for_entryØyvind Kolås1+17-67
2020-03-30 02:26make texture id api optionally do auto-idsØyvind Kolås2+107-18
2020-03-30 01:27add texture id based image handlingØyvind Kolås1+91-23
2020-03-30 00:21move textures to stateØyvind Kolås2+19-10
2020-03-29 01:59tune sleep-time after events for latencyØyvind Kolås2+7-9
2020-03-29 01:22fix wrong topline when entering alt-screenØyvind Kolås1+3-0
2020-03-29 01:08queue redraws when mouse press,drag or release occursØyvind Kolås1+4-1
2020-03-28 01:51namespacingØyvind Kolås3+338-338
2020-03-27 23:31split out yencØyvind Kolås2+74-44
2020-03-27 23:29update with changes from attyØyvind Kolås1+6-324
2020-03-25 13:56implement handling of rgb/gray/cmyk for gradientsØyvind Kolås1+45-59
2020-03-25 03:49return from keyword recognizer switchØyvind Kolås1+75-102
2020-03-25 03:15make color setting generic for more color modelsØyvind Kolås1+139-62
2020-03-25 02:18implement newlines in vector languageØyvind Kolås2+70-17
2020-03-24 23:20remove atty files, it is now a separate projectØyvind Kolås2+0-1433
2020-03-24 23:19fix ctx positioningØyvind Kolås4+48-22
2020-03-20 06:02atty fully functionalØyvind Kolås2+3-45
2020-03-20 05:50propagte sizeØyvind Kolås1+12-4
2020-03-20 05:22indicate in title when mic is activeØyvind Kolås1+72-47
2020-03-20 05:06modify set titleØyvind Kolås1+62-66
2020-03-20 04:38function atty terminal wrapperØyvind Kolås2+520-2
2020-03-20 03:06chopping engineØyvind Kolås5+118-24
2020-03-20 02:50removed unused buf-size from audio codeØyvind Kolås2+2-11
2020-03-20 02:49remove transmissionØyvind Kolås3+1-13
2020-03-20 02:47more audio splittingØyvind Kolås2+185-183
2020-03-20 02:19split audio handling to separate fileØyvind Kolås2+1460-1447
2020-03-20 02:13reorder vt.c to have all audio code in one chunkØyvind Kolås1+1452-1484
2020-03-20 02:02improve reverse video modesØyvind Kolås1+7-6
2020-03-20 01:50refactor global stateØyvind Kolås1+30-60
2020-03-20 01:44move audio handling into own stateØyvind Kolås1+49-5
2020-03-20 01:37simplify a85lenØyvind Kolås2+6-26
2020-03-20 00:55remove unsupported atty valuesØyvind Kolås2+53-10
2020-03-19 19:50working recordingØyvind Kolås1+6-4
2020-03-19 19:41playback is working mic is strugglingØyvind Kolås3+109-182
2020-03-18 22:16fully using APC for atty busy boxØyvind Kolås1+149-9
2020-03-18 21:42part way through making speaker encode a85Øyvind Kolås1+107-72
2020-03-18 19:36atty: working samplerate for mic/speakerØyvind Kolås3+8-14
2020-03-18 18:51fix use of mic before speakerØyvind Kolås1+27-18
2020-03-18 17:39functional mic againØyvind Kolås2+143-44
2020-03-18 02:21add support for demuxing multiple audio formats in APCØyvind Kolås2+224-33
2020-03-18 01:37working chunkingØyvind Kolås1+11-5
2020-03-18 01:23make atty speaker user parent process ttyØyvind Kolås2+89-85
2020-03-18 00:35functional parameter settingØyvind Kolås4+472-3
2020-03-17 02:04use dynamic audio parameter setupØyvind Kolås1+55-13
2020-03-17 01:49deinit sdl audio when inactiveØyvind Kolås2+46-53
2020-03-17 01:06make speaker binary bufferØyvind Kolås1+34-0
2020-03-17 00:10moving all audio into vtØyvind Kolås2+274-262
2020-03-15 23:00make mic-mode use APC, still raw ulaw insideØyvind Kolås3+19-16
2020-03-15 21:09working mode based audioØyvind Kolås4+65-10
2020-03-14 23:58add mic modeØyvind Kolås4+144-3
2020-03-13 20:03slight simplification of handle_sequenceØyvind Kolås1+11-30
2020-03-13 17:03fix pcmØyvind Kolås2+15-9
2020-03-13 15:36do terminal state machine with vfuncsØyvind Kolås2+200-219
2020-03-13 02:36refactoringØyvind Kolås1+36-66
2020-03-13 02:16hot path streamliningØyvind Kolås1+14-8
2020-03-13 02:06getting rid of some conditionals in default byte code pathØyvind Kolås1+35-90
2020-03-13 00:29pause fooØyvind Kolås2+17-15
2020-03-12 02:18implement automatic size detection for sixelsØyvind Kolås2+77-12
2020-03-11 13:10draw minus ourselvesØyvind Kolås3+38-2
2020-03-10 02:01support negative numbers with unitsØyvind Kolås2+18-8
2020-03-10 01:48fix alt+charØyvind Kolås1+4-1
2020-03-10 00:33ctx: fix moveto after adding textØyvind Kolås1+1-0
2020-03-10 00:12have a fallback sixel sizeØyvind Kolås1+11-6
2020-03-09 23:15be less argressive on revision updatesØyvind Kolås1+9-1
2020-03-09 21:08fix some texture positioningØyvind Kolås2+19-17
2020-03-09 19:32refactor image code a bitØyvind Kolås2+51-54
2020-03-09 19:12sixels are workingØyvind Kolås1+206-4
2020-03-09 14:37fix scrolling in alt-screenØyvind Kolås1+2-5
2020-03-09 01:41implement alt-screenØyvind Kolås1+69-8
2020-03-09 01:02basic support for iterm2 imgcatØyvind Kolås1+67-5
2020-03-08 23:58strat parsing iterm image bitsØyvind Kolås1+125-1
2020-03-08 19:22implement hacky sdl title settingØyvind Kolås2+25-13
2020-03-08 18:07drawing improvementsØyvind Kolås1+17-17
2020-03-08 05:43add @ and % prefixes to terminal vector graphicsØyvind Kolås1+68-13
2020-03-08 04:21fix a fuzz+asan found crashØyvind Kolås2+19-59
2020-03-08 03:07add rudimentary local editing modeØyvind Kolås3+26-2
2020-03-08 02:52implemented functional copy+pasteØyvind Kolås6+128-10
2020-03-07 01:18implement smooth parts of SVG path specØyvind Kolås1+128-38
2020-03-07 01:01implement stroke textØyvind Kolås2+5-7
2020-03-07 00:47rearrange vocabularyØyvind Kolås1+188-143
2020-03-06 23:24add escaping of strings and commentsØyvind Kolås2+151-83
2020-03-06 14:29working svg path parserØyvind Kolås4+848-143
2020-03-05 01:34default palette tuningØyvind Kolås1+6-6
2020-03-04 20:32improve SGR with multiple colorsØyvind Kolås1+32-1
2020-03-04 19:47fix more args after fg or bg color setØyvind Kolås1+6-2
2020-03-04 19:34ok powerline trianglesØyvind Kolås1+37-5
2020-03-04 18:58fix solid power-line glyphsØyvind Kolås1+2-2
2020-03-03 14:52split pdf bits outØyvind Kolås3+26-1189
2020-02-28 17:34fix shortstrings, 10% perf improvementØyvind Kolås1+31-18
2020-02-28 17:02mostly parsing of pdf workingØyvind Kolås1+209-60
2020-02-28 05:20starting work on short short stringsØyvind Kolås1+64-19
2020-02-28 04:11make stream objects point at mmaped sourceØyvind Kolås1+52-30
2020-02-28 03:21functional core pdf parserØyvind Kolås1+790-13
2020-02-27 11:04add skeleton for pdf parserØyvind Kolås2+213-113
2020-02-26 19:51vt: fix underlining of double height charsØyvind Kolås1+13-4
2020-02-26 19:44ctx: split stroke color(source) from fillsØyvind Kolås8+81-12
2020-02-26 13:28documentation updatesØyvind Kolås3+764-127
2020-02-24 12:53implement sdl audioØyvind Kolås3+290-82
2020-02-24 10:26remove tabsØyvind Kolås1+600-600
2020-02-24 10:20scroll graphics by using index instead of cursor downØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2020-02-24 00:23implement more of kitty graphics specØyvind Kolås2+102-8
2020-02-23 22:38implement double and curved underlineØyvind Kolås4+658-59
2020-02-22 11:46functional left margin for proportional text, at least when appendingØyvind Kolås1+44-33
2020-02-22 11:17left margin mostly works, apart from newlinesØyvind Kolås1+83-68
2020-02-21 16:49make left margin also be computedØyvind Kolås1+38-9
2020-02-21 12:59fix proportional right marginØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2020-02-21 12:40implement wordwrapØyvind Kolås4+86-13
2020-02-19 20:08correct margin for lines containing proportionally spaced charsØyvind Kolås3+29-1
2020-02-19 19:26implement pasteØyvind Kolås3+29-2
2020-02-19 19:21started implementing logical right marginØyvind Kolås3+67-16
2020-02-19 18:14implement autorepeatØyvind Kolås1+1-0
2020-02-19 17:58implement mouse actions for scrollbarØyvind Kolås1+11-4
2020-02-19 17:12implement keyrepeatØyvind Kolås3+58-14
2020-02-19 15:51adapt dim/bold to custom fg and bgØyvind Kolås2+58-29
2020-02-19 14:44terminal: add parallel sdl2 interfaceØyvind Kolås2+328-73
2020-02-18 17:10add separate fg and bg color entriesØyvind Kolås1+35-7
2020-02-17 10:26fix reverse video styling, save charsets with cursorØyvind Kolås1+55-63
2020-02-15 23:36implement fg and bg color responses, for proper color in vimØyvind Kolås1+20-9
2020-02-14 19:11tune timeouts for less cpu useØyvind Kolås2+26-30
2020-02-14 14:43improve smooth scrollØyvind Kolås1+8-5
2020-02-13 19:24add some new block chars from unicodeØyvind Kolås1+37-13
2020-02-13 14:17print most C0s in ANSI modeØyvind Kolås1+123-25
2020-02-13 09:54fix smooth scroll of background, double height and underlinesØyvind Kolås3+68-41
2020-02-13 03:05Implementing left and right margins setting/useØyvind Kolås1+184-85
2020-02-12 13:39now really passing ICH and not introducing misbehaviorØyvind Kolås1+46-54
2020-02-12 11:42implement shifting of charsets and suchØyvind Kolås1+77-30
2020-02-12 09:44improve latencyØyvind Kolås2+49-28
2020-02-12 07:41implement answerbackØyvind Kolås1+17-3
2020-02-12 07:15another vttest down ICHØyvind Kolås3+76-35
2020-02-11 17:59implement overlineØyvind Kolås3+214-120
2020-02-11 13:23implement double width and height lines, and ANSI proportional spacingØyvind Kolås3+220-62
2020-02-11 10:40implement two speeds of blinkingØyvind Kolås3+354-171
2020-02-10 07:31rearrange style logic for blinking, adapt bitpattern from actual vt100Øyvind Kolås1+100-33
2020-02-10 05:35make cell cache dynamically allocatedØyvind Kolås1+28-13
2020-02-10 03:30start factoring pty outØyvind Kolås5+136-48
2020-02-09 00:30remove unused commandlineØyvind Kolås2+3-11
2020-02-08 22:38make styling of lines grow dynamicallyØyvind Kolås3+20-10
2020-02-08 15:22cleanupsØyvind Kolås2+12-14
2020-02-08 15:04fix performance of scrollback trimming, speed up utf8_replaceØyvind Kolås2+17-15
2020-02-08 14:13sleep deeper when idleØyvind Kolås2+4-10
2020-02-08 13:55re-enable too rapid blinkØyvind Kolås1+5-1
2020-02-08 13:52fix default colors in inverse modeØyvind Kolås1+17-24
2020-02-08 12:43add a color mapØyvind Kolås1+25-3
2020-02-08 08:15only change title when right osc is encounteredØyvind Kolås1+13-18
2020-02-08 07:37implement functional per line vector graphicsØyvind Kolås4+119-49
2020-02-08 06:51ctx: make negative values work in parsed ctxØyvind Kolås1+1-1
2020-02-08 04:38vt: always access line style array through wrappersØyvind Kolås7+433-406
2020-02-08 03:35refactor to keep style in linesØyvind Kolås3+34-56
2020-02-08 03:01trim string codeØyvind Kolås4+26-107
2020-02-08 02:48prefix and name shuffling in vtØyvind Kolås9+4824-4825
2020-02-08 02:34vt: implement visual part of scrollbarsØyvind Kolås2+41-27
2020-02-08 02:01improve cache clearingØyvind Kolås2+29-8
2020-02-08 01:02vt: clear cell cache on scrollØyvind Kolås1+1-0
2020-02-08 00:15reset cell cache on resize/font changeØyvind Kolås2+54-22
2020-02-07 07:50implement 24bit colorØyvind Kolås1+71-24
2020-02-07 07:11simplify draw cellØyvind Kolås2+22-23
2020-02-07 05:37keep track of drawn contents, only draw changesØyvind Kolås1+40-33
2020-02-07 05:02remove stroke from cursor that broke the gridØyvind Kolås1+2-0
2020-02-07 04:58clear screen when in scrollbackØyvind Kolås1+12-1
2020-02-07 04:53vt: refactor drawing to loop all cellsØyvind Kolås1+117-165
2020-02-07 03:22factor out replicated argumentsØyvind Kolås4+21-16
2020-02-07 01:53vt: special case vt100 scanline glyphsØyvind Kolås1+28-1
2020-02-07 01:09use a stroke for faux boldingØyvind Kolås2+12-25
2020-02-07 00:19adjust shape hashingØyvind Kolås4+95-26
2020-02-06 09:06start adding infrastructure for compositing modesØyvind Kolås4+102-49
2020-02-06 04:09vt: implement 132 col modeØyvind Kolås2+59-21
2020-02-06 01:29fix an inifinite loop in input parserØyvind Kolås2+7-11
2020-02-06 00:26limit margins to valid valuesØyvind Kolås3+20-16
2020-02-05 21:28vt: fix problem with ILØyvind Kolås1+9-10
2020-02-05 20:47add option fpr cp437 encodingØyvind Kolås1+10-9
2020-02-05 09:21vt: not clean cursor movements in vttestØyvind Kolås1+2-2
2020-02-05 08:30one more vttest downØyvind Kolås3+22-3
2020-02-05 07:26draw quadrant combos using quadrantsØyvind Kolås2+43-71
2020-02-05 05:57unset fg bg bits when going to default colorØyvind Kolås1+28-71
2020-02-05 05:34fix box drawing charsØyvind Kolås1+16-9
2020-02-05 05:14vt: simplify byte decoderØyvind Kolås1+124-138
2020-02-04 16:09added shift-control-q quit keybindingØyvind Kolås4+112-5
2020-02-04 05:28make vt know font_size and line_spacingØyvind Kolås6+218-144
2020-02-04 03:42peak vttest, after fixing wordwrapØyvind Kolås3+59-28
2020-02-04 01:23erase more backgroundØyvind Kolås4+43-14
2020-02-03 23:51fm: transform ascii and ansi art from cp437 to utf8Øyvind Kolås1+17-1
2020-02-03 23:20enabling italic, rotalic for now - a kew would be betterØyvind Kolås1+22-12
2020-02-03 22:37add blink and ANSI dim, hidden, strikethrough supportØyvind Kolås1+58-27
2020-02-03 21:39extend documentationØyvind Kolås2+165-167
2020-02-03 18:18document modes in extracted docsØyvind Kolås2+110-42
2020-02-03 16:55now passing vttest for ledsØyvind Kolås1+18-8
2020-02-03 16:09functional light-modeØyvind Kolås3+88-35
2020-02-03 03:54vt: merge set_mode and reset_mode functionsØyvind Kolås1+58-98
2020-02-03 02:23fix bg color bugØyvind Kolås1+41-22
2020-02-03 01:52one more vttest downØyvind Kolås3+26-9
2020-02-02 23:57vt: fix string_remove_utf8Øyvind Kolås1+4-2
2020-02-02 22:42bash: extend keyhandling in filemanagerØyvind Kolås1+46-15
2020-02-02 22:06vt: improvements to shift/alt/control+cursor key handlingØyvind Kolås3+63-49
2020-02-02 19:06replace pcm end-marker with null byteØyvind Kolås3+9-10
2020-02-02 15:55rename vt callbacks to match mnemonicsØyvind Kolås2+118-94
2020-02-02 02:35code cleanupsØyvind Kolås4+6-76
2020-02-02 02:28make -Wall cleanØyvind Kolås4+49-49
2020-02-02 02:11add internal function to enable store_clearØyvind Kolås9+858-13
2020-02-02 00:23refactor vt to have less mrg namesØyvind Kolås13+4699-4680
2020-02-01 23:59integrate linked list in vtØyvind Kolås3+143-467
2020-02-01 23:12vt: put limits on font sizeØyvind Kolås4+22-2323
2020-02-01 23:03add MakefileØyvind Kolås1+19-0
2020-02-01 23:02fonts: add clean targetØyvind Kolås2+14-3
2020-02-01 22:44vt: update rev when size changesØyvind Kolås1+2-1
2020-02-01 22:35default max circle segments to 100Øyvind Kolås1+3-1
2020-02-01 22:08vt: improve boldingØyvind Kolås1+90-92
2020-02-01 02:02fix parse mode and a leakØyvind Kolås4+2928-8
2020-02-01 00:13add vtØyvind Kolås10+5355-0
2020-02-01 00:09punch some holes in abstraction for implementing ctx binaryØyvind Kolås2+35-30
2020-01-31 15:50fix crasher due to negative boundsØyvind Kolås3+233-27
2020-01-26 09:33fix 1bit conversions, add working line parser for simple languageØyvind Kolås5+1636-1127
2020-01-18 22:55force aa and bake font to 60pxØyvind Kolås6+2651-2593
2020-01-17 17:43do not try to pack edge polyØyvind Kolås1+7-5
2020-01-17 14:32add support for svg path sStThHvV commandsØyvind Kolås1+148-2
2020-01-16 14:06pack in-place instead of using memcpyØyvind Kolås2+2117-1614
2020-01-15 23:34get rid of blit_rect commandØyvind Kolås1+0-25
2020-01-15 23:31change font-size, streamline renderstream appendsØyvind Kolås5+1938-2213
2020-01-12 12:28fix set_pixel in ctx driverØyvind Kolås1+3-16
2020-01-09 19:15add set_pixel_u8 apiØyvind Kolås1+22-6
2020-01-09 16:57implement full_cb properlyØyvind Kolås1+84-47
2020-01-07 18:06set pixel command - and scaffold for full_cbØyvind Kolås1+137-90
2019-12-30 13:15reduce size of default fontØyvind Kolås3+457-1749
2019-12-28 18:00add api to rotate 180 degreesØyvind Kolås2+366-277
2019-12-27 13:50make edge_list size configurableØyvind Kolås1+52-16
2019-12-25 22:16update ctx after enabling work on card10Øyvind Kolås4+1081-154
2019-12-22 15:41tuning for resource constraints of esp32Øyvind Kolås2+646-631
2019-12-15 08:45make gradient cache optionalØyvind Kolås2+24-12
2019-12-13 23:49make shape cache configurableØyvind Kolås1+55-13
2019-12-13 23:04make aa level settableØyvind Kolås4+18-45
2019-12-13 19:33fix slope limitØyvind Kolås2+36-36
2019-12-13 19:20adjust shape cache defaults to be on par with cairo in performanceØyvind Kolås2+11-8
2019-12-13 18:58implement gradient cacheØyvind Kolås1+318-318
2019-12-13 18:57implement gradient cachingØyvind Kolås2+2958-5910
2019-12-12 23:04set transform for linear gradientØyvind Kolås1+19-5
2019-12-08 18:09use pragma pack with MSCØyvind Kolås2+334-333
2019-12-06 16:25fix normalization of transform for gradient sourcesØyvind Kolås1+58-14
2019-12-05 12:15adjustments to make ctx build with arduino/c++ and esp32Øyvind Kolås2+5937-2917
2019-12-03 03:45avoid splitting at conts when refpackingØyvind Kolås1+16-27
2019-12-02 00:01fix compression in bitpackingØyvind Kolås1+5-4
2019-11-27 02:14add test-referenceØyvind Kolås1+624-0
2019-11-26 21:08add RGB332 formatØyvind Kolås1+81-5
2019-11-26 03:38add api needed for terminal transport, cache strokingØyvind Kolås2+2127-1435
2019-11-22 01:38Re-implement glyph caching at rasterizer stage.Øyvind Kolås6+1840-2216
2019-11-18 01:48avoid rendering when minx==rightmost pixelØyvind Kolås1+5-2
2019-11-18 00:41restrict coverage to used part of scanlineØyvind Kolås1+21-22
2019-11-16 22:42record col_min / col_maxØyvind Kolås1+36-13
2019-11-16 18:02ctx: remove redundant bbox bailØyvind Kolås1+55-27
2019-11-16 18:01fonts: add terminal specific glyphsØyvind Kolås2+15-1
2019-11-10 15:09add rectangle fast path, ctx renderfunØyvind Kolås5+2143-18
2019-10-25 01:08only do glyph cache path when we have a rendererØyvind Kolås1+21-2
2019-10-24 17:02add test for sizeØyvind Kolås8+37-10610
2019-10-21 04:22clip drawing of cached glyphsØyvind Kolås1+92-77
2019-10-20 18:35create index for ctx fonts on loadØyvind Kolås1+66-65
2019-10-19 19:08replace many % with &Øyvind Kolås1+22-22
2019-10-19 19:02rename journal renderstreamØyvind Kolås1+213-208
2019-10-19 14:31change default vertical aa to match subdiv of datastreamØyvind Kolås1+86-40
2019-10-19 00:11slow supersampling aa cacheØyvind Kolås6+212-110
2019-10-16 20:02start of version controlØyvind Kolås10+23513-0